Cycling has become a hobby for a lot of people and is a great way to lose some weight no matter what your age is. Even if you are old aged, you can still go ride a bike. If you do not want to go biking with your normal bike, adult tricycles are the best choice. It reduces the risk of injuries and provides convenience with enjoyment.

There are just no chances of falling from a tricycle for adults. We have shortlisted some of the best tricycles for adults that are available on the market. In this article, you’ll explore the best adult tricycles along with reviews, their features, advantages, disadvantages, and a buying guide. Now, let’s begin.

Our Top Picks for Adult Tricycles in 2023

Editor’s Choice

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

  • Linear Pull Brakes
  • Rigid Suspension
  • 1 to 7 Speeds
Vintage Look

Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Tricycle

  • Caliper Brakes
  • Front Suspension
  • 6 Speeds
Best Design

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

  • Rim Brakes
  • Rigid Suspension
  • 1 Speed


In-Depth Review of 6 Best Adult Tricycles

Our team has tested these tricycles and provided you with a fair and unbiased adult tricycle review. Have a look at the list and choose the best one for you.

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult TricycleSchwinn meridian

Size One size
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Size of the wheel 26 inches
Brake Linear pull
Number of speed 1 to 7
Suspension Rigid
Weight 71 pounds


We all know Schwinn is known to be one of the best brands available in the market producing some great bikes and outdoor gear. This adult tricycle is on the list because of the features it provides and also, it can be used by both men and women.

The meridian model is made up of an aluminum frame and has a step-through design so that you can use the bike easily. Other than this, it is a single gear and also available for multiple gear models. There are different features that you are going to get in this adult tricycle which we have mentioned below.

  • To start with, the frame of the bike is made up of an aluminum frame. It makes it lightweight and at the same time stable and durable. Also, the wheels of the bike are 26-inch so that you can easily get through the bumpy terrain also.
  • With the help of the single-speed drivetrain, the adult does not have to worry much about switching to other gears. Other than this, the bike has linear-pull brakes so that you can have precise stopping.
  • There are front and rear fenders available so that you can keep the bike and your clothes clean. With the help of the upright handlebars, you can maintain an upright position while riding the bike.
  • Because of the super low design and step-through design you can easily get on and off the bike. There is also a lifetime warranty for the frame of the bike.


  • You can adjust the saddle according to your height
  • For easy on and off, the bike has a step-through design
  • There are fenders provided for the mud to stay away
  • You’ll  get a storage basket for carrying things while riding


  • The seat of the bike is a bit small and can be uncomfortable

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2. Mantis Tri-Rad Adult TricycleMantis tri-rad

Color Burgundy
Frame Steel
Wheel size 24 inches
Brakes Caliper
Number of speeds 6
Suspension Front
Weight 52 pounds


Well, if you are for 3 wheel bikes for adults with gears, you can go for this one. The same bike is also available at a single speed but here, we’ve discussed the 6-speed tricycle for adults from this company. What we like the most about this adult tricycle is its folding design and its vintage look which make it our second choice.

The bike has a steel frame and a suspension fork so that you can have a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. Besides having a steel frame, the bike is lightweight so that you can move it easily when you have folded it. Have a look at all the features of this adult tricycle with gears.

  • This adult tricycle has a foldable frame made up of steel to provide the user with a durable and sturdy frame. You will have to use a quick-release lever so that you can just fold it in half. You will also get a steel suspension fork so that you can ride the bike on bumpy terrain.
  • Also, when it comes to the wheels of the bike, this adult tricycle has 24 inches wheels with aluminum rims to make the wheels of the bike strong and durable. Using the best chain lubes ensures its smooth and long-lasting performance.
  • Now, this adult tricycle has caliper brakes so that you can have a jerk less stopping even in an emergency. Also, you will get a steel stem that you can adjust according to your needs and requirements.
  • Other than this, the manufacturers have kept in mind the comfort of the user and have provided the users with a comfortable saddle. You will get a Shimano thumb shifter so that you can switch the speed easily. There are also fenders and rear baskets available so that you can carry your material also.


