Since our childhood, we have been aware of the benefits of physical exercise and workouts. Be that outdoor activity like playing tennis or indoor activities like using treadmills with tv screens or using indoor exercise bikes, one must do some kind of physical activity to stay fit and healthy. Cycling has always been one of my favorite physical activities of people. Not only it helps you train your body, but you can also enjoy sightseeing and the fresh air. Cycling is great, but it’s also important to keep a track of your workout. That’s when heart rate training comes into the picture. 

Heart rate training cycling is a popular method used by cyclists to gauge their intensity while riding. By monitoring your heart rate, you can ensure that you’re working hard enough to meet your fitness goals without overexerting yourself. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with cycling heart rate training.

What is Heart Rate Training Cycling?

Heart Rate Training Cycling

Heart rate training is a method of monitoring your heart rate while you exercise in order to gauge your intensity level. By keeping track of your heart rate, you can make sure that you’re working hard enough to reach your fitness goals without putting too much strain on your body. 

There are a few different ways to monitor your heart rate while cycling. The most popular method is to use a heart rate monitor, which is a device that straps around your chest and wirelessly transmits your heart rate data to a receiver that you can attach to your handlebars. Another option is to use a heart rate sensor, which attaches to your bicycle’s chain stay and measures your heart rate through contact with your skin. 

How to Use Heart Rate Training Zones?

Heart Rate Training Zones

Once you have a way to measure your heart rate for cycling, you’ll need to understand how to interpret the data. Heart rate training zones are defined ranges of intensity that help you identify how hard you should be working based on your fitness goals. There are 5 different heart rate zone training, each with a different target heart rate range: 

  • Zone 1: 50-60% of maximum heart rate 
  • Zone 2: 60-70% of maximum heart rate 
  • Zone 3: 70-80% of maximum heart rate 
  • Zone 4: 80-90% of maximum heart rate
  • Zone 5: 90-100% of maximum heart rate

Most cyclists will spend the majority of their time in either zone 2 or zone 3, as these cycling heart rate zones offer the best balance of intensity and endurance. However, it’s important to occasionally ride in other zones in order to keep your body guessing and improve your overall fitness. 

What are Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart Rate Monitors

The old-school way of counting your heart rate is by keeping your finger on your wrist or neck, but you cannot do it while cycling. That’s when heart rate monitors come into the picture. Heart rate monitors give you an exact count of your heart rate. It makes your heart rate tracking easier and the workout more effective. 

Some of the best heart rate monitor cyclings of 2023 are Peloton Heart Rate Monitor, Wahoo TICKR, Garmin HRM-Pro, Polar H9, and Polar H10. These are simple band-like devices that track your heart rate. Then it sends it to a receiver where you can see your real-time heart rate. 

As an added bonus, we are also giving out the best exercise bikes that will help you make the best out of your heart rate training,

Best Exercise Bikes

If you want to buy an indoor bike trainer then you’re at the right place. Here we are going to introduce you to the best indoor exercise bikes of 2023. 

Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike

Peloton is a known brand when it comes to physical exercise. No matter what your body type is, once you sit on a Peloton bike, you’ll feel like it was made for you. This bike is extremely comfortable for everyone. It gives you a smooth bike riding experience while being inside your home. 

The only problem with these bikes is their cost. Peloton bikes are not only expensive, but you will also have to invest in many things like specific shoes and all, which adds extra cost to it. 

Bowflex Velocore

Bowflex Velocore

Many people do not care about the screen of an exercise bike. Bowflex Velocore is something that will instantly grab your attention. Not only can you track your performance and play the exercise videos on it. But you can also attend your zoom meetings on it. It works pretty much like a laptop. 

You cannot say that Bowflex has given all its work to the screen only. It is an extremely comfortable bike. It has various difficulty levels which you can set according to the calories you want to burn. Overall it is a one-bike fits-all kind of bike. 

Myx II Plus

Myx II Plus

This is another amazing bike that takes less space than any other indoor exercise bike but has all the features. This bike is very comfortable for riders and has various difficulty levels. Mxy II Plus bike has Apple Watch support. By which you can connect with your apple watch and keep data of all the workouts in one place. 

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Final Words

No matter what kind of physical activity it is, you should do some kind of workout daily. It’s great for your health. When it comes to physical activity, cycling is obviously the best. If you like cycling then you must try heart rate training cycling. 

Heart rate training is an important tool for any cyclist looking to improve their performance. By monitoring your heart rate and riding at different intensity levels, you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of every ride. Give it a try on your next ride and see how it helps you reach your fitness goals.


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