Electric skateboards are the future of transportation. They’re faster, more efficient, and a whole lot of fun. Electric skateboards have taken the world by storm in recent years, as they provide a unique and thrilling way to get around. As electric skateboards become more and more popular, the number of different models available on the market increases as well. 

The ones we have found are well-made, compact, affordable and capable of traveling a good distance on a single charge. We have tested more than 50 best electric skateboards head to head and listed the best 7 from them. Not only this, we pushed these electric skateboards to their limits by measuring their maximum speed, range, speed, and braking power. 

We also compared how each electric skateboard handled rough and bumpy roads and how comfortable they were while riding. Check out which product made it to the top, which is the best bargain pick and is excellent for off-roading. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will pick your perfect ride partner worth spending your money on.

Best Electric Skateboards of 2023 | Experts Recommended 

Best Overall

Backfire Belt Driven Electric Skateboards

  • 750W X2 Motors
  • 18 to 22 Miles Range
  • 46KM/h/28.5MPH on Turbo
Runner Up

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard with Remote

  • 30-inch Short Deck
  • 11 miles/17.7 km Range
  • 100A Durometer Hardness
Editor’s Choice

SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

  • 7500 mAh Battery
  • 2 Red Warning Taillights
  • Handles Over 280 Pounds


7 Best Electric Skateboards | An In-Depth Review

Now let’s have a look at a detailed review of all the best electric skateboards that made our top 7 list. From budget to premium picks, you will find everything for everyone. 

1. Backfire Belt Driven Electric Skateboards

Backfire Belt Driven - Best Electric Skateboards

Deck Width 9 Inches
Material Maple
Deck Length 38 Inches
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Item Weight 17.6 Pounds
Load Capacity 240 Pounds


Do you love the thrill? Then check out our beast “Backfire zealot” which is truly a thrill-seeker. This board can do everything. It can go on smooth rides or do crazy stunts on the hill. The flexible bamboo body of the board allows for a smooth glide and supports fast speeds up to 15 mph. And its speed control is unimaginable. You can quickly slow it down or speed up in seconds without worrying about bumping into anything or getting a drift. This is one of the best electric skateboard 2023. 

The deck is a classic with solid durability, good flex and raised edges that give you excellent board control. You can adjust the settings to ride where you like, including eco mode, turbo mode, and sports mode. Also, you can use it on or off the pavement. Honestly, this amazing electric skateboard can travel up to 30 mph. That’s terrifying, but it gives you a lifetime thrill. 

The LEDs provide excellent visibility and are a great addition to the electric skateboard. They don’t drain the batteries, which is a bonus! This board is for those who just want to ride. It’s great for getting to work or school and it’s the best way to spend the weekend outside to enjoy the fresh air and ride your hometown with your partner.

The Backfire Belt Driven electric skateboard is for anyone who loves longboarding and doesn’t want to compromise on quality. This best electric skateboard is a great gift for teenagers interested in trying out some exciting activities. Well, not only teenagers, even adults who love adventures, can use it. Want to read its more features with some cool specs? Click the link below and check yourself.


  • Solid Durability 

  • Flexible Bamboo Body

  • Good Flex with LEDs


  • It is Extremely Fast

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2. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard with Remote

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard with Remote

Brand Meepo
Deck Width 9 Inches
Material Maple
Deck Length 32 Inches
Durometer Hardness 100A
Wheel Size 90 Millimeters
Item Weight 17 Pounds
Load Capacity 300 Pounds


We are a big fan of minimalistic-looking electric skateboards and Meepo Mini 2 doesn’t disappoint here. At just first look, the board appears sleek and visually appealing. It has a nice silhouette and deck dish shape with a simple yet eye-catching graphic with the Meepo logo. The board is mostly monochrome in a black/grey shade.

Riding the Meepo Mini 2 for the first time, the first thing we noticed was the acceleration and it was crazy. It is one powerful electric skateboard. Honestly, this is one of the best accelerations on an e-skate we have ever seen. Moreover, the ER can quickly reach the top speed of 29 mph in no time at all! It is a great board for all levels and ages.  

The best part? The board not only rides great with the electric mode but rides just well without it also. Another good feature of the Mini 2 is the regenerative braking. The battery recharges itself while you brake, giving you some extra range and battery life. Such battery life is something we found in the best folding electric bikes only. 

We were pleasantly surprised by the Meepo Mini 2. It is not light but solid and heavy enough to resemble the weight of a longboard. With the heavier weight, it is also stable and easy to balance. All in all, the Meepo Mini 2 is definitely one of the best and most powerful compact electric skateboards we have seen on the market. 