  • This bike has a comfortable saddle and foldable frame
  • With the help of the V-brakes, you get a precise stopping
  • You can also adjust the steel stem according to the height
  • The frame of the bike is made up of steel


  • People have faced issues with the assembly of the bike

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3. Mobo Triton Pro Adult TricycleMobo Triton Pro

Dimensions 28 x 29 x 48 in
Color Blue
Material Steel
Wheel size 16 inches
Brake Rim 
Weight 44 pounds


In case you are looking for a durable tricycle for adults, you can consider this bike. This can be the most durable adult tricycle for adults. Despite being made up of steel frames and high-quality material, it still only weighs around 44 pounds.

Also, this adult tricycle is quite adjustable and is suitable for a rider between the height of 4 to 7 inches. It is quite stable and you can maintain an upright position while riding the bike. The bike has 20 wheels in front and 16-inch wheels at the back. Plus, to avoid any flat tires, you can get the best bike pumps for it.

  • This is a 3-wheel recumbent bike that is most suitable for flat and gently sloping terrain.
  • The comfort is always kept in mind by the manufacturers of the bike. It has reclined seats to have evenly cushioned support. The bike is made suitable for a stable and comfortable ride.
  • Other than this, the bike is made up of Hi-ten steel. The maintenance is easy because the bike has a chainless design. It also has caliper brakes to help you have a crisp and jerk-less stopping. This adult tricycle can handle a weight of 250 lbs.
  • This adult tricycle has a 20 inches wheel in the front and 16 inches wheels in the rear. The bike has a low center of gravity so that the bike is stable. Because of the dual joystick steering, the bike provides you with simple hand movements.


  • There is also a rear-wheel steering system
  • It has a reclining surface for your comfort
  • You can adjust the frame as per your comfort
  • It is suitable for riders between the height of 4 to 7 feet
  • The caliper brakes make sure that you have crisp stopping


  • There is no storage bucket
  • It may not be very suitable for bumpy roads

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4. Razor DXT Drift TrikeRazor DXT Drift Trike

Size One size
Color Yellow
Material Steel
Suspension type Front
Handlebars Moto style
Weight 19.4 Pounds


This company has been in the market for a long time and has become a part of our household and provides the best adult trike. In this article, we have talked about the Razor DXT drift adult trike. This is one of the best and affordable adult tricycles available on this list.

This adult tricycle has a different look from many other tricycles mentioned on the list and is one of the cool trikes for adults. Also, it is one of the lightweight adult tricycles available on this list that weighs just 19.4 pounds. It is made up of steel frames to provide the required durability to the bike.

  • This bike has a steel frame to make the bike a stable and durable one. Despite being made up of steel, the bike is one of the lightweight adult tricycles that you will get in the market. This bike can handle a weight of 198 pounds.
  • Also, there is a front free-wheel present and there are platform pedals provided so that you can have comfortable riding and make the pedals of the bike more comfortable.
  • Other than this, you are going to get a lot of other features in this adult tricycle. One such feature is Moto-style handlebars so that you can have a comfortable and easy grip. The bike has rubber grips so that you do not lose grip when you are riding the bike.
  • There is also an adjustable bucket-style seat so that you can adjust the seat according to your comfort. It makes it suitable for a lot of riders. Plus, you get a grip tape on the rear axle.


  • The bike has wide tires and is made up of a steel frame
  • The moto-style handlebars provide a strong and stable grip
  • Also, the bike has a front freewheel and soft rubber grips


  • It may not be suitable for riding uphills

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5. Happybuy Adult TricycleHappybuy adult tricycle

Color Yellow, Blue
Material Carbon steel
Wheel size 24 inches
Brake Linear pull 
Number of speeds 7
Suspension Front
Weight capacity 330 pounds


This is an affordable adult tricycle that you can go for. It is available in different sizes so it fits many users. This is another one of the 3 wheels bikes for adults with gears. It can be used for different kinds of tracks and on this bike, you can easily go uphills.

