The craze for rocky mountain bikes has been increasing for the past few years. Many sports people prefer these bikes on the race track as they provide dynamic performances. The “Rocky” brand comes so far while beating several competitive brands like “Santa Cruz”. Now, these bikes emerge as a popular transport mode for mountain lovers worldwide.

These are feature-rich bikes that include flexible geometries, built-in adjustment, powerful suspensions, and more comfort. Rocky tries to provide all the essential requirements to enhance the user’s satisfaction. So, if you are planning to buy a suitable model that fits your pocket and needs, then, consider some of the impressive products below.

Best Rocky Mountain Bikes for 2023

You can pick the best bike from all given in this section. The whole idea behind creating this guide is to provide you with a brief of Rocky different models and versions.

Editor’s Choice

Rocky SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26″ Bike

Rocky mountain bike

  • 48V13Ah Lithium Battery
  • Shimano 7S Drivetrain
  • 4 Working Bike Modes
Runners Up

Rocky Rocky Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension

Rocky mountain mtb

  • High Quality 24″ Alloy Rims
  • 21 Speed Twist Shifters
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur
Premium Pick

Rocky EXTRBICI 750W 13A 48V 26”

MTB Rocky bike

  • Double Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 750W Power Motor
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy

In-Depth Review of 10 Best Rocky Mountain Bikes

We’ve selected the 10 best rocky mountain bikes for mountain bike lovers with their specifications and other details. Make an informed decision based on these.

1. Rocky Mountain MTB Fusion

Rocky Mountain Fusion

It could be the best pick for freshers who have never been on the mountain with a bike. The brand specifies a gentle amount for it so that every student could buy this with their pocket money.

The Rocky Mountain MTB fusion is made with an aluminum frame making it an easily transportable option with a bike rack hitch. That means no rust on the bicycle’s body. In addition, the bike is capable to run on a Shimano Deore 1 x 10 drivetrain.

The dropper seat post enables the rider to lower the seat. The bike is perfect for smooth trails but may not be a good choice for riding on a hill trail. The bike consists of all the features that a fresher admires. Make sure to consider the specifications also. 

Frame Size Aluminum
Wheel Size 29’’
MTB Type Hardtail XC Bike
Fork 100mm Travel
Frame Size S, M, L, XL

2. Rocky Mountain Soul

Rocky Mountain Soul

If you want a full-fledged yet affordable bike then the Rocky mountain soul would cover you. The bike contains the same features as Fusion. Yet, the difference lies in their wheel sizes. The wheels here are in the size of 2.75’’. You can enjoy the outside adventure while riding your bike. It will lead you towards the rough edges while riding smoothly. It is one of the best rocky mountain mountain bikes.

No denying the fact that it is one of the best options that provide a light MTB ride. Suntour XCM 120mm travel fork enables the user to face all kinds of challenges while on the trail. Also, the bike excludes tubes which means you can customize it easily according to your need. 

Frame Material: Aluminum
Wheel Size 27.5’’
MTB Type Hardtail XC Bike
Fork 120 mm Travel
Frame Size S, M. L, XL

3. Rocky Mountain MTB Growler

Rocky Mountain Growler

This is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to buy an affordable aluminum bike that can be easily transported with a hitch bike rack. The bike is an all-rounder hardtail bike for every terrain. Its three Growler models named 20, 40, and 50 make it a great option. 20 model covers 130mm travel range. Although, you can cover around 140mm with 50 models. 

It offers the best hold while you climb different mountains. The all-weather rig will also run every time. Make sure that the bike takes care of all kinds of terrains. While it is not equipped with a Suntour fork but you can still update it later. It is the most wonderful option for mountain bikers around. It will not cost you much. Therefore, pick it to add adventure to your ride it is the best mountain bike under 700 dollars by Rocky. 


  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • MTB Type: Hardtail Trail Bike
  • Fork: 130-140 mm Travel
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 29’’

4. Rocky Mountain Vertex

Rocky Mountain Vertex

You will receive impressive build quality on this Rocky Mountain Vertex. It is made while keeping in mind the hardtail race. The bike will be seen on the next World cup RC. That makes it a quite fascinating model among others. Vertex contains three levels. The first one is equipped with a RockShox Reba fork and Shimano SLX/XT named Vertex Carbon 50. While its updated version Vertex Carbon 70 has an SRAM GX groupset and a Fox 32 fork. 

Vertex Carbon 90 is the last and premium version. It is also the most expensive. You will find the XC-ready RockShox SID RLC fork and SRAM X01 Eagle groupset. These two define the dynamicity of the bike. The bike is no more than a dream for XC racers around. You can climb faster on mountains while riding smoothly. Also, it is superior to other hardtails available in the industry. 

