Can you imagine how happy your kids will be when you get them some best kick scooters? Also, when it comes to helping your child develop social skills, cognitive abilities, and motor skills, there is no better investment than a kick scooter. They’re super fun and boost children to get active; a win-win for both kids and parents!  

There are literally so many models of kick scooters for kids available on the market and Amazon. But as a parent, you have to choose the best and the safest one which your kids can use for a long period. So should you just trust the Amazon reviews? Well, there are tons of other things you need to focus on and this is exactly why we are here.  

To make your buying process painless, we have reviewed the 7 best kick scooters for kids that we love, and you and your kids will too. (Remember, our kids have actually tested all these kick scooters, so we vouch for them personally!) To get top spots on the list, these products passed different merits like fantastic quality, positive buyer feedback, price, etc.  

Also, we’ve shared a detailed guide to help you purchase a good scooter for your naughty kid and also answered a few most common questions of teens and parents. So, by the end, you will have something for sure because we at make sure to add something for everyone. 

Best Kick Scooters For Kids | Experts Recommended

Best Overall

Hikole Kick Scooter for Kids

  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • 100mm LED Light
  • 3 Level Height Adjustable
Runner Up

Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids

  • Easy to Fold and Store
  • Highly Durable and Tough
  • Very Smooth and Fast Ride
Editor’s Choice

BELEEV V5 Kick Scooter for Kids

  • Can Resist 220 Pounds
  • Shock Absorb Mechanism
  • 4 Level Height Adjustable


Best Kick Scooters For Kids | An In-Depth Review

We have picked products for all types of budgets while still sticking to high-quality standards. So rest assured about quality. Now let’s reveal the most demanding kick scooters for kids that made it to our top 7 review guide. We are really worried because you might end up buying more than one model. 

1. Hikole Kick Scooter for Kids

Hikole Kick Scooter for Kids

Brand Hikole
Color Light pink
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Frame Material Aluminum
Age Range (Description) Toddler
Brake Style Rear Braking


Hikole Scooter is the safest and most reliable scooter for kids designed with sturdy and high-quality materials to give extra durability. It helps develop your child’s sporting abilities while improving their confidence to take on longer and more challenging rides. It can easily support the rider’s weight maximum of 50kg.

The body of this kick scooter is built with strong aircraft-grade aluminum, and the riding unit design consists of dull-deck grip tape. Also, its handlebars have soft rubber handgrips, which help control the whole riding process. This further helps improve riding skills and manage the scooter’s stability. 

The Hikole scooter has an advanced brake system design that meets the international criteria of being efficient and sturdy. The anti-rust rear brake equipped with a high-quality ABEC-7 mechanism helps stop the fast-moving rides effortlessly and offers a superior feeling while riding. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Coming to the aesthetics, its100mm LED flashing illuminates the wheels on night rides and gives super fun to your kids. So, if you are someone who is busy all day and have some free time at night only, then go for the Hikole kick scooter because it is easy to use, and foldable, and you can carry it wherever you want with maximum comfort.


  • Best For 4-10 Years and Above Kids

  • Adjustable Handlebars with a Rubber Grip 

  • Aircraft-standard Materials For Maximum Stability 


  • Need a Useful Kickstand 

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  1. Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids  

Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids

Brand Razor
Color Blue
Handlebar Type Foldable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 95 Millimeters
Frame Material Aluminum
Wheel Type Solid
Brake Style Rear Braking


5.0 out of 5 stars!! Literally, thousands of happy customers are praising this adorable product. What is so unique about this Kick scooter? Well, first of all, the Razor A Kick Scooter is something you get under $30. And secondly, you get so many color options like blue, green, red, black, and pink).  

The manufacturer of Razor A Kick Scooter promises you air-grade materials, unbeatable performance, exceptional build quality, and more. And you get all these exceptional features at a very affordable price. So you must not let your hands slip on this best kick scooter for kids because you will definitely regret it later. 

It is designed for kids above 5 and weighs just 140 pounds. So if you are 10+, you can ride on this scooter and explore your entire hometown, even on bumpy and unstable roads. Also, Razor A kick comes with adjustable handlebars, which your child can adjust to their height, and features that you can customize to suit different brakes, wheels, and weights. 

The Razor A kick scooter is the most sought-after ride for commuters, celebrities & everyone who loves traveling. Your kid will be extremely happy when he sees tons of color options to buy from. And as a parent, you can be satisfied knowing that your kid is riding something that is 100% safe. Now nothing can stop your kid from exploring the thrilling adventure and feeling the wind kiss on the cheeks. 


