Electric unicycles, also known as e-Unicycles are unique transportation device that works like a self-balancing like a Segway but instead comes with one wheel. They are environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive to operate as riders operate electric unicycles by leaning forwards or backward to control speed, and by twisting or tilting the unit side to side to steer. The best EUCs come with a powerful motor, high speed, air suspension, strong build, long-range, high torque, beast battery, and more.

You can feel the fresh air with our fastest, quickest, eco-friendly, and best electric unicycles of 2023. Here, we have 5 top-selling electric unicycles for 2023. These are easy to use, take less charging time, cover long distances, are stylish, and whatnot! All our selected picks are lightweight, compact, and powerful. And what’s more impressive is most of them are faster than some best electric skateboards and scooters. So, let’s check out our review guide.

Top Picks for Electric Unicycles | Experts Recommended 

Best Overall

INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle

  • 2200W Motor
  • 31 mph Max Speed
  • Built-In Air Suspension
Runner Up

Airwheel Family (BINGS)

  • Twin Wheel Hubs
  • Ultra-Widened Contact Plane
  • Heavy Protection Mechanism
Editor’s Choice

INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle

  • Anti-Spin Button
  • Powerful 550W Motor
  • 320WH Built-in Battery


In-Depth Review of Best Electric Unicycles in 2023  

After extensive research and comparing a lot of electric unicycles, we have shortlisted the best ones for you. You can pick the best one that meets your requirements and budget. 

1. I INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle 

INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle 

Color Black
Age Range (Description) Adult
Wheel Size 18 Inches
Maximum Weight Recommendation 265 Pounds
Motor 2200W
Top Speed 31 mph


Of all the designs of unicycle electric bicycles available, InMotion’s “wheels” are the most sophisticated. InMotion V11 Unicycle Hoverboard model is a well-constructed 14-inch popular unicycle and tops the list in our best unicycle electric review for its features. It is a very fast electric unicycle.

Features of INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle for Adults

Weight and Design

With a weight of around 60 lbs, it’s very compact and modern in design, which makes it incredibly attractive. The body is made of high-quality and durable plastic, which demonstrates its premium build. This bicycle can accommodate people up to 265 Pounds and you can travel 75 miles. The motor’s 2200-watts power can reach speeds of 31 mph.

Safety First

This electric wheel bicycle comes with a professional headlight and a 7800-lux output with brake-responsive lighting to ensure you are extremely safe day and night. The V11 model comes with the anti-spin switch mounted on the pedals and handles, and 18-inch tires designed to overcome any hole, drop or bump.  

Metal Alloy

They make use of top metal alloys to make the construction of the Inmotion V11 motor offering you the highest performance while keeping weight to a minimum. Furthermore, InMotion is known to produce subcomponents that last longer and are robust. This unicycle emits sound signals in the event that a rider gets close to the speed limit. At high speed, the bike will trigger the tilt-back feature and the intentional tilting of the pedals towards the rear will cause you to slow down your speed. 


  • Powerful Motor
  • 7800-lux Output
  • Dependable Power Source


  • Expensive

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2. Airwheel Family (BINGS)Airwheel Family (BINGS)

Brand                                                        Airwheel
Color White
Users Unisex Adult
Wheels 2x 14 inch
Pattern Solid
Form Factor Case


If you need a stylish one wheel electric monowheel, then you can consider this option. The unicycle belongs to Airwheel, which is a famous brand in the US. This unicycle has dual tires so you will get a better ride with more shock absorption. It is one of the best motor unicycles.

Features Of Airwheel Family (BINGS)

Highly Stable

Riding a motorized unicycle can be challenging for beginners, but you can ride this unicycle without any hassles. The dual tires ensure better stability, and you will get more control over the device. Also, there is equal weight distribution on both tires, so you can rest assured that the unicycle will work great.

Tilting Protection

This feature will again benefit all the beginner users out there. The unicycle comes with a tilt protection system, and you can ensure that it will protect you from falling down. If you tilt more than required that the unicycle will retain the balance to make sure that you don’t lean too far forward or backward.

Quick Charging

You can charge this EUC quickly using the charger provided by the manufacturer. If you don’t want to spend more time charging, then Airwheel Family is an ideal electric wheel unicycle for you. However, the battery capacity is also low, so that is a downside.


