Electric scooters for kids are a great way to get them outside and active. They are also a lot of fun! Electric scooters can go up to 10 mph, so they are fast enough to keep kids entertained, but not so fast that they are dangerous. Electric scooters are also very easy to operate, so kids will be able to figure out how to use them with no problem. And, if you’re worried about the environmental impact of electric scooters, don’t be! Electric scooters for kids are powered by batteries, so they don’t produce any emissions.

In addition, electric scooters have a better range than traditional scooters, so your child can ride further without having to recharge. Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular among kids. So, more and more electric scooter manufacturers are targeting this segment of the market. This has resulted in a bulk arrival of affordable & high-quality electric scooters for kids. So, which electric scooter should you buy for your child? Our intensive research and testing team has come up with a list of the best electric scooters for your kids.

Best Electric Scooter For Kids: 2023 Expert Picks

Best Buy

Gyroor Kids Electric Scooter

  • 37V 2500mAh Battery
  • 6.5″ Front & Rear Wheels
  • Dual Safety Brake System
Budget Pick

Gotrax Kids Electric Scooter

  • Max Speed 6MPH
  • Motor Power 24 V/120W
  • 4.5 Hours Charge Time
Trending Buy

XPRIT FS-04 Electric Scooter for Kids

  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Foldable Design
  • 25.2V/2.5Ah Li-ion Battery

Best Electric Scooter for Kids: In-Depth Review

We have picked up the best in the market upon detailed research.  Choose the top budget picks for electric scooters for kids in 2023.

1. Gyroor Kids Electric ScooterGyroor Kids Electric Scooter

Brand Gyroor                                          
Color Silver
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Wheel Material Rubber
Item Weight 17.2 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Youth


This Gyroor H40 electric scooter features a 200W powerful motor, a 37V 2500mAh lithium-ion battery with a range of 10 miles, and a top speed of 10 mph. Kids ages 6+ can safely drive at a safe speed using the LED visible display, which shows speed gear, riding speed & battery capacity.

This one of the best Kid’s electric scooters with built-in color gradient neon lights and beautiful light strips will catch the attention of the crowds, and will also change the atmosphere. Bright front light can prevent squinting into the rearview, while a reflective sticker can remind behind vehicles to keep their distance, making night riding safer! Children ages 6-12 will enjoy this motorized scooter. 

Designed specifically for kids ages 8-12, this electric scooter features both electronic brakes and mechanical brakes. A few screws are all you need to assemble your scooter and you’re all set! An ideal electric scooter for children, boys, and girls. Furthermore, they provide a 30-day return policy, 1-year mechanical warranty, & 1.5-year battery warranty.


  • Safe Driving with LED Visible Display
  • Electronic & Mechanical Brakes Present
  • Warranty Available


  • Instruction Manual is not clear
  • The beeping Sound is quite Annoying

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2. Gotrax Kids Electric Scooter

Gotrax Kids Electric Scooter

Brand Gotrax
Color Blue
Handle Height 29.5 Inches
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Size 5 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum
Wheel Type Solid
Item Weight 9.7 Pounds


This electric scooter Kids by Gotrax has both electromagnetic and mechanical brakes. To turn the scooter on, one foot must be on a button on the deck. Taking your foot off the back button slows the scooter, and the rear wheel is braked by a traditional foot pedal. 

Aluminium frames, PU front wheels, an 80W motor, and a rechargeable lithium battery are all part of the design of this electric scooter for kids. The scooter reaches speeds of up to 6 mph and can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes after fully charging, a max range of 3 miles (based on a 35 lb child). This product is ideal for kids and teens ages 4 to 7.

Gotrax Kids electric scooters can be used as kick scooters or electric scooters. The scooter can accelerate to 4.5 mph when you place one foot on the gravity sensor and the other foot on the front button, which makes it a great gift for children. This is one of the best electric scooters for kids.


  • Durable & Long Battery Life
  • It is quite Lightweight
  • It Can be Used as an Electric Scooter or a Kick Scooter


  • Not Good Customer Service

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3. XPRIT FS-04 Electric Scooter for Kids

XPRIT FS-04 Electric Scooter

Color Blue
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Rubber
Wheel Size 6 Inches


Featuring a top-of-the-line folding mechanism, it offers maximum safety when unfolded just like a folding electric bike, and minimal effort is required to release and fold the scooter. 

This kid’s scooter comes with ambient LED lights that change color. It’s easy to control the way your handlebar shines by pressing a button on it. 

Power comes from a 150W brushless motor accompanied by a 25.2V/2.55Ah Li-ion battery. The FS-04 can achieve a top speed of 10mph and a range of up to 5 miles when equipped with this combination. All the information you need is displayed clearly on the LED Display on the handlebar. It is easy to switch between 3 different speeds with the power button: Eco-5mph Max, Normal-8mph Max, and Sport-10mph Max. 

Children between the ages of 8-14, with heights of 3′ 3″-5′ 3 ”, and a maximum weight of 121 lbs, can use the FS-04. Kids within the age and height range can adjust the handlebars to fit them. It’s lightweight and has a foldable design like an electric unicycle making it easy to carry anywhere you are going.


