Giving your child their first three-wheeled scooter is an exciting moment in any family’s life. But as a parent, you have to be responsible for your child’s safety, and naturally, you only want the best product for your cute toddler. You will find hundreds of products on the market with so many perks, gadgets, and unique features. But safety, obviously, is a top priority. To help you buy the safest and most affordable one for your naughty toddler, we have reviewed the seven best 3 wheel scooters from the market. 

We have tested each one inside the home, on the grass, on the pavements, on the long walks, and even in the park. So, what you get is the best. In the end, we have shared some buying tips to help you understand what features you need in a toddler scooter. We have also answered a few major concerns of many parents about 3 wheel scooters.  So, let’s begin our review guide. 

Best 3 Wheel Scooters For Toddlers | 2023 Picks By Experts

Best Overall

Globber Evo 3-in-1 Scooter For Toddlers

  • High-quality Parts
  • Push Button Available
  • Patented Steering Lock
Runner Up

Scoot & Ride Scooter For Toddlers

  • Hybrid Design
  • Bumpy Road Friendly
  • Long Lasting Scooter
Editor’s Choice

Lascoota 2-in-1 Scooter For Toddlers

  • Sit And Stand Design
  • Lean-to-steer Technology
  • For Both Toddles and Kids


Best 3 Wheel Scooters For Toddlers | An In-Depth Review

After so much research and testing, we are finally ready to present you with a detailed review of 7 best three wheel toddler scooters of 2023. You can go through these picks and choose the ideal three wheel toddler scooter that matches your kid’s style. 

1. Globber Evo 3-in-1 | Best Convertible Scooter

best 3 Wheeled scooters

Brand Name ‎Globber
Model Name ‎452-106-2
Color ‎Lime Green
Item Package Dimensions  ‎23 x 10.15 x 7 inches
Package Weight ‎4.31 Kilograms
Item Weight ‎8.71 Pounds


A convertible scooter is the most exciting first ride you can give for your cute toddler. They will feel the thrill to kick off a ride, but you know what we love the most? It comes with an extra handle in the back so that even mommy and daddy can ride along. What can be better than this versatile scooter?  

With this scooter, toddlers can move around without any help, and they are also more comfortable to ride than regular scooters, as they’re a lot more effortless to control. And guess what? Once your child becomes confident, it’s time to jump to another level: A three-wheeled scooter.

Just remove the handlebar and attach the larger one to turn it into a 3 wheeled scooter and then you can manage the height easily. Your toddler can now balance, control, and even ride like a champion. Trust us, if any model is designed to boost toddlers to go outside and learn advanced riding skills on scooters. Only the Globber can do the trick. 


  • Adjustable Handlebar

  • Low Deck for Comfortable Kicking 

  • Large Front Wheels For Stable Balance


  • Comes in only One Color

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2. Scoot & Ride Scooter For Toddlers

Scoot and ride scooter

Brand Name ‎Scoot & Ride
Color ‎Peach
Suggested Users ‎Boys, Girls
Manufacturer ‎Scoot & Ride
Part Number ‎SRUS-HWK1-PEACH
Package Weight ‎3.65 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎22.24 x 10.43 x 6.69 inches


Scoot and Ride is an Austrian brand that makes some of the most elegant scooters, with a reputation for creating long-lasting products. Toddlers can have them for so many years, all thanks to their innovative styling and design.

We like the trendy colors selection, including kiwi gree, steep blue, and peach pink. Trust us; it is much more sophisticated than any traditional scooter. This product lives up to the brand’s promises and is best for children from the gate of 1 to 6. It is so durable that it can work as one of the best kick scooters for kids as well. Fascinating, is not it?

Our 2-year-old cute tester is obsessed and regularly demanding to ride it. And since we can easily switch it from ride-on to a 3 wheeled scooter, we actually don’t mind approving it. We take it out, and our toddler becomes extremely happy to see it. So, we can 100% assure you that your baby will love this toddler 3 wheel scooter for sure. 

The only downside? The bike-scooter hybrid design indicates it’s heavy to carry. Other than this, we could not find any flaw in this model. All in all, this excellently-constructed scooter is both safe and nice looking with tons of useful features like bright light-up wheels.