There is a handle attached to the unicycle, and you can take it with you on the train and the bus. The pedals are foldable, and the overall weight of this motorized unicycle is around 25 lbs. Just fold the pedals and take them wherever you need.


  • Top speed 10 mph
  • Durable body
  • Six times enhanced performance
  • Speed control


  • Low battery life

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3. I InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle

InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle

Color Black
Item Weight 26.24 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Adult
Wheel Size 14 Inches
Motor 550W
Battery Capacity 320Wh


InMotion V5F has an excellent design when it comes to portability. This is one of the fastest electric unicycles with great looks and has self balancing unicycle technology that will assist you while riding.  It’s an eco-friendly and adventurous transportation option that will give you chills while riding and improve your life quality. It is a powered unicycle. You can also find it in the electric unicycle sale.

Features Of InMotion V5F

Advanced In-app Statistics

You can connect this Best Electric Unicycle to your smartphone to get some essential details right on your screen. From tracking the usage to checking the battery life, you will get details about almost anything.  

Powerful Motor

The uni wheel ‘s motor is potent, and you can rest assured that there will be no issues in terms of performance. This electric monowheel from InMotion has a 550W motor that can reward you with a fun ride. Also, you can ride e unicycle upwards on a slight slope due to the powerful motor.

Lighting System

This unicycle comes loaded with a bright lighting system inspired by the best electric scooter for kids that will help you in riding it in the dark. Also, the traffic on the road can easily guess your presence on the road because the lights are visible from a distance. You can adjust the lighting system through the mobile app and can turn it on and off anytime.

Excellent Speed

If you love speed and need a thrilling ride like a folding electric bike then you need InMotion V5F. The top speed offered by this best EUC is around 15.6MPH, which is actually good from a safety perspective. Also, its 320WH built-in battery gets fully charged within 3.5 hours a charging time of 3.5 hours, and provides a range of up to 21.8-25 miles. Trust us, it’s so perfect for your daily rides.  


  • Smart Lighting System
  • 18-degree Upslope Hill Climbing
  • Reduces fuel & Maintenance Costs


  • Should Give More Warranty 

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4. I INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle

INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle

Color Black
Item Weight 14.5 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Adult
Wheel Size 16 Inches
Motor 1000W nominal, 2000W peak
Battery Range 34.0-37.5 miles


This one-wheel electric unicycle will give you 1000W power just like a 1000w electric bike and comes with handlebars to help you to get better control. Also, the handle has a brake lever so you can stop the unicycle whenever you feel the need. Overall, if you need an easy-to-ride motorized unicycle, then you can consider Inmotion self balance electric unicycle with handlebars. It is one of the best electric wheel bikes.

Features of INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle 

Comfortable Seat

You can ride this electric unicycle with a seat, which makes it more comfortable and fun. Meanwhile, you can sit on the ergonomic seat while holding the handle, and it will feel like you are riding a normal bicycle. Moreover, you can incline forward and backward to guide the unicycle about the movement you need and if you’re a bit heavier then consider bikes for heavy people

Superior Motor

The motor of this unicycle one wheel with handlebars is 1000W, and you will get brilliant performance with it. The max speed you can ride is up to 22MPH, which is considered great when it comes to electric unicycles. Moreover, the motor runs quietly, and you will get a smooth ride.

Quick Charge

Unlike other electric unicycles, this one charges quickly. Now you don’t have to wait for too long to recharge e unicycle for another ride. The charging time is comparatively less and you can move around 34.0-37.5 miles with a single charge.  In terms of charging, it can beat even the best folding electric bike in the market. Mostly you find these features only in the best electric bikes under 1000 and even above.

Smart LED, Speaker, and App

Riding a motorized unicycle in the dark is no less than a daunting task. But you can ride this unicycle whenever you need, as it has a smart LED and a speaker to make you visible in the traffic. This electric monowheel has side LED lights as well as an integrated audio speaker, which can be controlled by our app. It also has innovative safety. You also get an HD display that shows your battery status every time you travel. 


