Best bike phone mounts are the most useful investment if you want to use navigation apps or listen to music while riding. They are truly game-changer. You can check texts, change music, follow GPS navigation or monitor workout data without stopping anywhere or pulling your phone awkwardly from your pocket while biking.

We reviewed more than twenty picks and checked styles, prices, discounts, features, pros, and cons to bring you the best bike phone mounts. After many hours of researching and testing, we have our best seven picks to meet your needs and boost your confidence while riding. Trust us; your phone will be precisely where you want it.  

Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2023 | Expert Picks

Best Overall

Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount

  • Unrivaled Design
  • Fits All Quad Lock Cases
  • Patented Dual-Stage Lock
Runner Up

Ailun Mountain Bike Phone Mount

  • Non-Slip Silicone
  • Best for Multiple Uses
  • Easy to Set & Remove
Editor’s Choice

Rockform Pro Series Bike Phone Mount

  • RokLock Twist Lock
  • Tilts From -20 to +55
  • Military Grade Materials


Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2023 | An In-Depth Review

Here is a list of the best bike phone mounts that you can use when you are going on a trip, or you are riding cross country. Have a look at the list and decide which one is the best for you.

1. Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

Quad lockout front phone mount

Vehicle Service Type Bicycle
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Mounting Type Handlebar
Brand Quad-Lock
Item Dimensions LxWxH
2.76 x 4.72 x 1.69 inches


We love this bike phone mount, and we’re 100% sure that you will also fall in love with it. This is one of the sleekest mounts on the list. It is best in design and also in wind drag. It is easy to install and remove the mount from the bike. Also, it might seem bulky but it is not as thicker as expected.

Other than this, you can easily use the device when you need it. You can listen to the songs, call, or use the GPS easily. This phone mount for the bike does not need any special installation. You will need no tool to install this mount. This is an aspect that our team likes most about this bike phone mount. 

You can also rotate the bike phone mount to put the Mount on the stem. Moreover, you can also get the action cam adaptor, but you have to buy it separately. We like the stylish look of the phone mount. You can use the mount on the bike or the car. You can also keep it in the pocket if you do not want it to stick to the bike when left unattended.


  • Stylish and Low Profile Phone Mount  
  • Sticks Like A Magnet and Keeps your Phone Safe
  • You can Easily put the Mobile Phone On or Remove It


  • It can Seem Expensive to a Lot of People

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2. Ailun Mountain Bike Phone Mount

Ailun adjustable bike phone mount

Mounting Type Handlebar
Color Black
Brand Ailun
Special Feature Adjustable
Compatible Phone Models Smartphone
Item Dimensions LxWxH
6.1 x 1.22 x 2.52 inches


If you are tight on budget and want something with great performance, this is what you should go for. Despite being one of the cheapest phone mounts on the market, this phone mount has worked well for many people. You will not need to use any tool with this bike phone mount, and it is very easy to install on your bike.

It is highly portable, and you can easily switch it from one bike to another. Some people may think that this phone mount is very bulky, but it will stay close to the bar only. We liked this mountain bike phone mount because it sticks to the handlebar even if you are on bumpy terrain. It is much more solid than the other ones you will get in the market.

The design of this mount is very simple, and you can easily put the phone on the Mount or remove it. The mount is made up of high-quality material so that you do not have to invest in another new mount soon. It has slightly raised edges to provide extra security to the device. Overall, this bike phone mount is worth the price. 


  • Can be used with a Phone of Any Size
  • Lightweight, Affordable, and Easy to Attach
  • You can Use it with Other Different Handlebars 


  •  Limited Supply

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3. Rockform Pro Series Bike Phone Mount

Rockform Pro Series bike phone mount

Compatible Phone Models iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
Brand Rokform
Color Bike mount
Special Feature Durable, Adjustable
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel


This is the next mount series from Rokform. It has a very powerful magnet that gets stuck to the handlebar very easily, even if you are within a quarter inch from the handlebar. There are chances that you will have to learn how to remove it easily so that you do not damage it, but when you know, it will become easy for you. 

It has the Roksafe magnetic technology so that the mount does not move when you are riding the bike. It will keep the mount in place. You can also tilt the mount according to you and set the angle you want. It will be suitable when listening to music, calling, or even using the GPS.