  • Beautiful and Vibrant Design

  • Bumpy and Unstable Road Friendly 

  • You Can Use It Indoors Without Leaving Scratches


  • A Bit Heavy

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3. Lascoota 2-in-1 | Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Toddlers

Lascoota 2-in-1

Brand Name ‎Lascoota
Style ‎LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooters, Bundle of 2
Date First Available March 29, 2022
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 3


LaScoota spent a lot of time and thought on this 3-wheel scooter design. They are known for their safety, durability, style, comfort, and more. Truly, they have done it all. This scooter is ideal for toddlers starting to learn to ride. Your baby can use these scooters as a regular scooter, and they come with a comfortable seat for when your child gets tired.

This ride is best for kids from 2 years old, but the best part is that it can easily tolerate 110 lbs. Also, it has adjustable handlebar height, which means your toddler can ride it for many years. This scooter is lightweight and sturdy, thanks to its high-quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and plastic.

It’s not only a great three wheeled scooter for toddler but also helps with balance and coordination. Overall, be a beginner or a toddler, everyone will love Lascoota. Its build quality and adjustability will keep your toddler safe and make his Ride memorable. Watching your toddler enjoy will surely bring tears to your eyes.   


  • Extremely Safe for Toddlers  

  • Has a High-End Materials For Durability

  • Wheels Light Up Beautifully and Have Polyurethane Material


  • Hard to Steer for a Lean Child

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4. SereneLife 3-Wheel Kick Scooters

SereneLife 3-Wheel Kick Scooters

Brand SereneLife
Color Blue
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 4.7 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum
Wheel Type Solid


Infinity 3-Wheel Kick Scooters have colorful LED turning wheels lights that flash in so many colors when your toddler scoots. This makes the scooter stand out because toddlers love glittery lights. Also, your toddler can sit or stand with a footrest design and a removable seat which you can detach when your toddler feels confident standing up. When they feel more confident standing, the seat can be removed. 

This toddler trike is equipped with a wide deck a-large enough to accommodate both feet, and your toddler won’t slip because it has an anti-slip design. Smooth 120mm/80mm gliding rubber wheels glide smoothly on bumpy or even surfaces. So, your toddler can scoot on parks, pavements, homes, bumpy roads, and where not!

The Lean-to-steer technology allows for easy maneuvering and this mini scooter can be controlled by leaning instead of turning the wheel. This helps your child develop balance, coordination, and other skills. Last but not least, it has a grip handle designed ergonomically, and it can bear 50 pounds which er believe is more than enough. And the best part? Both boys and girls can push it. Your cute tot will learn balancing in no time. So go grab this toddler 3 wheel scooter quickly.


  • Lean-to-steer Technology
  • Stable on All the Bumpy Terrains
  • Colorful LED Turning Wheels Lights


  • There Should Be More Color Options

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5. Kid Trax CAT Toddler Kick Scooter 

Kid Trax CAT Toddler Kick Scooter 

Brand Kid Trax
Color Yellow
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 3
Item Weight 1.8 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Toddler
Brake Style Rear Braking
Wheel Type Solid


We are proud to show you our next toddler scooter to you. The CAT Scooter from Kid Trax will bring lots of construction fun. This toddler scooter, which is themed around construction, is the ideal choice for those toddlers who love playing with sand. It will provide lots of entertainment while riding or in the sandbox.

You can remove the bulldozer portion at the front. This allows your child to use the tool for digging in the garden and sandboxing on the playground. We think they will envy all the playgrounds when they ride in this authentic CAT-themed scooter in bright yellow color. You can take your toddler’s scoop to the playground or sandbox. Your little builder can have more fun with construction-themed scooters!

The scooter looks amazing and has many useful features, such as an adjustable handlebar, wider wheels, and a wide deck to make balance easier. It can be steered by leaning and this makes it much easier to use. Trax’s toddler 3 wheel scooter is lightweight, comfortable, soft, and easy to kick. And what we love most about this scooter is its price.


