Electronic bikes with rechargeable batteries will allow you to travel up to 25 to 45 and you will reach your destination on time. If you are looking for energy-efficient, emission-free, and low-cost transportation, electric bikes have no alternative.

Electronic bikes provide riders with health and physical benefits and folding electric bikes will occupy a little space and you can carry it while traveling.

Our Top Picks of the Best Electric Folding Bikes



Overall Best

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Aluminum Folding Ebike

  • Aluminum alloy
  • ‎Rechargeable-battery
  • ‎Unisex
Editor’s Choice

Trekpower 20” Folding Electric Bike

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Unisex-adult
  • Front and rear disc brake
Value For Money

Vivi Folding Electric Bike

  • Aluminum alloy
  • ‎Rear, Front, Dual
  • ‎Unisex-adult

Best Folding Electric Bikes | In-depth Reviews

If you want to have a great bike-riding experience with folding electric bikes, you can choose from this Best Folding Electric Bikes list below

1. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Aluminum Folding Ebike


Bike Type BMX Bike
Age Range (Description) 3 – 5 years
Brand Swagtron
Wheel Size 14 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Freestyle
Suspension Type Other
Special Feature Foldable


Won’t you like to have a look at Swagtron EB-5 Pro electric folding cycle? For adding a boast to swag your traveling experience, this is probably One of the Best Folding Electric bikes. Read about it in detail below.


  • Riders can speed just over 15 MPH by twisting the throttle. It packs enough punch for lasting up to 15.5 miles in single power life. You can go full throttle and change to pedaling.
  • Its 14 inches wheel comes with a filled rubber tyre and quickly disconnectable power lines. Thus easy tire maintenance and better traction are ensured.
  • You will be glad to know that this bike comes getting pre-assembled. So, you don’t have to worry about its complicated assembly.
  • Riders can adjust bicycle seats according to their height. You can also adjust handlebars and seats for a comfortable ride with Swagtron EB-5 Pro electric folding bike.
  • The foldable bike frame can carry riders up to 264 pounds and this bike is three times foldable. So it fits well under desks, on subways, inside compact vehicles, and in other little spaces.
  • You need to spend 4-5 hours as charging time. Once your bike is fully charged you can have an uninterrupted riding experience.
  • Swagtron EB-5 Pro electric folding is ideal for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. To boost up your lifestyle, you can also look to get an electric skateboard that can become a time-saver in your stressed life.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Impressive battery mileage
  • Comfortable
  • Good-quality components


  • Only one level of power assistance
    Difficult to ride without motor

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2. Ancheer an-EB5 Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer an-EB5 folding electric bike

Bike Type Folding Bike, Electric Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Special Feature Foldable
Brake Style Disc


Now, if you are looking for a folding electric bike at a low range price, this is the one that you should for. This dual disc brake folding electric bike is going to give you all the needed features at a minimal price. This bike has a great look that is going to make you stand out and is designed to provide you with all the comfort that you need. Here are some of the specifications of the bike that made us consider this bike.


  • Starting with the frame of the bike, it is made up of an innovative alloy frame that makes it super portable and lightweight. The overall weight of the bike is approximately 16.5lbs which is for sure a lot less than most folding electric bikes.
  • Also, the bike has a 350-watt motor that can achieve a speed of 15 MPH and you can travel up to 15 miles on one charge. The bike also has a 6Ah battery that makes it easy for your travel without worrying about charging the bike.
  • On the bike, you are also going to get the Cruise control feature. This can be achieved very easily by twisting the throttle for almost 8 seconds. It helps you attain a particular speed.
  • You will also have the dual disc brake on the bike to provide you with progressive braking in almost all conditions. It has rear and front disc brakes that make the system quite strong.
  • When it comes to the shape of the bike, it is inspired by dolphins. It has a very cute and smart design. Also, the bike is IPX5 waterproof so that you can even ride in the rainy season. Even the reviews define it as one of the best ebikes under $2000.
  • Also, the bike has alloy wheels to provide the stability to the bike. They are sturdy in nature to make sure that you can ride on different terrains. The wheels are anti-slip rubber wheels to provide you with a smooth ride even on wet terrains. Other than this, the bike has a DTST intelligent sensing system to increase the strength of the feet of the bike so that you do not have any problem climbing.