What we like about this bicycle phone mount is its build. It is an aluminum mount that you can use, and it has a stainless screw to make it a durable phone mount and easy for you to use daily. Many cyclists use this mount because of the features you get in it at a fair price.  


  • Needs only Semi-permanent Installation 
  • You get the Twist-lock Mechanism to Set the Angle
  • The Magnet will help you to Keep the Mount in Place


  • Plain Looks

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4. Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bike Bag

Blackburn Local Plus Top tube bike mount

Color Black
Size One Size
Brand Blackburn
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.91 x 3.94 x 10.63 inches
Item Weight 0.12 Kilograms


If you are looking for something more than a mount to keep your phone, this is the bike bag you need to go for. Other than your device, you can keep snacks or important things in the bag. You can easily attach the bag to the handlebar with the help of the straps.

The company has kept in mind the need for the bag and considered the option for storing more things than the device. It has compartments to keep the stuff in an organized way. It is designed to be sure that there is a place for every important thing of yours.

Other than this, the bag also has a reflective print so that you can easily use it at nighttime. It has been printed to extend the visibility at night time. This bike phone holder is fit for a lot of bikes.

You also get a transparent pocket so that you can view the screen and also touch it easily. It can accommodate devices of different sizes. Also, the transparent touch screen will prevent the device in all weather conditions. It is very affordable and may be used when going on a long tour.


  • You can use it for the Long Routes
  • Extremely Affordable and Compact 
  • Touch Screen Window Protects the Device in all Weather 


  • A Bit Heavy

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5. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Bike phone mount

Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle, ATV
Mounting Type Handlebar
Brand Vibrelli
Special Feature Rotatable, Adjustable
Color Grey, Black
Product Dimensions ‎2.95 x 0.79 x 5.51 inches


Now, if you are looking for a mount at very affordable prices, this is the one that we will recommend to you. This mount can fit on all kinds of bikes and also, it fits all kinds of phones. You can use it on a bike, motorcycle, or scooter. This mount is made up of hard plastic, silicone, and steel, providing maximum durability and protection to the device.

This bicycle phone mount is very easy to install. It features an adjustable clamp that you can adjust according to the size of the handlebar, and it makes sure that your device does not move when you are riding on bumpy terrain. Other than this, it has a ball-and-socket design so that you can set the angle of the bike mount according to yourself. You can then easily have access to all the controls of your phone.

You get the strap in different colors to match it will all kinds of handlebars. Moreover, you will get a 5-year warranty with the bike mount, so you do not have to worry about the durability of the phone mount. The triple-layer design makes sure that it remains durable, and you can use it for your daily rides. You will 100% love this mount. 


  • You can change the Angle of the Mount  
  • Comes with a 5-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Gives you access to all Controls and Devices


  • You can Mount it on the Handlebar Only

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6. Spigen GearLock Out Bike Mount

Spigen GearLock out bike mount

Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle
Mounting Type Handlebar
Brand Spigen
Special Feature Lightweight, Adjustable
Compatible Phone Models All Phones
Product Dimensions 3.39 x 1.97 x 5.39 inches
Item Weight 0.637 ounces


With this bike phone mount, you will not have to buy a phone case for your device. You will get the universal adapter, and you can keep your phone in it after which it will work for it smoothly. You can then easily put the phone on the mount.

This bike phone mount is safe to use and will hold your device to avoid having to risk the device. You can also pull out the device when you click pictures or anything else. It has a very ergonomic design to easily adjust the bike mount according to your requirements. The bike phone holder is designed so that the device does not move even on bumpy terrain.

It is strong and sturdy, and you will not have to invest in the bike mount frequently. This bike phone mount is compatible with almost all devices and bikes because of its universal adapter. Overall, if you are looking for a mount to keep the device secured and durable, we will advise you to look at this. This one-click locking system mount is worth every penny. 


  • This is an Out-front Mount  
  • Durable and an Ergonomic Design
  • It has a Universal Adapter to make it work with all the Devices


  • Overdemand Makes it Out of Stock Mostly

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7. Topeak RideCase Bike Phone Mount

Topeak RideCase bike phone mount

Brand Name ‎Topeak
Color ‎Black/Gray
Material ‎Aluminum, Plastic
Manufacturer ‎Topeak
Package Weight ‎0.19 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎9.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches


This is a well-known bike mount that is easily compatible with iPhones. This may be a costly one, but if you want to invest in a sturdy and durable iPhone mount for a bicycle, you may have to go for it. This case has two parts: the one is made of plastic, and you will get it in different sizes. Another part is the slide-on mount which you can attach to the handlebar or the bike’s stem.