  • Authentic CAT Graphics and Details

  • Detachable Bulldozer-style Scoop 

  • Wide Wheels Gives Your Toddler a Smooth Ride


  • A Bit Hard to Turn In The Beginning

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6. GOMO Kids Scooter | Safest Kick Scooter  

GOMO Kids Scooter | Safest Kick Scooter  

Brand GOMO
Color Pink/Teal
Handle Height 31.5 Inches
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 3
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 120 Millimeters
Brake Style Rear Braking


As a parent what do you want most for your toddler? It is safety. And with GOMO kids scooter, you get exactly this. Even though all the scooters reviewed here are tested and safe for toddlers, the GOMO kids scooter offers an extra safety feature.

The bumper is located at the front of your scooter. The bumper sticks out a lot in front of your scooter and is made from a softer material. This will help to soften any impact your child makes on obstacles and keep him always safe no matter where he rides.

It also has the standard package containing a low and wide deck, large wheels, and soft grips with adjustable handlebars. So, your cute toddler won’t outgrow this pick that fast. GOMO is an excellent ride that offers an enjoyable ride and additional security. You can be sure your child will enjoy it for many years because it is well-built and adjustable.


  • Suitable for Children Aged 2-5 

  • Colorful Design with Light-up Wheels 

  • Lean-to-Steer technology for Easy Maneuvering


  • A Bit Heavy 

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Brand Swagtron
Color Blue
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 3
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 5 Inches
Wheel Type Solid
Grip Type Lock-On


The Swagtron K5 toddler 3 wheel scooter is available in pink and blue, and it comes at an excellent price point. Thanks to its aluminum alloy and plastic body, the scooter are lightweight at just 5 pounds. It is a three-wheel scooter with one front wheel and two back wheels. However, the back wheel is 2 wheels that are balanced on one axle. This, according to the brand, allows for greater balance. You can adjust the handlebar with three height settings to match your toddler’s height.  

And the best part is the wheels light up when they are moving. This attracts toddlers a lot. This scooter has received an amazing 4.7-star rating from over 2,000 Amazon reviews. Multiple grandparents and parents on Amazon agree that the scooter is a great way to build confidence in their kids. One said that their grandson thinks he can ride fast, and another wrote that it has made their son believe he’s Tony Hawk. So, you can also enjoy such a memorable experience by buying this for your toddler. 


  • Most Affordable

  • Adjustable-height Handlebars  

  • 2-wheel Back Wheel To Give Added Stability


  • Less Color Options

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Buyers Guide to Buy The Best Three Wheel Scooter For Toddler

Right Wheel Size

A scooter’s roller is usually 100mm in diameter, but they come in many sizes. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the wheels, the smoother your ride will be. However, it is important to remember that smaller wheels are more efficient for toddlers and children.

It is better to use the standard 100mm wheel for a beginner. These wheels will offer a bumpier ride than larger ones, but they are safer as the toddler won’t need to exert too much energy to reach dangerous speeds.

There will be smaller scooters, but these are often pro scooters that are designed for tricks and stunts. A pro scooter is not recommended for beginners. These scooters are designed for pros and can be really dangerous for beginners and little children.

Toddler Scooter Deck

Decks for scooters should be wider because toddlers still need to develop their eye-feet balance. This makes it easier for them to keep their feet on it. They can also put their feet up simultaneously, which is great for when they get tired or need to be pushed on the scooter.

These scooters have lower decks, which provide stability and support for the rider and allow them to balance better. If your child is young, choosing a shorter deck is a good idea. The shorter decks are easier to kick.

Scooter Colors, Styles, and Accessories

There are many accessories you can buy for your child’s scooter. You can find bottle holders, stickers, grips, and even pegs to help your child learn new tricks. You can buy extra wheels in multiple colors with glowy lights. This is a cheap and fun way to make your old toddler 3 wheel scooter look brand new.

You can find almost everything in an urban style, hot-looking scooters with LEDs, or something encouraged by a TV series or movie. It is just important to ensure that your child doesn’t get tired of it quickly.

Easy Assembly 

You need to know if a three-wheeled scooter requires assembly or how much assembly is needed, what tools are required, etc. Some scooters only require minimal assembly. You can see our reviews section to find out the ease of assembly of these seven scooters. You can also check Amazon reviews after clicking on the link mentioned above. This will give you a brief idea of the assembly.

