Electric bikes are the new, talk of the town. With so many discussions on environment preservation and sustainability, people are choosing to adopt more environment-friendly ways of transportation.

More and more people are now buying electric bikes, but what’s interesting is anyone who has a bike, can turn into the owner of an electric bike, by installing a simple bike conversion kit.

Before you jump into buying an Electric Bike Conversion Kit, first you ought to understand what a conversion kit is? What does it consist of? What are its types? Among many other such important facts, that one needs to know before making any purchases for converting your bikes.

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Kunray Electric Bike Conversion Kit

  • 26 Inches
  • Front Suspension Type
  • Demo product pros
Best Pick

200W DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit Booster

  • 160X120X80MM/6.3×4.7×3″
  • 5 Pounds
  • Demo product pros
Best Pick

450W Newest Electric Bike Left Drive Conversion Kit

  • 36V Thumb Kit
  • 5 Pounds
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What is a conversion kit?

An electric bike conversion kit consists of an electric motor which is the brain of the bike. In layman’s terms, it decides when to provide more current to your bike, when to shut off the battery, when to increase the voltage, etc.

It consists of different parts, mainly disc brakes which are directly connected to your bike’s battery. There is also a battery in the kit, depending upon the model and ampere you’ve chosen.

In some models of conversion kits, you receive rechargeable batteries, saving you the trouble of buying new batteries. Last but not least, are the wires that you receive along with an instruction manual.

Different Types of Kits

E- Wheel kit – In these electric bike conversion kits, either wheel of your bike is replaced with a specially designed wheel by plumbing, and the motor is mounted separately.

Concealed – In this type, the battery and the motor are fixed under the seat bracket making the batteries invisible; hence the name, is concealed.

Friction Drive – In this type of kit, the motor, and the roller, are mounted on the rear wheel, making the bike move, with the help of friction.

Mid-Drive – In this kit, the motor and battery are fixed on the frame of the bike. The battery is fully exposed, in the case of Mid-Drive kits.

Best Electric Conversion Kits

There is no point in ordering something online that you might not even know the exact use of. Know the worth of any product, before spending your valuable money on it.

1. Kunray Electric Bike Conversion Kit 

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor 350W

Bike Type Road Bike, Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Kunray
Wheel Size 26 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Road
Suspension Type Front


If you do not know which conversion kit will be suitable for your bike, this is the one that we recommend. This conversion kit is compatible with almost all types of bikes like mountain bikes and commuter bikes. It may not be suited for the fat bike. Other than this, this conversion kit has a powerful motor with a maximum torque 120Nm. What we like about the conversion kit is that it has an excellent performance when you are climbing.

You can operate the conversion kit in three modes, namely, E-bike, pedal-assisted, electric, and pedal assist. You can decide on which model you want to operate the bike. Also, the conversion kit is very easy to install and use. The conversion kit also has a manual that you can read when you are installing it. Moreover, the motor is quite safe and strong. You are going to have high efficiency in low power consumption.

Also, in the packing of the conversion kit, you are going to get all the necessary items that you need in the conversion kit. You get a motor, display, thumb throttle, lock nuts, brake levers, and speed sensor. Other than this, you are going to get a warranty for the conversion kit. You get a one-year warranty for the same. On the overall basis, this is considered to be a great conversion kit for all types of bikes.

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2. 200W DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit Booster

200W DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit Booster

Special Feature Lightweight
Size 160X120X80MM/6.3×4.7×3″
Color Black
Frame Material Aluminum
Item Weight 5 Pounds


It is a mid-drive conversion kit, with limited speed. However, with the built-in controller and dual side torque handle the overall balancing of the bike becomes easy.

Due to the low power of the motor, the optimum speed is limited to only 30kmph, but in case you want to utilize your bike for short rides, then this is the perfect motor for you because it is cost-efficient. It is accompanied by an LCD and has an easy installation!

As the motor is light, the rider has to peddle for a few meters till the motor is turned on. The drive might not be entirely seamless, owing to the same reason.

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3. 450W Newest Electric Bike Left Drive Conversion Kit


450W Newest Electric Bike Left Drive Conversion Kit

Bike Type City Bike, Electric Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand L-faster
Specific Uses For Product Road
Special Feature Electric
Included Components Electric Bike, Charger
Size 36V Thumb Kit


It is a left drive conversion kit, with a brushless hub motor. The biker can pedal to increase the speed of the bike and the controller provided is waterproof. Besides this, the wires are long, and tires are of great quality.