  • MTB Type: Hardtail XC Bike
  • Wheel Size: 29’’
  • Fork: 100 mm Travel
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material: Carbon

5. Rocky Mountain Element 

Rocky Mountain Element 

The bike proves to be better for rocky mountains mtb who have learned to ride with its full-suspension cross country feature. There are four models of this bike such as Carbon 70, Element Carbon 50, Carbon 90, and Carbon 70 XCO edition. Narrow handlebars and fewer travel suspension features make it a proper XC racer bike. It comes with the best climbing quality.

The bike is equipped with a Fox Float DPS Performance Elite Shock with 100 mm travel and Fox 34 Float Performance Elite fork with 120mm travel. That ensures power-packed performance while riding. If you want the best full suspension bike then it is one of the best signs. The bike is also equipped with several geometry settings. Santa Cruz Hightower and Rocky mountain elements are quite similar in terms of features and specifications. Therefore, it is the best substitution for the former.

  • Frame Material: S, M, L, XL
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension XC Bike
  • Wheel Size: 29’’
  • Fork: 100-120mm Travel
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Shock: 100mm Travel

6. Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Rocky Mountain Pipeline

If you want a superb yet playful bike then this rocky mountain pipeline would fulfill all your wishes. The bike provides an excellent ride with some unusual features. You must learn more about this bike before buying it. This rocky mountain bike lets you ride smoothly on difficult terrain or XC race track. Not only this but users can experience an enduro race as well. 

The frames are available in two different materials like carbon and aluminum. 140mm travel is featured on both sides of the bike. It comes with a SmoothLink rear suspension shock that enables you to respond immediately on the roads. In addition, there is a Ride-9 adjustable geometry system.

The bike contains all the dynamic features that always support you in hard and challenging trails. It is also a top-notch climber with Monarch RT Debonair and RockShox Yari RX fork combination. The bike is considered to be the best mountain bike under 600 dollars with its riding skills in muddy and snowy areas. 

  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike
  • Wheel Size: 2.75’’+
  • Fork: 140mm Travel
  • Frame Material: Carbon/Aluminum
  • Shock: 140mm Travel
  • Frame Size: S, M, L, XL

7. Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

With the name, anyone can get an idea of how boosted this bike is. It is fully featured with things like 27.5’’ wheels, aluminum or carbon frame, RIDE-9 adjustment system, and so on. The bike will always satisfy you whenever you ride on rugged terrain. It is available in three different models goes like Thunderbolt Alloy 10, Alloy 30, and Carbon 50. 

RockShox Deluxe fork and rear suspension are highlighted parts of an alloy version. However, Thunderbolt Carbon 50 is equipped with Fox Float performance forks, 150mm and 140mm travel, and shock. It runs impressively with full potential. A semi-skilled rider can think of this bike to move easily on technical terrain.

The RIDE-9 adjustment system lets you tune the geometry. The only drawback of this bike is its climbing performance over the mountains. You may feel disappointed here but the above-mentioned features will make it a convenient choice. 

  • Frame Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Fork: 150mm travel
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike
  • Shock: 140mm travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5’’
  • Frame Material: Aluminum/Carbon

8. Rocky Mountain Instinct

Instinct Model

Rocky mountain instinct is known for its killer performance. You can pass every kind of trail while riding on the bike. The speed will never let you go slow. It is featured with a Ride-9 adjustment system or geometry adjustment feature that enables you to interchange 27.5’’ and 29’’ front and rear tires. The bike will be easily transformed into an Instinct BC edition by adding only some parts.

This BC edition provides 160mm and 155mm travel in the front and the back. The edition also lets you ride on every kind of terrain. You must use this bike for its various advantages such as 29-inch wheels. It provides you with a better and more satisfying experience while you are riding. You can easily take your bike to any mountain or trail with its super dynamic wheels. 

  • Shock: 140mm Travel
  • Frame Material: Aluminum/Carbon
  • Fork: 150mm Travel
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Trail Bike
  • Frame Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Wheel Size: 29’’/27.5’’

9. Rocky Mountain Altitude

Rocky Mountain Altitude

The bike has all the elements that one could wish for. It contains 27.5’’ Enduro wheeler and Ride-9 technique. That means you can travel as much as you want.

The aluminium and Carbon body makes it lighter in weight. Rocky Mountain altitude comes into eight different models including two aluminum and six-carbon frame. 

It is one of the most terrifying options for an enduro bike. This best mountain bike by Rocky is quite pricy but worth it as per the features and other impressive things. 