We like how the bike is made adjustable and a bucket is provided so that you can carry the material or go on shopping on this adult tricycle. There are different other features provided in this adult tricycle that you will surely love. Here are all the features of this adult tricycle.

  • The frame of this adult tricycle is made up of carbon steel to provide stability and durability to the bike. Also, the bike can handle a weight of 300 lbs and you will get 7 speeds. You can change the speed according to the road or surface you are riding the bike on.
  • Other than this, a big basket is present on the machine so that you can carry your things with you. With the help of the 7 speed Shimano derailleur, you can switch between the speeds easily.
  • There are different features provided in the bike that makes it stable and safe. The bike has classic fenders to keep your clothes and bike clean. There is a cruiser seat available so that you can be comfortable while riding the bike.
  • This adult tricycle is suitable for both men and women. Also, the swept-back handlebars make sure that you maintain an upright position while riding the bike.


  • It has a sturdy and durable frame with a big basket
  • You can maintain an upright position while riding
  • The saddle of the bike is quite comfortable and soft
  • The Shimano drivetrain helps change the speed easily
  • Multiple speeds are present for changing speed accordingly


  • The installation instructions were not much clear

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6. Slsy Adult TricyclesSlsy Adult tricycles

Color Multiple
Number of speeds 7
Wheel size 24 inches
Material Steel
Suspension Rear
Weight capacity 350 pounds


This is the best adult trike for under 400 dollars. It is suitable for a lot of users and also the bike is unisex. Other than this, the bike is available in different sizes and provides you with 7 different speeds that you can change according to your needs.

The 7-speed function makes it suitable to use on all kinds of terrain. Also, the manufacturer of the bike has kept in mind the comfort of the users. There are different color options available on the bike. Check all the features of this adult tricycle below.

  • This adult tricycle is available in different sizes and colors. You will have to go through the size chart to be sure that the bike will fit you. Other than this, this bike can handle a weight of 350 pounds which is great for a bike range.
  • This adult tricycle has a sturdy design. It is made up of hi-tensile steel so that your frame can be stable and steady. It provides the required stability to the bike and makes sure that it remains durable.
  • Also, the bike has a 7-speed function so that you can easily adjust the speed according to the terrain you are riding the bike on. You can also adjust the speed of the bike according to your height.
  • The manufacturers of the bike have kept in mind the comfort of the rider. The bike comes up with an extra-large and padded seat so that you can comfortably ride the bike and stay on the bike for longer. The bike also has 24 and 26 inches wheels so that you can ride the bike on all kinds of terrains.


  • There is a big basket provided
  • The bike offers you 7 different speeds
  • You will get a manual to assemble the bike easily
  • The bike has 24” wheels and is also available for 26” wheels


  • The pedals of the bike could have been better

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How to choose the right adult tricycle? (Buyer’s Guide)

In case you still can’t figure out an ideal tricycle for you, this buying guide will help. Here are certain things that you will have to keep in mind so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

1: Frame

To start with, you will have to make sure that your bike is durable. So, you need to make sure that the frame of the bike is durable and lightweight. The frame of the bike can be made up of different materials. You can look for an aluminum frame if you want the frame to be lightweight and affordable.

Also, you can look for a steel frame if you have to buy a durable frame but a heavy one. if you are ready to spend some more money on your adult tricycle, you can go for the titanium and carbon fiber frame. Furthermore, you are going to get a lot of color choices that you can choose from, and to prevent any theft, you can rely on the best bike GPS trackers.

2: Seat

Now, comfort is something that we all look for in the bike that we are going to buy. We want our ride to be comfortable and the seat of your bike plays a major ride in the same. You can look for a bike that has a comfortable seat and a saddle. The saddle must be able to handle your weight. For your convenience, you can look for an adjustable seat.

3: Number of speeds

The adult tricycles are available in both single-speed and multi-speed. So, if you have to go on a mountain terrain or a bumpy terrain, you can consider buying tricycles for adults with gears. But when you have to run on smooth pavement, you can try to look for a single-gear adult tricycle. The speed can vary according to the reason you want a tricycle and the terrain you are riding the bike on.