All one needs to do is replace your original front wheel with the Jaxpety wheel. As the tires have a good grip on the ground, the bike is suitable for an uphill drive. A lithium battery does not accompany it.  The kit does not have any wires, and the noise produced by its motor is minimal.

The drawbacks are the lack of batteries, disc brakes, and a brief instruction manual. However, if the budget is a priority, this is extremely cost-efficient!

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4. Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor 36v 500w Conversion Kit Motor

Bafang 8fun

Bike Type Road Bike, Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Bafang
Wheel Size 26 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Road
Suspension Type Front


It is a mid-drive electric bike conversion kit; it is not a wheel kit; however, the motor is fully waterproof. The motor controller comes with a display, to let the rider know what is happening to the bike in every instance. Besides this, it is extremely lightweight and noise-free.

Along with being speed and power-efficient, the installation of this kit is also very easy. The price is one thing that separates it from its competitors as the company, Bafang produces only premium biking parts. The power supply is also comparatively less. It is the most bought conversion kit in the market.

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5. Schuck 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

AW 48v 1000v

Bike Type Electric Bike
Brand Schuck
Wheel Size 24 Inches
Suspension Type Front, Dual
Size 24 inch
Frame Material Aluminum, Steel
Brake Style Linear Pull, Disc


The wheel is fully treaded and can survive any terrain. Apart from this, the kit comes with an LCD screen and a pedal assistance system (PAS). You can enjoy the fun of cycling, even on your electric bikes.

This system also lightens the pedal, making it easier for you to pedal even with the motor mounted on the bike. The motor comes with a dual-mode controller – it can work under half effect and without half effect as well.

The kit owner will also find a carrying bag to store their essentials and the controller of the bike. The biggest bummer, however, is that the charger and even the battery are sold separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I convert my bike to an electric bike?

If you do not want to pay a lot of amount for an electric bike, you can convert the bike into an electric bike by adding some components to it. This method is going to cost you cheaper and also, you can customize it according to your specifications.

2. What should I consider while buying the conversion kit?

Before buying the conversion kit, you must keep things in mind like the bike compatibility, weight of the kit and the bike, maximum distance that you have traveled, are the kits serviceable or are throwable. Other than this, you can consider things like the method of installation and also, the cost that you are going to pay.

3. What is the speed of a 1000W electric bike?

The speed of a 1000W electric bike is approximately 32 miles per hour. They are quite powerful bikes that you can use and also, and they can support a man of almost 190 pounds.

4. Do I need to pedal with electric bikes?

Some bikes come up with throttle. But even with the throttle, you need to pedal up when you riding on the steep hills. But there is one thing that you will not have to pedal hard with throttle bikes.


While you research and shortlist the best electric bike conversion kit you want, it’s also important to understand, what exactly you should look for, in a conversion kit. Durability is on the top of this list, but before that, you need to see if you’re capable of handling the excess weight of a motor and the battery.

Even durability in a bike cannot run the bike or manage its weight. Torque and battery quality are also equally important. The battery is one thing that can cost you big bucks, depending upon the kind you choose.

Apart from that, the speed you receive while applying the highest torque is also important. A rider’s weight can impact the output of the bike, and thus, it is also necessary to consider this aspect while buying the kit, suitable for you and your bike.

Keeping all these points in mind there is one kit that stands out while considering all these factors, which is the Voilamart Rear Wheel 750w bike. Being a good investment plan is another plus in its favor.

It has a battery included in the kit along with all the essential items the kit should come with. It is durable, long-lasting, and robust. You can also get updates regarding the condition of the motor and battery with the help of the LCD display, making it a complete package for an electric-bike enthusiast.

If you’re a biker and also an environmentalist, then an Electric Bike is the way to go. We must pledge to preserve our resources for our future generations to come!


I am Alina, O.bike’s longest-serving technical writer and specialises in the technical side of cycling. Before joining O.bike, I was a successful road racer, competing in many international races worldwide. I am one of O.bike’s lead testers and knows how to push the products to their limit to review the best bike having excellent money value.