27.5 mountain bikes are great for riders who want a balance between the lightweight feel of a 26″ bike and the increased traction and stability of a 29”. 27.5 mountain bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are now many excellent models to choose from. They are lightweight and have quick-handling that make them a great choice for cross-country riding. And all thanks to their wide tires; these bikes offer excellent traction. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best 27.5 mountain bikes for 2023, based on our own extensive testing. These mountain bikes are designed for speed and agility on the trails. This list will help anyone looking for a 27.5 bike that can handle any terrain. Also, we thoroughly tested these bikes on different levels like comfort, ease to assemble, sturdiness, value for money, battery life, and customer reviews. Let’s check out what we found out.  

Best 27.5 Mountain Bikes | Experts Recommended

Best Overall

Schwinn High Timber 27.5 Mountain Bike

  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Quick Release Seat
  • Dual Suspension Type
Runner Up

Royce Union RMA 27.5 Mountain Bike

  • Ultra Smooth Shifting
  • Kraton Grips & Pedals
  • Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
Editor’s Choice

TotGuard 27.5 Electric Mountain Bike

  • ABS LCD Display
  • 48V 10Ah Battery
  • Top Speed of 21.6MPH


Best 27.5 Mountain Bikes | An In-Depth Review

Our testers have reviewed the 5 best 27.5 mountain bikes after riding them for more than 5 days. Also, we have shared a few tips on how you can buy the best one for yourself. And the best part is, you will also find many 27.5 mountain bikes for sale and best deals. 

1. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth Adult Mountain Bike

Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Schwinn
Wheel Size 27.5 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail
Suspension Type Dual
Special Feature Lightweight, Mountain bike
Number of Speeds 21
Size 27.5-Inch Wheels


Our first pick is the Schwinn high timber mountain suspension bike which we found moderately rigid. When you first sit at it, you will feel a slight sink in its front suspension, but it never bottoms out. The front suspension will absorb the shock efficiently on bumpy roads and improves the feeling of handling.

We managed to get his bike on gravel and dirt tracks in California, and we were so surprised with how excellent this mountain bike performed there. We were a bit skeptical at first, but the Schwinn High Timber amazed us in every way especially its stability which helped us to maintain balance even on bumpy roads.

Don’t let its lower price fool you because the Schwinn 27.5″ Timber Bike offers you pretty reliable brakes despite being affordable. But the only downside we came across is that it lacks disc brakes that could suit all weather. Even though you can rely on its Alloy V type breaks, but you can also go to a bike shop and add some add-ons.

We would highly recommend the Schwinn High Timber to those who are new to bikes or want a cheaper model with premium features. In every case, Schwinn High Timber will give you a thrilling ride. Book yourself one from the link below.


  • Padded ATB Saddle
  • Light Aluminum Frame
  • Wide Knobby Mountain Tires


  • You might Feel Handlebars a Bit Low Positioned

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2. Royce Union RMA 27.5

Royce Union RMA 27.5

Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Wheel Size 27.5 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail, Gravel
Suspension Type Front
Special Feature Suspension Fork, Lightweight Frame 
Number of Speeds 21
Size 27.5 inch wheels – 18 inch frame


Coming to our next pick, we have picked Royce Union RMT mountain bike because it has some exceptional properties like having an aluminum frame, sturdiness, and steel built. This is why you can use this bike in any weather without being worried about getting rust. Let’s check out its impressive features. 

It is very easy to accelerate and maintain the momentum of this bike. In the Royce union men and women’s mountain bike, you get linear-pull brakes that offer you quick response and stoppage. The wheels of this unisex mountain bike are of 27.5 inches which is quite large and enhances the safety of this mountain bike. 

The 27.5-inch wheels make your bike even lighter and more stable. Perhaps, you might feel like making some add-ons like headlights and a new cushioned seat. But the traditional wheel size helps you keep your bike stable and easy to accelerate. This is something we rarely find in mountain bikes with such a price range.

Also, you get a slight-rise handlebar that helps you to maintain an upright position when riding. It will reduce the stress on your arms, shoulders, and back, removing any chance of ailments. Its suspension fork acts as a shock absorber to protect you from bumpy roads and terrains. So don’t just wait there and grab the latest deals! 