  • 80nm Torque Force
  • Smart LED and a Speaker
  • Self Balancing Unicycle Technology


  • High Demand Makes It Go Out of Stock Quickly

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5. InMotion V10F 

InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle

Brand InMotion
Color Black
Wheel Material Rubber
Wheel Size 16 Inches
Item Weight 20.6 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Adult


InMotion V10F is the most adored and best electric one wheel unicycle currently available. You might think that this unicycle is a bit expensive but for the features, its price is justifiable. Don’t let its small size fool you because it can beat even the best ebikes under $2000 in the market in terms of price and affordability. It is an electric unicycle fast.

Features of INMOTION V10F Electric Unicycle for Adults


It is packed with a strong motor which offers a max power output. This EUC can achieve a maximum speed of 24.9 mph which comes within the European limit. It can cover a maximum distance of approx 56 miles. It is capable of climbing slopes as steep as 25 degrees that are enough for the majority of drivers.

Safety Features

What are the safety features of  V10/V10F? Well, there are some features we’d like to highlight. The unicycle is equipped with dual-core processors that are extremely fast. The extra power and programming allow the wheel to react very quickly in emergency situations. You will notice that all unicycles get damaged with time but V10/V10F is designed to last for long because it has an active cooling system. It also has overload protection, protection against over-temperature, and slant protection.

RGB LED Lights 

You will be awestruck by the bright headlight of V10F. The headlight is three times more bright than that of the V8. It’s slightly tilted down, which means it can illuminate 15 feet of the road you are traveling without irritating anyone in front of you. Also, there is a brake light with three adjustable LED lights at the rear of each wheel. So, if you are a nightcrawler who loves riding at night and dark, then V10 is something you must consider.

Overall, we consider this a great choice among one wheel electric unicycles for sale. It’s an impressive unicycle with high performance that comes with the most stunning design among the rest.  


  • Wider 2.5″ Tire
  • Looks Professional
  • 3 Times Brighter Headlights


  • Designed Especially For Pro Riders

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How to Buy the Best Electric Unicycle? (Buyer’s Guide)

Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will assist you in buying the best EUC. We have covered all the essential factors that can impact the performance of a unicycle.

1: Range

First of all, check how much distance the unicycle can cover in a single charge. Generally, most of the motorized unicycles available in the market cover around 15-20 miles on a single charge. However, it is entirely up to you and your requirements.

2: Speed

Speed is the second most important factor because if a unicycle is slow, then you cannot ride it to reach anywhere. Check the top speed of the electric unicycle, and make sure that it is enough for your requirements.

3: Weight Capacity

The weight carrying capacity of every electric unicycle is different. It is best if you buy a unicycle that can bear your weight. Overloading an electric monowheel is not a great idea as its efficiency will decrease, and you’ll not be able to reach up to full speeds.

4: Motor Power

Checking the motor power will help you in determining the total power you can draw from the motor of the electric unicycle. Generally, the electric one wheel unicycle has motor power ranging between 400-500W. In case you need a powerful electric unicycle, then the motor power should range between 1000-2000W. A powerful motor means a better and more stable ride on all types of surfaces.

5: Charging Speed

Charging a unicycle is essential to keep it working. Regular electric unicycles can take around 10-12 hours to get charged completely. If you don’t have enough time to recharge a unicycle, then you can buy a device with fast charging. Yes, electric unicycles have fast charging technology that will help you in saving time, and you can prepare your unicycle for the next ride.

6: Lighting

Riding a unicycle in the dark can be challenging as most of these transportation devices don’t have headlights. Look for unicycle for sale that comes with a lighting system so that you can get a better view of the road in the dark. Some motorized unicycles on this list have excellent lighting systems.

7: Additional Features

Some additional features come in almost every other type of bike from the electric scooters for adults to the modern fat tire bikes. These features include smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, and much more. If you are willing to go the extra mile, then these features will help you. You can track the battery health and other informative details about the unicycle with your smartphone.

Different Unicycles Different Versions

There are so many things to consider when buying a unicycle as there are types. You need to think about the size of the one wheel unicycle, and if you want the unicycle for indoor use or outdoor use, and more. So, let us have a look into their types. 

Freestyle Unicycle

It is typically used for skills and routines in flatlands and freestyles. This electric unicycle with seat post is usually fairly high, the saddles are narrow, and the forks have a squared shape (used to let you do tricks on one foot). A 20-inch (510 mm) wheel is usually the standard; however, 12-inch (300 mm) wheels may be available as well.