  • Easy to Fold and Store Away

  • Exceptionally Durable and Tough

  • Very Smooth, Fast, and Fun Ride


  • Too Small for Big Kids (Adults)

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  1. BELEEV V5 Kick Scooter for Kids

BELEEV V5 Kick Scooter for Kids

Color Aqua
Handle Height 40.9 Inches
Handlebar Type Foldable, Adjustable
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Frame Material Aluminum
Suspension Type Front Suspension
Grip Type Ergonomic


The BELEEV V5 kids kick scooter is best for children aged eight years or older. It comes in 12 colors and styles to choose from. The plus point is that this scooter can be folded easily in your car’s trunk, so even if you are on a vacation, you can ride with full fun and joy. Be confident that your kid will be using a top-quality and durable product because of its lightweight and sturdy aluminum and polyurethane design.

You can adjust the handlebars so that the scooter will also adjust the height and weight consequently when your child grows. This feature will help you save money over the long term as a kid growing up so quickly. This scooter comes with front-wheel suspension and comfortable grips to ensure a smooth & safe journey.

The company is committed to keeping the safety of everyone with this scooter lets you ride thanks to its robust deck effortlessly. It can hold riders up to 220 pounds. The rubber handles offer additional security and comfort. T-bar Lock gives a stable and safe riding, so you don’t feel the handlebar wobbling even on sidewalks with uneven surfaces.

Overall, the V5 is an amazing scooter for its price. Considering its features and size: large wheels, lower deck, and front suspension, it’s ideal for kids and teens. All in all, you get a fast and smooth ride while looking cool. Want to know its more features and reviews? Just click on the link below and check all the exciting specs to get a better idea.


  • Wide and Lowered Deck

  • Easy Folding Mechanism

  • Big High Rebound Wheels


  • Short Kickstand

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  1. Aosom Youth Scooter Kick Scooter for Kids 5+

Aosom Youth

Brand Aosom
Color Blue
Handle Height 37 Inches
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Wheel Material Rubber
Wheel Size 16 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum, Alloy Steel
Grip Type Ergonomic


Our testers were amazed by the quality of construction this two-wheeled scooter carries. It provides a smooth, steady ride, and when you are not using it, you can fold it to store it. Its height is quite easily adjustable, which means it can be used throughout your kids’ growth periods. The large wheels on this two-wheeled model make for the most comfortable riding.

Buying an Aosom scooter makes the outside activity even more enjoyable and helps kids master riding, steering, and balance. It is made of steel frames that can hold up to 220 pounds. So even if your kid has some extra pounds, that can’t stop him from riding scooters. Also, it is extremely easy to adjust the height as per the rider so that you do not feel uncomfortable while riding it.

The steel frame construction makes the kid’s toy extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The alloy wheels made of aluminum are durable and wear-resistant. Additionally, the kickstand ensures that you won’t have to be tense about the scooter falling when you finally reach your destination.

This best kick scooter for kids has a rear and front wheel with a dual brake system, big wheels, slip-resistant tires, and low decks. So be 100% sure your kids will have a comfortable and enjoyable ride. All in all, if you want a scooter that’ll last for many years, then this scooter is something to consider. So, grab it quickly from the Amazon link below before it goes out of stock.


  • Soft Wrapped Handlebar

  • Solid Inflatable Rubber Wheels

  • Helps To Balance & Build Up Strength


  • Only 3 Color Options

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  1. Kicksy Wheels Kick Scooter for Kids

Kicksy Wheels

Brand Kicksy Wheels
Color Sedona
Handle Height 39 Inches
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Suspension Type Front Suspension


This is among the most elegant scooters we’ve seen. It comes with a light-up stem along with wheels and a neck. It’s available in blue, white, pink, and many more shades. These vibrant colors not only appear stunning, but they also increase the visibility of your child to other vehicles and people all around.

The lightweight scooter comes with the ability to fold up with a push-up mechanism, making it secure to store and simple to move around with the carry strap. It doesn’t require any tools as the assembly is done within minutes & you’re ready to go! Also, it is made of durable, top-quality materials made to last for years. 

An adjustable handlebar made of aluminum comes with three choices (32.5/34.6/36.5 inches) that you can adjust to various heights throughout the years. You can cruise easily with its non-slip design, weight-absorbing, and wide deck which guarantees solid footing and comfortable riding.

This kids kick scooter has all the necessary features that you’d expect from a safe ride. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, solid, durable, and secure. Moreover, it’s an attractive design that any kid will be able to enjoy! Given the reasonable price, it is a must-have scooter for anyone over 5 years old.