The case will fit very easily in the mount, and it will hold the device very securely. You can also change the bike’s angle if you want or adjust it so that you can see the screen correctly. Also, it is very easy to pull out the device when you are riding the bike.

This phone bike mount is suitable for all kinds of terrains, and you will not have to worry about durability. Both the parts of this bike phone mount make it a great choice. One thing to keep in mind is that the mount will work only with specific cases. For Android devices, you may have to look for other options.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Its Secure Case keeps your Phone Stable and Secure  
  • You easily put and Remove the Device from the Case 


  • You can use the Mount only on the Handlebars

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How to Choose a Best Bike Phone Mount | Buyer’s Guide

Each phone bike mount is different, and there are so many options to think about while buying them. The most important features that differentiate one bike mount from the other are the handlebar’s diameter, the mounting method, smartphone compatibility, endurance design, easy detachment, resistance, and the ability to handle rough terrain. Let’s discuss each in detail to help you find the best bike phone mount for a comfy ride.

Handlebar Diameter

Before buying a phone mount for bike (bicycle), it’s a good idea to gauge the length of the handlebars. Select the bar section on which you’ll be installing the mount. Compare your measurements with the specifications of the mounts that you’re contemplating. The majority of road bikes and mountain bikes have handlebars that measure between 0.9 inches & 1.25 inches.

Method of Mounting

Many bike phones use different methods of mounting. Some attach to the handlebars by straps that work as belts. The strap holes give numerous options for different sizes of handlebars.

Other mounts, including those from Roam, mount with only one attachment point. You can tighten the mount by using an Allen key. Also, remember, that certain mounting methods are more sturdy than others. If you often ride on rough terrain, search for a model that focuses on sturdy and solid mounting within its design.

Smartphones Capability

Make sure to measure your smartphone before buying an accessory. Be sure that the phone mount you’re looking at will work with your model of the phone, its model, and the phone’s size. The majority of modern phones are less than 7 inches tall & less than 3.5 inches wide.


If you’re planning to spend a long time riding on rough, stormy, and wet trails, you’ll need a durable phone mount for bike because silicon and plastic may not be as sturdy as comparable mounts made of metal.


The design of your mount decides how it appears on your bike and how much wind and bumpy roads it can tolerate. Mounts like Quad Lock-Out Front Bike Mount look sleek and are made to reduce resistance. These mounts are also less likely to shake when riding on bumps or high speeds.

Access to Phone Attachment

Based on the price, connecting or removing your phone from the mount may be simple or complicated. Mounts with an adapter system are a great option as they offer the fastest way to take your phone out of the mount during a break or a photo session.  

Water Resistance

Riders who spend a significant amount of time cycling through the rain in wet or difficult conditions should consider the resistance capabilities of bike phone mount. In many cases, buying waterproof cases can resolve the issue.

Handle Rough Terrain

If you usually ride on the road with the phone bike mount then buy an item that can hold the vibration your biking style creates. All the bike phone mounts reviewed here work excellent on all types of roads. You can buy any of them as per your choice. 


1. Is it safe to use a bike phone mount?

It depends on the quality of the phone mount that you will use. You will have to look for mounts that can stick well to the bike’s handlebar, and it should also hold the phone correctly. You can also look for the bicycle phone mount that you can use on rough terrains.

2. How can I listen to music while riding?

Well, you need to be safe while you are riding the bike. So, you may have to keep the volume low, or you will have to avoid using noise-canceling headphones. Other than this, you can also put just one earbud in the ear.

3. Is it worth buying a Quad-Lock?

In case you are looking for a phone mount for better and extreme protection, Quad locks are something that we recommend. They are the easiest to install on the bike.

4. Is there a magnet in the Quad-Lock?

Unfortunately, there is no magnet in Quad locks. If you want to get a magnetic lock for the bike or the car, you may have to look for other options.

Some Last Words

So, these are all the best bike phone mounts of 2023. We have mentioned each bike phone mount in detail so that it can help you when you are going to buy one. We will advise you to go for the Quad locks for better security. They may be a bit expensive, but they are worth the price. Have a look at all the available options and choose the one that suits you best. We hope this helps. 


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