  • 30-inch Short Deck

  • Comes in Exotic Color Options

  • Battery Range Covers 11 miles/ 17.7 km 


  • High Demand, Less Supply 

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3. SKATEBOLT Tornado II 


Deck Width 9.4 Inches
Material Maple
Color Black
Wheel Size 90 Millimeters
Load Capacity 280 Pounds
Item Package Dimensions  ‎40.8 x 14.2 x 6.8 inches
Style ‎Tornado II


We love the Skatebolt Tornado II security features. They are all very affordable. The larger deck and wider wheel axels evenly distribute weight, making it possible to cruise comfortably at any speed. You will find buttons for switchboard direction or cruise control, as well as a backlit LCD that displays battery life, speed, and brake mode.

The 2 pink LED taillights are a great security feature for those who commute in dark areas or where there is more traffic. Drivers will love the place directional & high beam hazard lights. Furthermore, you can reach speeds of 26mph, and the board can climb 25%. The board can also travel approximately 15 miles with a single charge. The board has a great charge time.

It is made of 8 layers of premium maple and measures 39 inches in length. However, it weighs only 19.5 pounds. This motorized skateboard is a bit expensive but you get solid money value with it! Make sure you wear a knee cap and a helmet for additional security. Now, put your bike helmet on and ride your entire hometown with cool wind kissing your hair and cheeks. 


  • 39 Inches Long

  • 2 Pink LED Taillights

  • 8 Layers of Premium Maple


  • Very Expensive

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4. Swagtron Swagskate N3

Swagtron Swagskate N3

Brand Swagtron
Deck Width 8 Inches
Material Aluminum, Plastic
Deck Length 20 Inches
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 72 Millimeters
Item Weight 7.7 Pounds


Swagtron’s Swagskate N3 was designed with keeping parents and teenagers in mind while going beyond expectations to ensure that the highest safety standards are met. Furthermore, the NG3 is just 8 pounds and sits under twenty inches, making it easy to carry around.

The feature we loved most is “kick-to-cruise”, which activates once the board has reached its speed. This will keep the speed at 9.3 miles an hour. The board will stop when it detects your weight & balance movements. And guess what, it has extended battery life.

You can ride for approximately seven miles on a full battery, & it takes only one hour to charge. Although the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 does not offer any fancy features parents can rest assured knowing that their children will have a great time riding and are 100% safe.

The deck is strong and well-balanced, even under heavy use. So even overweight teens can use it and stay active. All of it boils down to one positive conclusion i.e. this electric skateboard will not just revolutionalize the industry but will give you a thrilling ride at an affordable price. We believe you can’t get the best cheap electric skateboard like Swagtron Swagskate N3 with a fast speed that we usually find in best ebikes under $2000 only.


  • 9-Inch Wide Deck

  • Powerfully Responsive Sensors 

  • 72mm (2. 8 in) Polyurethane Wheels


  • No Fancy Features

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5. Teamgee H5

Teamgee H5

Brand Teamgee
Deck Width 8.7 Inches
Material Wood
Color Black
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 90 Millimeters
Item Weight 14.55 Pounds
Load Capacity 200 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Over 13


Next is the Teamgee H5 electric skating board, which measures 37 inches. This electronic skateboard is lightweight and ultra-thin, weighing 14.5 pounds. You can also use it with a maximum weight of 200 pounds. Fascinating, is not it?

Two hub motors of 380W power up this best electric skateboard and it can reach speeds up to 22 MPH. You can ride up to 11 miles with a fully charged lithium-ion battery. It comes with a Seahorse remote controller to help you switch between two speeds. 

It is 0.47 inches in thickness, but 10 layers of Canadian maple and 1 layer of ply glass make it extremely strong. Also, it is very smooth to ride. The reason? The wide deck, slightly concave and close to the ground, makes it easier for teens and speed lovers to ride on the H5. 

This best electric skateboard gives you a crazy speed that can reach up to 125 mph. The remote also keeps you informed about the current speed & battery status. And if you are a nightcrawler or love to swing in the dark, then you might like its flashlight. All in all, this Teamgee H5 board will make you fall in love with its every feature. Why don’t you open the link below and check yourself?


  • High Top Speed

  • Lightweight and Ultra-Thin Battery

  • Easy to Ride (Low, Wide, and Concaved Deck)


  • Gets Very Fast 

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6. BLITZART Huracane 38 

BLITZART Huracane 38 

Material Maple
Deck Length 38 Inches
Color Black
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Load Capacity 250 Pounds
Date First Available November 27, 2020


Blitzart Huracane electric skateboard is a popular choice for anyone who wants to have a thrill on a budget. Blitzart is a well-known brand in the world of electric skateboards and folding electric bike. Although the Huracane’s single 350W hub motor is impressive but don’t let it fool you. This is actually one of the most powerful electric skateboards on our review list. 