Different Types of Wheels

Different terrains require different wheels and different wheel sizes provide additional stability. Some scooter wheels are equipped with LED lights that light up when your toddlers ride them. Also, look at the material of your wheel. Polyutherane, the standard material for scooter wheels, is also used in skateboard wheels for a smooth ride across multiple terrains.

Next, think about the size of your wheels. You should consider the size of the wheels. The rule of thumb is that a larger wheel will provide greater stability. However, don’t purchase the biggest wheel possible as it will be difficult for your child to push and kick the scooter.

How about wheel placements? Well, you will find 2 options for how the three wheels could be placed: one in front & two in back or 2 in front and 1 back. Mostly, two wheels on the front are preferred. This increases stability and balance while toddlers are taking sharp turns.

Steering Design

You have two options for steering: regular steering or lean-to steer. Regular steering is the same as steering a bicycle. However, the handlebar can turn almost entirely around. The scooter can turn 360 degrees. Most manufacturers recommend this type of steering for older children who are familiar with scooters and can maintain their balance.

Leaning-to-steer means that the handlebar is not turned in a direction to turn the scooter. Rather, the toddler tilts in the direction where they want to go. This gives the scooter more stability and control. This steering type is recommended for children younger than five years old who are still learning their balance skills.

Your Budget 

You, as a parent, must consider how long your children’s scooter will last and whether it will be a family treasure passed on to others. Also, you need to consider what features your child needs, what price you can afford, and the cost of your scooter.

Prices for different scooters will vary as per quality and demand. Some come under the $100 category, and some go above $500. But in our review, you will find affordable scooters that are sturdy and well-built. 

If your toddler can ride a three-wheeled scooter quickly and has become a pro, you can check out some best kick scooters to take him to the next level. For a more adventurous experience, you can go for kids electric scooter but they are a bit expensive because of their well-built quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Age is a 3-wheel Scooter For?

For children aged 1-5, a toddler 3 wheel scooter works best. Three-wheeled scooters are usually best for beginners who don’t know how to balance. They also have decks that allow two small feet to stand side-by-side, rather than the one foot behind the other required for narrower two-wheelers. 

Young children can also use three-wheeled scooters with smaller handlebars and front foot brakes. If the handlebar can be raised higher, older children can still use the scooter (just don’t exceed the weight limit).

Q2. Is My Toddler Safe with a Scooter?

Well, there is always a risk with something. Children can trip or fall from scooters, no matter how durable they are. But these accidents rarely result in more than a minor injury or scratch. 

But still, you as a parent must monitor your kid every time because it is your responsibility to keep a check on them. You can buy a bike helmet or a knee cap for more precaution. Then let alone injury, your kid won’t even get a scratch.

Q3. Is My Toddler Old Enough to Scoot? 

There are many scooters for children of all ages. Some of the scooters on our list are suitable for babies as young as nine months. You can trust your child to be able to ride the scooter, as long as it is suitable for their age and eight. Make sure to check the guidelines on all products. Let the rider learn and move at their own pace.

Q4. How Long will a Scooter for My Toddler Last?

It all depends on the adjustability and quality of the product. Some of the best brands claim they can last 7 years or longer. These claims are worth looking into. We thought that it was somewhat exaggerated in some cases. The theory is that if you purchase a high-quality toddler 3 wheel scooter and maintain it properly, it can last your child for 4 to 10 year.

Some Last Words

We hope you found this article helpful for buying the best three wheel scooter for toddler with tons of features. Now you can buy a memorable gift for your child. We have reviewed 7 popular three wheeled scooters for your naughty toddler to give you tons of options.  

There is a lot of competition in the market for toddler scooters, and we know there are many cheap models that should be avoided. So we decided to exclude them from our list. You can be sure that you are purchasing a safe item as long as you choose one from our list.

It seems like our job is done. Now it’s up to you to choose the best 3 wheeled scooter for your child so that they can learn to ride their first-ever vehicle. Best of luck! If you want more gifts for your kids or teen children like best mountain bikes or best electric unicycles then just come to our website and get a huge collection of bikes, wheelchairs, and a lot more. 


I am David, one of the best contributing tech editors. I have written more than a million words about thousands of bikes and equipment. To make sure my hobby turned profession inspires others, I have also penned 3 bike-related books and have given interviews to many YouTubers.