  • This affordable ebike comes with cruise control, which is convenient and easy to engage
  • Brakes are strong
  • Tackles little hills without any issues


  • Charging the battery takes some time, and you can’t remove it or replace it
  • The seat isn’t too comfortable

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3. Trekpower 20” Folding Electric Bike

Trekpower 20” folding electric bike

Bike Type Electric Bike, Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Trekpower
Wheel Size 20 Inches
Suspension Type Rear, Front
Special Feature Foldable
Number of Speeds 6
Frame Material Aluminum
Brake Style Disc


The next bike on the list is the one with high performance and durable build. This bike is one of the folding electric bikes that you will get in the same price range. We love the bike because of the style and design of the bike which is worth noticing. All other specifications and features of the bike are listed below.


  • The bike is made up of an aluminum frame making it a lightweight bike and durable. We do consider this bike as a great investment in aluminum frame bikes.
  • Also, the bike has a removable battery that you can remove when you want to charge the bike. The bike can be charged in 4 hours and it makes sure that it protects the riding power of the bike.
  • Other than this, the safety of the bike is almost kept in mind. You can easily fold the bike and you can also port the bike easily from one place to another.
  • Moreover, there are three modes that you can use when you are riding a bike. The three modes are electric bike, normal bike, or the pedal-assisted mode.
  • You will also get the Shimano 6 gears to have a smooth shifting experience on the bike. The fat tires of the bike make sure that you can ride the bike on different terrains.
  • When you will buy the bike, it is pre-assembled. You do not have to waste your time assembling the bike. You can either do it on your own or you can also, look for the installation service on the portal.
  • You will also get a 1-year warranty with the bike and you get 24*7 support when you have some issues with the bike. This makes it an effective option and is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.


  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Packed with performance.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Comes with beginner-friendly features.


  • Limited range and distance.
  • Short battery running time.

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4. Vivi Z3 folding Electric Bike

Vivi z3 folding electric bike

Bike Type Electric Bike, Folding Bike, City Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Vivi
Wheel Size 20 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Cycling
Suspension Type Front
Special Feature Portable, Windproof, Lightweight, Folding


Now, the next bike on the list is Vivi Z3 folding electric bike. This is another lightweight bike that we will recommend you to use and what we love about the bike is the anti-theft design derived from the famous self balance electric unicycle design. A detailed discussion of the bike is mentioned below. Have a look at all the specifications below.


  • The frame of the bike is made up of a 100 percent aluminum frame that makes sure that the bike remains lightweight. The frame of the bike is collapsible that can be folded easily and then you can store it easily. The bike takes less space.
  • The bike can be used in three modes which is an electric bike, assisted bike, and a normal bike. It is up to you how you can use the bike when you are using it.
  • The braking system of the bike is quite reliable and uses the new technology of disc brakes. Other than this, the disc brakes make sure that you have stable riding when you are riding the bike and also, the front suspension of the bike makes the ride smooth on the rough and bumpy terrain.
  • The front suspension is made up of carbon steel that can absorb all the shocks on bumpy terrains. Also, the bike has double-layer aluminum alloy wheels. Moreover, when you are riding the bike at the night, you get the bright LED headlamp and the horn.
  • Other than this, the bike has a removable battery that you can remove when you want to charge it. You can ride the bike at least up to 50 km and can attain a speed of 20 MPH. The bike also has a Shimano professional 6-gear speed so that you can run the bike on different terrains.


  • Power-Cut Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Boost Mode


  • Not aggressive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it worth buying a folding bike?

Yes, it is always worth buying a folding bike. It is best when you want to save space at your place. Other than this, they are very easy to port from one place to another. The folding bikes can be lightweight because you need to port them from one place to another.

2. Is it allowed to take the folding bike on a plane?

No, it is not allowed to take a folding bike on a plane and that is all because it has a battery. It is not allowed to take any 1000W electric bike and related vehicles. Though some airlines may allow you, you have to seek permission for the same.

Can I use folding bikes for uphills?

You can surely use the folding bike for riding uphill. It offers you a great range of gears that you can get on a normal bike.

4. Is it worth buying pedego bikes?

We will recommend you to buy Pedego bikes if you are looking for some electric bikes on which you want to experience effortless riding. These bikes contain all the durable components and the bike is worth the money.


After Reading This Article About Best Folding Electric Bikes Reviews, Now riders don’t have to worry much now for getting late and they can easily avoid traffic. Buy your electric bike and carry it wherever you go and you will reach your destination on time riding your bike.

What are you waiting for? Go and explore your surroundings riding your electric folding bike!!!


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