It comes assembled, so you don’t have to put any effort into assembling it with screws and nuts. You can instantly ride your board straight out of the box, saving yourself time and effort. One of the best things we appreciate about this board is its hub motors because it helps you use your electric skateboard even if the battery is dead.  

Blitzart Huracane comes with a 36V, 4Ah Lithium battery that you can swap out if necessary. The Huracane or Tornado can ride 6-8 miles with one-time charging. The deck’s 8-layer design comprises 6ply maple wood sandwiched between layers of bamboo at the top and bottom. This gives it greater flexibility and strength. 

Grip tape is used to secure the feet and keep them on the deck, and it can bear maximum weight support of 250 lb. So, don’t you ever think that if you have some extra pounds, then skateboards are not your thing? We consider our readers valuable and try to bring every possible thing for them. So trust us, your investment with Blitzart Hurcane is extremely worthy. Moreover, you can also try the best electric scooters for adults to get some eco-friendly picks as an alternative to your awesome skateboards.


  • 6-ply Maple Wood
  • Top Speed of up to 23 MPH
  • New Released Wireless Remote


  • Not For Youngsters Below 15

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7. JKING Electric Skateboard 

JKING Electric Skateboard 

Deck Width 10 Inches
Material Maple
Deck Length 38.2 Inches
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 90 Millimeters
Item Weight 19.4 Pounds
Load Capacity 330 Pounds


The JKING electric skateboard has a waterproof construction and high-quality materials. This gives it the perfect flexibility to provide a smooth ride. This electric longboard features a striking design and various advanced features that will provide a thrilling ride anywhere, anytime. Plus, it is extremely affordable and has lots to offer. So even if you have budget limitations and still want the best, the JKING electric skateboard is something worthy of your attention. 

Talking about style, you can see clear images with a smart LED light and an in-built battery innovated from the kids electric scooter. So, now you don’t have to worry about safety when riding your board after school or at work, or at night. This e-board is powerful and can reach speeds of 18.6 mph. And after charging it for two hours, the e-board will reach 6.8-7.6 miles. Woah! That’s something rare to find in such an affordable category. Also, anyone can use this e-board for an adventurous ride, be it an adult or a teen. 

JKING electric skateboard comes with a multi-functional remote control. You can use it to move backward, forward, brake, switch freely, or accelerate. The 450W motor provides a strong push for your cruising sessions and, at the same time, supports the 10-degree climb angle. Guess what? You can use the motor-free board as a regular one. Who can miss such an incredible electric board? Well we guess no one! So grab it quick because it can go out of stock real quick.


  • Good Quality Break

  • Easy and Safe to Ride

  • Different Speed Modes 


  • Gets Too Fast 

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Choosing The Best Electric Skateboards | Buying Tips

When you are buying your first electric skateboard, we know what you are exactly going through. That feeling of confusion about different types of board length, motors, wheels, ECSs, batteries, and other features.

This is why we developed this review guide which will make your buying process extremely smooth, and you will be able to use your board for so many years. Now, let’s look at some key factors to consider when you are buying an electric skateboard for long rides.

Type of Motor

Speed and motor power are the key features of this game, and there are tons of things to be aware of.  There are generally two types of motors that you will come across. Belt-driven motors and hub motors.

  • Hub motors are silent, cost-effective, and need less maintenance. They are also typically lighter & more efficient in terms of energy. This is why you will see them most often.
  • Belt-driven motors offer excellent braking and acceleration. Although heavier and noisier, they are also quieter and more reliable at dissipating heat. Such motor type is only found in high-end models.

Unless you are a skilled rider capable of handling speeds exceeding 30 mph, a hub motor is the best option. If you are a pro rider and can handle high speeds like 30 mph easily, a belt-driven motor may be the best option.

Weight Limit

An important element of an electric skating board is weight. What happens if your battery has run out? You will have to carry your board in your hand in most cases, right? So, remember, the lighter, the better. However, it can lead to reduced power & range. The key is to find the right balance for you. The majority of boards weigh around 14 to 22 pounds, so make sure you check your weight and then the weight of the skateboard.

Weight also tells you how much stress you can put on your board. This is extremely important if you are over 200 lbs. To reduce your stress, we have also reviewed some electric skateboards that can withstand more than 200lbs. After all, we care for you. 