4: Storage space

Most of the adult tricycles come up with a storage basket on the rear. But if you do not want it, you can look for the one that does not have it. Other than this, you can choose the adult tricycle according to the basket size if you want. You can decide it according to the material that you have to keep in the basket.

5: Home size

Well, the size of the room where you are going to keep the tricycle is another factor that you have to look for. If you have less space, you can look for a foldable adult tricycle. You can also consider buying one with a smaller frame but it should fit you.

6: Cost

You must not go shopping when you are not sure of the amount that you want to spend on the bike. You may see the 3 wheels bike for adults does not come for a small price. They are costlier and you might have to extend your budget to get one.

Types of Adult tricycles

Like other bikes, tricycles for adults also have some specific types. You can choose the type of adult tricycle you want according to the size and use. Below we have mentioned all the types that you can get in the market.

1: Upright tricycle

The first one is the common one. Upright tricycle is designed in a way that the user can maintain their upright position and also, it is comfortable. You can use it for your daily use. An upright tricycle is designed to use on almost all kinds of terrain. You will also get a storage bucket on the bike and also it offers you up to four gears.

2: Tandem tricycle

Well, this is not a common one that you have heard about. The tandem tricycles are basically two-seaters. They are made up of sturdy frames so that the bike can handle a weight of two people.

Other than this, if you want, you can also decouple the brackets so that you can have easy transportation. It can also help you in storage. Also, there is a child seat provided so you just have to install the child seat for a child.

3: Recumbent tricycles

In case you are looking for the most comfortable tricycle, you can go for the recumbent tricycle. These tricycles have long frames and provide you with the required balance and stability. Because of the long frame, you get a chance to work out in a comfortable position. You can straighten your legs and also, use the back support. Always remember that you may not be able to see the traffic properly because of the low seat, so, you will have to look for a recumbent tricycle with reflectors.

4: Adaptive tricycle

If you need special features on your bike, you can go for the adaptive bikes. These adaptive bikes are designed to provide extra features, easy usage and also, speed. You can look for an adaptive tricycle according to the problem that you face. If you want, there are bikes with hand drives available that you can use. Also, you can get a bike with back straps so that you can maintain balance. So, the adaptive tricycles are designed in a way to fulfill your requirements.

5: Electric tricycles

These are introduced recently and are seen very rarely on the road. Electric tricycles are the best for people with disabilities or seniors. You can use them for commuting. Some people prefer buying gas-powered motors over rechargeable batteries.

6: Folding tricycles

When you have less space in your apartment, you can surely go for the folding tricycle. These tricycles can be folded to keep them safe when you are not using them. Also, they are great for portability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Should I buy an adult tricycle?

If you are looking for more comfort on the bike, you can surely go for an adult tricycle. An adult tricycle can also hold much more cargo as compared to the other bike. You will also get a stable and a large rear basket so you can go shopping on the bike. They are much more stable and balanced.

Q2. What should I look for while buying a tricycle?

You will have to emphasize the basic things. Look for an adult tricycle with a stable and durable frame. Make a budget and decide how much you can spend on the bike. Also, you will have to look for the weight capacity of the tricycle for adults. It should be able to handle your weight. If you want, you can look for some additional features.

Q3. What can be the best age for a kid to have the first tricycle?

That usually depends on parents when they have to bring their kid a tricycle but in our opinion, you can give it to your child at the age of 3-4 years. That is an optimal age to bring a tricycle to your kid.

Q4. Can I expect my two-year-old to pedal a tricycle?

At the age of 1-2, a kid can start developing motor skills and they start pedaling a trike. Pedal a tricycle may take some time and they will develop it at their own pace.

Final Thoughts

Both seniors and children can use a tricycle and they prefer a tricycle because of the stability and balance the bike provides. Tricycling is surely different from cycling and so are bikes. Usually, when you go for 3 wheeled bikes for seniors, they have slow speed. They are made suitable for shopping or commuting. We have shortlisted some of the best adult tricycles for you. Our team has considered all the key factors and has come up with the list.


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