  • Fork: 160mm Travel
  • Frame Material: Carbon/Aluminum
  • Shock: 150mm Travel
  • MTB Type: Full Suspension Enduro Bike
  • Wheel Size: 27.5’’
  • Frame Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

10. Rocky Mountain Slayer


If you want a substitution for Santa Cruz Bronson then Rocky mountain slayer would be a perfect choice. The bike has a 27.5’’ model with 180mm travel on the front and rear along with the body aesthetics of a fat tire bike. It takes only 29er with 170mm on the front and rear sides. You can also race downhill with this best full suspension bike slayer.

Rocky mountain bike dealers have divided these bikes into 8 models including 4 alloy and 4 carbon frames. The bike will always make you ready to ride on roots, over hard terrain, covering sharp corners, and so on. This would be a convenient option for everyone who wants a perfect bike. 

  • MTB Type: Full suspension enduro bike
  • Wheel Size: 27.5’’/29’’
  • Shock: 180mm/170mm Travel
  • Fork: 180mm/170mm Travel
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • Frame Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Shopping Tips to buy a Rocky Mountain Bike

You can pick any of these bikes as per your choice and requirements. But, make sure to first learn about what their features signify. The buyer needs to take care of some of the tips before making a decision. Here, we are going to provide you with some essential things that you need to see on every kind of bike. 

1: Hardtails

It is a rigid rear with a set of forks. They are efficient enough to climb over mountains. You can paddle smoothly while cross-country riding. If you are a new rider then just consider this factor and get the best without spending much. 

2: Wheel Size

A correct wheel size takes care of momentum and a smooth roll on the rough terrain. The rocky mountain bikes offer different wheel sizes. You can pick the one that meets your needs. 

  • 29’’ size adds more weight to the bicycle. Also, it resists you to move on tough and twisted terrain. If you are a small rider then picking this wheel-size bike would not be beneficial. 
  • 27.5’’ size is known for enduro and trail riding. You can respond in a better way on this wheel size. Therefore, it lets you in on technical edges. 
  • 26’’ size is the most used and recommended size of Rocky mountains bikes. With such a small weight, you will feel lighter while riding on tough terrain. It is an ideal option for every kind of situation. 

3: Types of Mountain Bikes

Your decision also depends on the kind that you are going to use. The best rocky mountain cycles are usually categorized into Cross-country, trail and enduro bikes. You can pick any of them by learning a precise description of them. 

  • Cross-country bikes are also known as XC. These bikes have very lightweight. It is one of the convenient options for XC racers. The gear can speed up its efficiency and power. You can travel and cover the region of 90mm to 120mm. Although the bike can be good for climbing purposes you will feel restrained while going downwards. 
  • Trail Bikes takes care of both descending and climbing. It covers the region of 110mm to 140mm. Furthermore, you can cover every kind of trail center and wild singletrack. The head angles at 67 degrees. 
  • Enduro and all-mountain bikes are perfect options for enduro racing. The bikes can easily cover a longer distance. The suspension travel goes from 140mm to 160mm. You can easily cross the technical descents with head angles of 65 to 66 degrees. That makes it a better option for longer rides on technical climbs and descents. 

Whatever type of bike you choose, be sure to get equipped with essential accessories and safety gear like a helmet, knee pads, and waterproof socks to protect from rain, water, and moisture. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Rocky mountain bike dealers provide a good brand?

Rocky mountain bikes have built their names in the industry due to their power-packed and high-quality performances. It has gained the best support worldwide. The brand promises a good quality bike. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you can opt for your bikes from different models provided by the manufacturer. 

2. Do Rocky mountain bikes offer electric unicycles?

No, Rocky mountain bikes are not getting their hands on the electric unicycle section for now but just as the prime quality provided by Rocky, you can get some goods brands too in the market offering the best electric unicycle around.

3. Who builds the Rocky Mountains MTB?

The Rocky mountains MTB bikes are founded in 1981 by St-Georges. The headquarter of Rockymountain mountain bikes is located in Quebec, Canada. 

4. Can you tell me the cost of Rocky mountain bikes?

Yes, these good mountain bikes by Rocky can go from $3,549 to $10,449 if you are looking for a high-end model. 

5. What are the features of rocky mountain thunderbolts?

Groupset Deore
Drivetrain 1 x 10
Seatpost Dropper post
Weight 14.5 Kg
Brakes Hydraulic Disc
RRP $2,099
Wheels 27.5’’/26’’
Travel 140mm rear, 140mm front
Fork RockShox Recon Silver RL
Suspension Full
Frame Aluminum

6. Why rocky mountain bicycles are expensive?

Rocky mountain bicycles are made with highly rich materials. They contain a front shock and a rear suspension system. Moreover, the parts joined to these bicycles have values of around $500 to $1,000. Therefore, they are priced high. But, it is more than a better deal if we look at its top features and parts. The bike will also provide the best satisfaction once you take it outside. 


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