Battery Life

It is important to have a good battery life, especially if you use your electric skateboard for daily commuting. Examine how much range/area you require before making a purchase decision. Perhaps you plan to ride to work. So, just to be on the safer side, measure the area you need to cover (both backward and forwards) and choose a board with a range of above 20%.

The battery is often the most expensive component on your board. However, it’s usually something that the less expensive models tend to sacrifice. You can measure the battery capacity in Wh (watt-hours). You can simply calculate it by evaluating the battery voltage & amp-hours. Simply multiply these two numbers, and you are good to go.


Coming to the power of an electric skateboard, wattage is very important. Remember that a 1000w electric bike and 1000w skateboard have lots of differences. So, never confuse them together while buying it. Lower wattage means less power. Low power is manifested in slower torque, speeds, or hill functionality. A board with a minimum of 1500W is recommended for areas with steep inclines and hills.  


The most durable electric skateboards are strong enough to withstand heavy weight and beating. You should check the wheels’ durability as reliable wheels can provide a smooth and stable ride. Some of the most common durability issues with electric skateboards are plastic enclosure braking system & hub sleeves deterioration. So, we recommend you choose an electric skateboard made from solid & long-lasting materials.

Material and Deck Style

You’ll find two types of decks for electric skateboards: carbon fiber/fiberglass or bamboo. Although many electric skateboards are also made from a combination of both but most large companies will choose one or the other. You can notice the difference in the materials; it is just the difference between a rigid and flexible board. Bamboo is more flexible than fiberglass, while fiberglass is more rigid.

So be careful!

Trigger Remote Control 

This is another crucial factor to consider when buying an electric skateboard. Depending on your preference, you can choose the thumb remote control or the trigger remote control. If you prefer a trigger remote control, choose a model with a trigger control & vice versa. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to choose an electric skateboard?

There are a few things to consider if you want to buy the best electric skateboard –  

  1. Spare Parts and Support
  2. Range
  3. Weight
  4. Motor Wattage
  5. Performance
  6. Price
  7. Trigger Remote Control or Thumb
  8. Gear/Pulley Motor System vs Hub Motors
  9. Remote Control  

Q2. How much can an electric skateboard last?

If the battery and board are properly maintained, then a standard battery (A Li-Ion Battery) will easily last 300-1000 charge cycles before it reaches its maximum capacity. This is the international standard for rating cycle life. It indicates that if you use your electric skateboard for daily commuting, the battery can last for more than 5 years which is similar to some of the best electric bikes under 1000.

Q3. Can I overcharge my electric skateboard?

Your battery should never be opened, punctured, or shot up. Your battery should never be near an open flame, or else it will overheat. Never detach the connector. Don’t ride your electric skateboard without the battery connected because water can get into the connector and cause overcharging. 

Q4. How can I ride an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards can be controlled with a wireless remote. This is something you will not find on a regular skateboard. You can use the remote to monitor your battery life, riding mode, speed, and brake. Your remote will have a wheel that controls brake and speed. The board will increase in speed as you push it forward. Pushing it back will stop it immediately.

We recommend you stand sideways on your board to achieve the best balance and always point your feet outwards. You should bend your knees slightly and lean towards the board’s front for the best balance. It genuinely feels like a self-balance unicycle.

Q5. How much can an electric skateboard last on one charge?

An electric skateboard can travel up to 13-15 miles per charge. Some go only 5-6 miles, whereas others can go as far as 25 miles. It is determined mainly by your battery capacity, measured in Wh (watt-hours). The greater the battery capacity, the better.

We recommend that you get safety gear like a knee cap or helmets to prevent serious injuries while skating, as electric skateboards are faster than standard ones. Any best mountain bike helmet will also work. 

Some Last Words

So, what’s the verdict of our best electric skateboard reviews? Which is the best electric skateboard for 2023? Well, that really depends on your needs and preferences. If you want a fast board and a great range, the Backfire Belt Driven electric skateboards would be good. If you’re looking for something more affordable, either the Swagtron or JKING electric skateboard will work well for you.  

Since there are literally so many models on the market, you should carefully consider all features before buying an electric skateboard. Plus, we recommend you do some research to become more confident while buying a model for yourself. 

Have a safe and enjoyable ride! If you have any queries, then just get in touch with us. Until then, read exciting reviews about the best mountain bikesbest unicycles, best electric bikes under 1000 dollars and many more accessories on our website !! You will love them a lot. 


I am David, one of the best o.bike contributing tech editors. I have written more than a million words about thousands of bikes and equipment. To make sure my hobby turned profession inspires others, I have also penned 3 bike-related books and have given interviews to many YouTubers.