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  • Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • Arrives with Bike Assembly Tools
  • Limited 10-year Frame Warranty


  • Less Color Options 

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3. TotGuard 27.5 Electric Mountain Bike

TotGuard Electric Best 27.5 Mountain Bike

Bike Type Electric Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand TotGuard
Wheel Size 27.5 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Road
Suspension Type Front
Special Feature Foldable, Rechargeable
Included Components Pedals*2, Battery, Tool*2, Electric Bike, Charger
Number of Speeds 21


Our next pick is none other than from TotGuard, which impressed us with its amazing features like powerful breaks, ingenious design, Shimano gears, LCD, and a lot more. TotGuard comes with a 500W power, making it one of the best electric bikes. It has a built-in 48V 10Ah Lithium-Ion battery which you can charge in  5hours, 21.6mph top speed, IP54 waterproof, and range from 38miles in pure power mode to 65miles in pedal assistant mode.

The TotGuard bike has an ingenious design comprising huge 27.5″ tires, lockable aluminum suspension fork, LED Headlights, front and rear reflectors, dual disc brakes, and aluminum alloy material. Not only this, the bike has an enhanced look, all thanks to sports style, simple decal style, and streamlined matte surface. 

It has the right blend of gears that offer you quick speed changes while riding. The Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7-Speed and Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney 3-Speed help you conquer any terrain with super ease. And its intuitive LCD display helps you check battery status, mileage, speed, voltage, time, your performance track, and 3 assist levels for an adventurous yet fun ride.   

We love its 3 working modes i.e., Pure electric mode, normal bike mode, and pedal-assist mode. So, you have lots of options to choose from. Plus, this folding electric bike has a removable battery to help you carry it easily. All in all, we don’t see any major flaw with TotGuard. Once you buy it, you are sure to enjoy biking even more. 


  • 500W Powerful e Bikes
  • Lockable Aluminum Suspension Fork
  • 85% Assembled Electric Mountain Bike


  • A Bit Pricey

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4. Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 27.5 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail
Suspension Type Front
Special Feature 21 speed, Aluminum Frame, Mountain bike
Number of Speeds 21
Size Large Frame


We love the Mongoose brand because the company focuses specifically on mountain bikes. We tested this model on heavy trails and steep slopes to find out its best models. When we tested Mongoose in dry conditions, we felt the tires faced no problems on stones, pebbles, and bumpy roads. So, at beginner speeds, you won’t face any problems on hardpack trails. 

We believe this Mongoose Switchback is a versatile mountain bike that is perfect for both beginner and advanced riders. The aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, and the 27.5-inch wheels provide excellent traction and stability. The 8-21 speed drivetrain offers a wide range of gears for tackling any terrain, and the disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in all conditions. 

What we love most about this Mongoose Switchback, it is available in multiple colors, so you can find the perfect bike to match your style. Also, its disc brakes offer superior stopping power to help you ride freely in all riding conditions. All in all, whether you’re hitting the trails or just riding around town, the Mongoose 27.5 mountain bike is the perfect partner for any adventure.


  • 21-speed Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Trail Ready Alloy Mountain Frame 
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes Deliver Quick Stopping


  • A Bit Noisy at 100% Speed

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5. Huffy 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike 

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 

Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Huffy
Wheel Size 27.5 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail
Suspension Type Front
Special Feature Lightweight Mountain Bike, 21 Speed
Number of Speeds 21
Size 27.5 Inch Wheels/17.5 Inch Frame


We like Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike for its lightweight, easy to ride, and aluminum frame feature. These bikes are designed by keeping comfort in mind, so it has wide handlebars with proper spaces to give you enough comfort when accelerating or slowing down.

This trek 27.5 mountain bike has an efficient braking system with front & rear handbrakes. These are efficient when you apply them & help in quick stoppage or slow down of your bike when needed. Also, the brake learning mechanism is easy & you can learn it in no time.

Since this hardtail mountain bike has oversized tires, you get maximum traction on gravel or dirt paths, even in dry or wet conditions. This comes in handy, especially when you are climbing or descending down. To help you stay comfortable during the ride, Huffy has premium padded ATB seats that are stitched properly for long-lasting quality. 