  • No Assembly Needed

  • Foldable and Easy To Carry

  • Non-slip Design and Wide Deck 


  • Some Users Complain of Late Delivery

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  1. Micro Kickboard – Maxi Deluxe

Micro Kickboard

Brand Micro
Color Black
Handle Height 34 Inches
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 120 Millimeters
Item Weight 5.9 Pounds


These are not the old scooters that you used to have. This Micro Kickboard comes with a lean-to-steer technology, making the Maxi Mini Deluxe a unique ride similar to a skateboard. They allow riders to turn and take sharp turns butter smooth, with the added safety of the t-bar handlebars. Kids will surely love riding once they start using this scooter.  

The cutting-edge Micro brand is famous among families because of its long-lasting scooters designed for kids and adults. Its Micro Sprite is a lightweight and strong scooter best for children from 8 to adults (up to 210 pounds). So, irrespective of weight, every kid can ride all across the streets with a power-up of confidence.

It comes with a 2 year Gold Standard manufacturer’s warranty and world-famous customer service. So, your Micro Sprite scooter will last for a long time! And the best part is you can use this scooter straight out of the box because there is no assembly needed. Just unfold it and scoot new places and complete your bucket list. 

Besides being beautifully named, the Sprite handles all bumps carefully, leading to an extra comfortable ride. It always appears sturdy and (important to all parents) doesn’t make any tick tick noise when kids ride it. Overall, to get a smooth and stable ride, every family should be buying Micro Kickboard Sprite for their loveable kids.


  • Handles All Bumps Carefully

  • World-famous Customer Service

  • 2 Year Gold Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Gets Very Fast

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  1. LaScoota Deluxe Kick Scooter for Kids above 7

LaScoota Deluxe

Brand Lascoota
Handlebar Type Foldable, Adjustable
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 7.9 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum, Alloy Steel
Suspension Type Dual Suspension
Brake Style Rear Braking


Create your own unique color story using vibrant 13 colors and exciting graphic designs of LaScoota Deluxe Kick Scooter. This is a unique scooter for all adventure-loving kids. The kick scooter was specially designed with sleeping teens in mind. It encourages kids to get outdoors and get active while having fun. This scooter is ideal for cruising to school or strolling the neighborhood with your friends.

It does not matter how fast you ride; you will not lose control because you get huge wheels and heat-resistant brakes. Also, it has a huge deck to offer you a smooth ride. The rubber grips feel comfortable on your hands and can help reduce hand fatigue. They’re also stronger and easy to clean than regular foam grips. If we see it from a performance point of view, the LaScoota is surprisingly quiet.  

We believe we can talk about this best kick scooter for kids for so many hours and still won’t get tired. It’s a great value for the money, and its comfort and smooth riding, plus many fun colors, make this a winner in our eyes. If your kid is above7 years, then there is nothing better than LaScoota. And if your kid is 8 or 9-year-old, you might want to consider an alternative, like Razor A (reviewed above).


  • A Non-slip Surface

  • Height-adjustable Stand

  • It’s Compact and Lightweight For Easy Transport


  • Not For Kids Above 16

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Types of Modern Scooters | The Entire Family

Modern scooters have transformed into 6 main types:  

3-wheel Scooters

They are the most suitable scooters for toddlers or extremely younger children/toddlers. The majority of 3 wheel scooters feature one wheel in the rear and two wheels in the front to provide better balance. They provide greater stability, but even though they have some speed. This is why they are likely to be the primary choice for kids’ scooters. 

2-wheel Scooters

These are the best kick scooters for kids of a certain age who have outgrown their small scooters and want to upgrade to something more powerful and cool. They are perfect for kids who are enthusiastic about scooting but not concerned about the stunts aspect. However, they can serve as an intermediate scooter between a 3-wheel and a professional. They’re less expensive than professional scooters, and you can wait to determine if your child gets into riding before upgrading.

Pro Scooters

Also called Trick scooters and stunts, pro scooters are a specific kind of 2-wheel scooter. They’re generally constructed with better quality and designed specifically for trick riding or stunt riding. The primary characteristic of a professional scooter is the broad “T-bar” handlebars. They provide greater stability when skating on skatepark ramps and let the rider perform many moves and tricks. If your child is committed to scooters (or is planning to become) or has a group that is “into” the sport, most likely, the best scooter for them is one they need.

Electric Scooter

They are powered by a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. Electric scooters are generally heavier than traditional kick-scooters and typically have larger wheels. While they’re more difficult to transport and store, their weight increases the stability of the ride and allows them to be more stable and comfortable to ride.

Electric scooters (like other electric ride-on toys) usually don’t require children to push them around physically. While the benefit is that they’re lots of entertainment, the main disadvantage will be that the child will not receive enough exercise. Also, they are more costly and aren’t suitable for stunt riding. So, electric scooters are better for teens or adults. 