  • This Bike has Adjustable Handlebars
  • It has 3 Speed Modes
  • It is Foldable & Portable


  • No Front Electric Brakes
  • A Bit Hefty Frame

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4. Hiboy N1 Electric Kick Scooter

Hiboy N1

Brand                                   Hiboy
Color Black
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 6.1 Inches
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Warranty Type One year warranty


Hiboy N1 Electric Kick Scooter carries a load of 132 pounds and has a 120W motor and 25V lithium-ion battery. The scooter can sprint up to 8 mph, travel up to 4.3 miles, and has a maximum speed of 8 mph. The kid scooter has flashing rainbow LED lights on its front wheel and underneath its deck. Changing colors automatically while riding gives children a chance to become the center of attention. 

The N1 electric scooter bracket features a body connecting rod made from lightweight stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of accidents from changes to the body. Easy-to-use brakes are located behind the foot. Cool shapes and exquisite sandpaper are on the Hiboy electric scooter for kids. Attractive things can help children gain self-confidence and have fun.

It is the perfect gift to give the Hiboy N1 Electric Kick Scooter because it is not expensive as some of the best ebikes under $2000. The best part is, this scooter is covered by a one-year warranty, and they offer 24-hour customer service. 


  • The Bike has Flashing Rainbow LED Lights
  • It has a Powerful 120W Motor
  • It has Low Charging Time


  • Customers Reported Speed Problems

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5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100

Brand                                      Razor
Color Glow Black
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 30 Pounds
Brake Style Front Braking


The Razor E100 Electric Scooter combines fun and power. The scooter is perfect for a quick trip around the block or a trip to the playground. Even though it might not beat your 1000 watt electric bike but the chain-driven, 24-volt motor offers high-torque performance and fun speed up to 10 mph. Hand-operated rear brake and twist grip throttle control are available. 

The battery lasts up to 40 minutes of continuous use, and you can fully recharge it in no time. The kid-sized deck and frame are perfect for kids who enjoy zooming around outside with their friends. You can be sure that your child will have the thrill of a lifetime with the Razor E100 Electric Scooter.

Cath the exciting feels similar to a self-balance electric unicycle that is elevated to a whole new level by the blue LEDs that light up as you turn the throttle. Using the Razor E100 Glow, youngsters can build their confidence on the electric-powered ride with intuitive acceleration control and hand-operated brakes.


  • The bike has an all-steel Frame
  • It has a High Torque High Driven Motor


  • Charging Problems at Times

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Choosing the Best Electric Scooter For Kids: Buying Tips


An electric scooter’s battery powers the motor, which is why it is crucial. Battery quality varies greatly among scooters, but most scooter batteries are rechargeable. They can last years before they have to be replaced, while others die or perform poorly within a few months. So, it is a major factor when choosing the best electric scooter for kids.

Chain Drive

While you’re searching, you’ll see the word chain drive or chain-driven a lot. As with a bike, the motor and wheel are linked by a chain. The majority of scooters are chain driven, but many are belt driven, making them excellent for occasional use. However, the chain-driven option is more reliable and lasts longer. However, chain drives make a lot of noise.


It is very important to take safety into account when one is looking for the best electric scooter for kids, electric skateboards and what not. Battery and motor systems of scooters with UL certification have met specific criteria. The UL certification means little unless you use the charger that comes with the electric scooter.

Ease of Use

Since electric scooters are often the first battery-powered vehicle for many kids, you want to make sure that they are easy to use. Consider features such as rider-friendly technology, such as modes that limit top speed until the rider is comfortable moving forward, and motors that can be kicked to start. When these scooters are traveling around 3mph, the motor will not engage. In this case, kids start the scooter by kicking it off and then use the throttle on the handlebars to accelerate once the motor is turned on.

Charging Time & Range

Depending on the model, electric scooters may take up to 12 hours to charge. It is fine, as long as it gives you enough time to ride. You can’t enjoy a 12-hour charge with only a 20-minute ride. There are a lot of scooters on today’s list that can last between 40 and 60 minutes. That, however, refers to a maximum load that can be accommodated at maximum speed. It’s easier for your child to ride longer if they are lighter and don’t run as fast.

Last Say

Choosing an electric scooter for your child is simple when you come to us. There are some great and the best electric scooter for kids that you can choose from on our list. Fast top speeds and solid construction make these electric scooters perfect for kids as well as adults. Not to mention that they’re fun! Electric scooters are a great way to provide your child with the gift of independence & mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it safe for my 8-year-old to ride an electric scooter?

Children should only ride electric scooters if they are aged 8 or older, and their maximum weight limit can be 60kg or 80kg, depending on the model. Since children of this age have a better sense of their surroundings and motor skills, they are better equipped to control a scooter safely.

Q2. Do electric scooters last long?

Electric scooters typically travel between 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Scooter batteries last for a number of years depending on their size and watt-hour capacity, which indicates their capacity. Generally, the battery of a scooter should last between one to three years.

Q3. How reliable are electric scooters?

Electric scooters, in general, become more reliable every year. You can expect maintenance-free riding for 500-1000 miles. Tires with flats are common, but tubes without sealant can help prevent them. Almost all parts (including batteries) on e-scooters have a finite life, so maintenance is inevitable.

Q4. Are electric scooters expensive?

Well, you can find electric scooters in every range. Just like there are the best electric bikes under 1000 and even 2000, similarly, you can find the e-Scooters in the same range.  


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