Mountain Unicycle

This mountain unicycle bike typically has tires with a diameter of 26 inches (660 mm), so riders can roll over obstacles like roots and rocks with greater ease. Due to the rough terrain, this electric unicycle with seat is thicker & a bit more comfortable. When decelerating steeply, Mountain Unicycle occasionally uses brakes. 

Why don’t you look for the best full suspension electric mountain bike?

Self Balancing Unicycle

The self balance electric unicycle operates with a motor has a computer, and has a self-balancing feature, similar to a Segway. This is the truly amazing science. From underneath the saddle, a sensor box controls stability.

Touring Unicycle

This type of unicycle is designed to cover a long distance with fewer pedal rotations due to its large wheel diameter, between 26 and 36 inches. Historically, the big wheel trend started with a 36-inch unicycle sold by Coker Tire. Larger direct-drive wheels usually have shorter cranks to allow for higher cadence and greater speed. These unicycles may also be geared.


The e-unicycle is a self-balancing, one wheel electric unicycle powered by a battery. A lightweight e-unicycle doesn’t require pedals like a traditional unicycle. The self-balancing mechanism makes use of gyroscopes, accelerometers, & a magnetometer.

Off Road Unicycle

On the Off-Road Unicycle, the weight of the rider and unicycle is balanced on things like pedals & cranks so it can handle the stress caused by jumping & landing on unicycles. The components on an off-road unicycle are stronger than those of a normal unicycle made for trials and for street riding. Off road unicycles typically have 20-inch wide knobby tires to help absorb impact when they drop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why do you need an electric unicycle?

Electric unicycles are getting popular among people due to the tremendous benefits they offer. If you want to commute on a daily basis, then it is not ideal to spend a lot of money on taxis and other rides. If you want to travel a short distance, then an electric unicycle is what you need.

You can make up your schedule at your convenience because you don’t have to rely on third parties for the travel. Also, unlike veteran Sherman electric monowheel, many affordable unicycle for sale and products are available these days, and these are powered with electricity, so there is no harm to the environment. Overall, electric unicycle scooter are the future. 

Q2. Do I need a license to ride an electric unicycle?

No, you don’t need any license to ride an electric unicycle. However, if you move towards devices with high power and more wheels, then you need a Class 7 license. All the electric unicycles listed here require you to have no license at all for riding. Make sure to buy safety gear to protect your whole riding through electric unicycle fastest.

Q3. What is the difference between a self balancing unicycle and a regular electric unicycle?

There is a lot of difference between electric unicycles with regular and self balancing unicycle technology. However, the design of both can look the same. Self balancing unicycles have built-in sensors that track your riding posture in order to assist you better.

If you are a beginner, then we recommend you purchase a self-balancing electric unicycle as riding a regular one can be challenging for you. With a regular motorized unicycle, there is nothing like built-in sensors. You have to control the unicycle with your feet, which can be challenging if you are a novice user.

Self balancing unicycles are comparatively more expensive than regular electric unicycles.

Q4. Is it safe to ride electric unicycles?

Yes, it is entirely safe to ride an electric unicycle provided that you use proper safety gear and follow the preventive measures while riding it. Here are some safety tips for beginners that will assist you in riding the electric unicycle with ease without getting injured.

  • Ride Slow: It would be great if you ride the unicycle slowly during the training period. Some motorized unicycles can reach up to 25MPH, and it can lead to a major accident if you lose control over it. Ride slow until you get better at riding the unicycle.
  • Get Proper Gear: Buy the best safety gear available in the market like kneecaps, elbow guards, and much more so that you don’t get injured while riding a unicycle. These accessories are not available with the unicycle, so you have to purchase them separately.
  • Take Turns with Extra Care: Taking a turn with a unicycle can be very challenging as there is no handle available. You can learn how to take a turn by following some YouTube tutorials. Also, practice taking turns in your backyard before you start riding the unicycle on the roads. In all, unicycle electric scooter are safe. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best electric unicycles. If you need an ultimate ride with peace of mind, then you can buy any of these unicycles. We have compared these unicycles before adding them to our list so that you get only the best. We recommend you go through our buying guide thoroughly so that you get a better idea of what features and budget you should go for. Also, let us know which electric unicycle attracted you the most.


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