Off-road Scooter

They are equipped with large fat wheels that have tires. They can scoot over rough terrains like dirt and grass. These special scooters aren’t as frequent and generally inappropriate for stunt riding.

Caster (Carve) Scooter

These unique scooters come with three wheels, two at the rear and one in front. They function in a totally different manner from traditional kick scooters. They have two wheels on the rear set away from each other, and there is an individual footplate for each. A few kids are fond of such scooters, and they’re an excellent way to have amusement. But remember that they must not be used to practice tricks.    

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Kick Scooter for Kids

Antilock Brakes

Your kid’s safety must be your primary priority always. Antilock brakes help prevent the possibility of tragic accidents, and you must be aware of their significance, especially if you have small kids.

Learning to ride requires time, and your kids require extra security, particularly in the beginning when kids have no experience. So, you should choose kids kick scooter with antilock brakes that will keep your child secure. Make sure you check if the scooter is functioning properly before your kids take them out to ride, and before traveling. 

Protection Safety Gear

If it’s about kids’ scooters, safety is the major concern for every parent. Hence, the manufacturers around the globe are continually developing the technology that goes into creating these products, and in the end, we are getting secure and safe models.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a kid or a teenager riding; the scooter components should be strong and well-secured to prevent accidents. To avoid this issue, you can purchase from reputable brands. But safety does not stop at products only; you also have to be a responsible person. It is essential to purchase helmets and make sure the child wears them each when they go out.

You can even use a mountain bike helmet for safety if you do not have a regular one. They work the same. We just want that your kid wears a helmet when riding. If your child begins performing tricks, it’s crucial to ensure that they wear elbow and knee pads.


This is among the most crucial features to be looking for when purchasing an item. It is important to check whether the product’s guarantee or warranty is provided on the item. The more warranty you get, the better the item will be. Moreover, it shows that the brand trusts its items and sticks to the guidelines. 

The product must be durable enough to allow riders to ride on it and should have the ability to provide an excellent grip. So, its durability needs to be evaluated before purchasing. It should be extremely sturdy so that the parts aren’t smashed off during riding on uneven terrain.

The handles must provide an ideal grip that stops them from sliding off while scooting. Furthermore, the handles should also be constructed from solid materials to not get worn out over time. The wheels must also be wide-tread and constructed with high-quality components to endure the rigors of friction and offer maximum grip.

Adjustable Handlebars

Do you want to save some cash? Select a scooter with adjustable handlebars. This feature allows you to adjust the scooter height as your kid grows to fit their needs. Thus, you won’t have to buy new scooters if your kids grow. Certain scooters can be adjusted to three levels; simply make sure that you inquire thoroughly about the adjustability of your handlebars.


Whatever product you choose to purchase, it is essential to ensure that the product is worth the money you spend on it. After going through all the specs, features, pros, and cons of the scooters, you can easily learn this.  

Foot Platform

The wider decks are becoming more preferred by preschoolers, which makes the task easier for kids to stay in a steady position while riding. Scooters geared towards older kids like the Razor A5 and Micro Sprite are equipped with slightly larger decks to fit kids’ growing feet.


If you’re looking to purchase from reputable brands to get the best quality vehicles and equipment, you may need to spend more. However, this isn’t essential since certain brands are high-quality and inexpensive. Razor, for example, is one of the brands that offer products that are innovative quality, top of the line, and cost-effective.

Other well-known brands for kids include Micro and LaScoota. Even though the brand selection depends on your personal choice, if you buy from a brand famous for designing long-lasting and high-quality products, you feel much better and safe while letting your kid ride the scooter. After all, every parent wants the safest and high-quality products for their kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which scooter is the best for a 2-year-old?

Your child can ride the moment he hits 2 years. Just be sure that they can manage their balance & control the scooter. If you’re still unsure, buy a toddler 3 wheeled scooter equipped with lean-to-steer technology. Once your toddler masters it, you can go for a two wheeled kick scooter. 

Q2. How long can a kick scooter last?

The cheap kick scooters generally last one year if used daily. The most expensive and best kick scooters for kids usually last for many years because they have full sealed bearings and accurate joint construction. 

Q3. What is lean-to-steer?

If you hear the words handlebar steers or lean-to-steer, it simply means how the toddler will control the scooter’s direction. In the traditional scooter, kids had to turn the wheel to make turns. But, lean-to-steer means that the child can lean in the direction he wants to move his scooter. When your child learns these basics, they’ll soon be enjoying a smoother experience.

Q4. Is a kick scooter good outdoor activity for kids?

Children who ride scooters build their muscles each time they take a ride. Being upright indicates that their core muscles, like the lower and abdominal muscles, are in action. Scooting is an excellent method to increase the strength of muscles and develop motor skills. So, yes, it’s a great exercise activity. 


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