Due to changes in the climate, environmental crises are happening not just in one place but in a number of places around the world. There are so many problems that this generation has to deal with, and the next generation will have to deal with the same problems. The health of people everywhere has been hurt by this. Along with this, the number of people who lead a sedentary life is on higher percentage. People’s health is at risk because they don’t move around much along with environmental or climatic change.

Needless to say that a large number of people work in the service sector or tertiary sector. Because of this, a lot of people are also getting sick due to environmental factors as well as a sedentary lifestyle.

Everyone agrees that exercise is one of the most important things people can do to improve and keep their health. But these days, most people are so busy at work for one reason or another that they don’t have time to take care of their health. But walking and biking are two exercises that are good for your heart and are thought to be very good for you.

Biking, or just cycling, is the cheapest, most accessible, and most effective form of exercise for people. The benefits of bike riding are numerous provided you are fond of riding a bike which is a cycle in simple words.

Benefits of Bike Riding For Health

Benefits of Bike Riding

Bike riding is not restricted or limited to any particular age group. If you are a teenager, you can ride it. If you are from the old age group, you can ride. If you are a child, you can ride it. Everybody can ride a bike or bicycle.

By riding a bicycle, you are helping yourself on economic and health-related terms. Not only this, but you are also helping to save the environment. The latter is of course a cause for humans and social causes.

Hence,  it is important to understand how you can derive the best out of riding bikes. You can best understand the benefits if you analyze the following few points that deserve worth mentioning in the following manner.

Benefits of Bike Riding: An All-Rounder Exercise

Of course, there are many benefits of bike riding. It would be an underestimation if we only talk about a few of them. However, we would only talk about the ones which are of immediate help for our health as well as for our economy and environment.

1- Healthy Heart in Biker

The first on our list is that it helps us to improve our heart functionality. The exercise that we receive from biking is actually cardio or in other words, it is aerobic exercise. By aerobics, we mean exercise in the presence of oxygen (for those who are new to this word). When you do a particular exercise for more than 15 minutes or beyond, your heart will require a regular supply of air with a rate of heartbeat. You start panting because your heart is wanting more supply of air. 

Healthy Heart in Biker

Exactly the same happens when you ride a bicycle or bike. You ride a bicycle for at least half an hour to reach your destination — office, home, shops, or any place. During this duration, your whole body starts doing exercise except for your ears and nose( which is even possible during swimming–top exercise). 

Due to the total body of exercise, while cycling, you start panting which means there is a high rate of air supply. When your heart is able to sustain the high rate of air supply on a regular basis, your heart gets bigger in size and ultimately heart gets stronger and stronger day by day.

A Biker has a stronger heart than a non-biker. This is one of the benefits of bike riding. Some health specialists consider it the top cardio or aerobic exercise.

2- Biking: An Endorphins Releaser

Have you ever walked a long distance? Have you worked hard on any task that requires physical effort?

Of course, you have. How did you feel after the long-distance walk or long hours of physical work? You would have been immensely urged to sleep after hard work.

Why is this so? This is because your body was capable enough to secrete or release Endorphins. In layperson’s terms, it is a kind of hormone. Your body would release this hormone- endorphins – after which you would feel tired and urge to sleep. In other words, your body feels refreshed after endorphins are released. After this, your mind and body reach the maximum level of ecstasy.

This is what happens when you ride a bicycle or affordable mountain bikes. Your body releases endorphins out of tiredness. You feel refreshed and more energetic after each rest from riding a bicycle for a long distance. Isn’t it one of the cycling benefits?

3- Economic Alternative and Benefits to the Environment 

Climate change is the buzzword not only in newspapers, news channels, or social media but also on all platforms you can think of. All nations around the world are considering and coming forward with efforts to alleviate the global temperature and greenhouse gas.

Biking: An Endorphins Releaser

Think this. You are one among many who are not only thinking but actually unknowingly reducing the global temperature at the micro level. You ride a bicycle meaning there is no emission of smoke from your end. Imagine what if every individual rides bikes or bicycles worldwide. The result would be a drastic change in the level of global temperature because it is the vehicular emission of smoke that is the major contributor to the increase in the global temperature.

Economically, if you consider your position, the benefits for yourself and society are manifold. You ride bikes, you save money because you do not have to pay for gas. You ride a bike, and you do not have to buy a car because you have a habit of riding a bike. And you can even find many mountain bike park areas to park your bike for free. On the other hand, a car is of no use to you. If you ride a bike, there is enough space for others on the road and everywhere.

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To Conclude This Way

Hence, cycling benefits or benefits of riding a bike, whichever you would like to call it, are actually numerous and endless. It would be unjust if we limit the benefits of bike riding only to the ones stated above. Despite this fact, these three above-mentioned benefits of biking are worth mentioning as far as health, environment, and economic aspects. These have immediate impact and benefits to health, environment, and economic and financial management.

Hence, riding bikes yields visible as well as invisible benefits to yourself and others. Riding a bike makes your heart stronger thereby increasing your lifespan. Happiness is, of course, everybody’s motto. This is one of the benefits of biking because you are happy when you ride a bike. Remember? It releases endorphins.

Never think. “I have a car, I don’t want to ride a bicycle. Why would I ride it?  If I ride a bicycle, my status would diminish and vanish.”  Hence, ride a bicycle and live happily and longer.


I am Mike, a senior technical staff writer at O.bike. I have been a professional writer cum editor contributing to thousands of bike-related equipment, books, workshops, and a lot more. Apart from industry-related experience, I love bike hiking and giving workshops.