To be honest, we do not find anything clunky about this unisex mountain bike! With features like wide tires, smooth gear shifts, red hardtail flame, and matte black finish, you will definitely fall in love with Huffy 27.5 hardtail mountain bike. Why not check out all detailed features and customer reviews by clicking on the link below? 


  • Limited 10-year Frame Warranty
  • Oversized Tires Maximize Traction
  • Premium Padded ATB Saddle With Stitches


  • Takes Some Time to Assemble

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best 27.5 Mountain Bike

1. Choose a Wheel Size 

The 27.5 inch wheel size offers the best of both worlds for many mountain bikers. It’s nimble and maneuverable like a 26-inch bike but with the added stability and rolling momentum of a 29. Hence 27.5 mountain bikes are highly in demand.

2. Choose Hardtail or Full Suspension 

Do you want a hardtail mountain bike (front suspension) or a full suspension bike (rear suspension)? Generally speaking, if you’re riding on relatively smooth trails, a hardtail will be more than adequate. However, if you’re planning on doing any serious off-roading, a full suspension mountain bike is the way to go. 

3. Don’t Obsess About Weight 

It’s important to have a light bike, but don’t sacrifice strength and durability in the name of saving a few ounces. The weight difference between two similarly equipped bikes is usually pretty insignificant. So, make sure you buy the bike after checking its features rather than just obsessing over its weight. 

4. Beware of the Flashy Trinkets 

Some bike manufacturers load up their bikes with all sorts of flashy add-ons and bells and whistles in an attempt to make them stand out from the crowd. Unless you’re really planning on using all those features, they’re just going to add unnecessary weight and complexity to your bike. 

5. Choose Suspension Quality, Not Quantity 

If you’re going for a 27.5 mountain bike full suspension then pay more attention to the quality of the suspension than the amount of travel it has. More travel doesn’t necessarily mean a better ride. You can check the quality by doing some research online or checking the manufacturer’s website directly. 

6. Look for Futureproof Design 

Some bikes are designed in such a way that it’s difficult or impossible to add certain types of upgrades. If you’re planning on making any modifications to your bike, make sure the frame is compatible with the parts you want to add. 

7. Keep Some Budget Back 

Even the best bikes need occasional tune-ups and maintenance, so make sure to leave some room in your budget for those inevitable expenses. Also, keep in mind that the most expensive bike isn’t necessarily the best bike for you. Find the bike that fits your riding style and budget, and you’ll be happy with it for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I know if a 27.5 mountain bike is right for me?

A: 27.5 mountain bikes are a great option for riders who want a bit more agility than a 29 but don’t want to sacrifice too much rolling speed or stability. If you’re unsure which size bike is right for you; we recommend trying out both 27.5 and 29 bikes to see how they feel.

Q2. How do I maintain my 27.5 mountain bike?

A: To keep your 27.5 mountain bike in good condition, it’s important to regularly clean and lubricate the chain and the drivetrain components. You should also inspect the bike regularly for any signs of wear and tear and take it to a professional mechanic for regular tune-ups.

Tip : Make sure you oil your bike chains from time to time to prevent them from rusting. You can use some best chain lubes for the same. 

Q3. What are the benefits of a 27.5 mountain bike?

A: 27.5 mountain bikes offer a great balance of agility and stability, making them ideal for a wide range of riding styles and terrain. They’re also relatively lighter than 29” bikes, making them easier to maneuver on the trail.

Q4. Are there any downsides to 27.5 mountain bikes?

A: One potential downside of 27.5 mountain bikes is that they can feel a bit less stable than 29″ on rough or technical terrain. However, this is often offset by the increased agility that 27.5 bikes offer. Ultimately, choosing the bike size and style that feels best for you is important.

Ending Note

If you or your friend groups want a brand new mountain bike, then be sure to check out our premium list of 27.5 bikes. These bikes have been gaining popularity and offer an excellent riding experience on all types of trails. We are sure you will find the best 27.5 mountain bikes for 2023 that will help you find the perfect ride for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring those trails today!

Also, make sure you visit our website to read more about mountain bikes, exercise equipment, best exercise bikes, and a lot more. We are sure you will love them a lot because not only the products are handpicked by experts but they are also available on best deals and discounts. So grab them quickly. 


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