Haro bikes have been influencing the mountain bikes industry since their dynamic launches. They are featured with high-quality yet lighter components to ensure rider satisfaction. Riders rely on this specific brand for buying a full-fledged bike. Haro evolves its bikes from freestyle MTBs to dual suspensions making it a one-stop solution for getting the desired bike. 

Haro mountain bikes are available for every cyclist at a decent range. Everyone from a new to experienced rider can have a Haro bike. In this regard, we’ll present you with the best Haro bikes, their pros, cons, and features. Let’s begin

Top 6 Haro Bikes to Buy

  1. Haro Downtown 26: Best Haro Adult BMX
  2. Shift R7 29: Best Haro Mountain Bike
  3. Haro Tradewind HD: Best Haro Cruiser Bike
  4. Lxi Flow 3: Best Haro Hybrid Bike
  5. Shift Plus i/09: Best Haro Electric Bike
  6. Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10: Best Haro Kids Bike

Info on Haro Bikes: History 

Haro Bikes

Haro Bikes is a brand established by Bob Haro in 1978. BMX brand is the earlier name of these bikes. The founder created several of its bikes inside the walls of his home. As time passed, his designs received new recognition. Thereafter, he created his brand as BMX. Later on, Bob Haro is identified as the Father of Freestyle. The most preferred models of these bikes are Haro Sport and Haro Master.

The whole market of the 80s would be dominated by these two bikes. Then, in 1988, Haro sold his brand. But, agrees to provide consultancy service there for upcoming five years. Some new investors come into existence and buy the whole company in 1993. The name was then transformed into Haro Bikes.

Jim, the new buyer realized the importance and value of Bob’s creation. That’s compelled him to bring in Bob’s bikes. This led company to establish its name in the industry. By the year 2008 comes, Haro bikes have categorized their products into different models like hybrids cruisers, mountain bikes, comfort bikes, and so on. Now, they have a highly reputed brand in the United States. 

Pros & Cons of Haro Bikes

The following pros and cons are tested through testing these bikes on every terrain and analyzing customer reviews.


The most admirable features of Haro bikes are. 

1. Upgradeable components 

Haro Electric Bikes

The most fascinated thing about the Haro bikes is their upgradeable features. You can easily upgrade the components to the next level when some parts get ruined or do not meet your expectations. This enables you to move your bikes as a pro rider. Also, you can customize it according to your needs.

The user can save a lot by adding the relevant components instead of buying a new bike.  In addition, you can replace the heavier parts with lighter ones to move slightly on every terrain. The bikes need to be upgraded properly for enhancing their value. 

2. Stronger Components

haro bicycles

Haro always picks the best and most efficient component on their bikes. That ensures more durability and strength to your rides. You not only ride on the hard terrain but smooth terrain as well. Brakes are also made with build-up quality. Haro bikes guarantee all the needs and requirements of a rider while adding these features.

3. Good Warranty

The Haro bicycles offer kinds of warranties to an initial bike owner. However, it excludes improper use, accidental failure, and normal wear. The initial buyer will receive a 1-year warranty on Haro mountain bikes that covers bike paint, and other components of the model. 

The most exciting and appraisal part that comes under the Haro bikes’ warranty is their frames and suspension forks. These two covers a lifetime warranty against all kinds of manufacturing defects. 

4. Lightweight Pedals and Frames

Haro Bikes : Lightweight pedals

Haro prefers the best quality material for lightweight pedals and frames. These materials are easy to pedal. You will have the most smooth and comfortable ride on this lightweight equipment. 

Also, climbing becomes so much fun and efficient. Lightweight pedals save your energy from being consumed while cycling. It ensures a smooth speed up. Furthermore, lets you in for various kinds of adventurous and fun rides. Make sure that other components of the bicycle are mostly plastics.

5. Bike Variety

Bike varieties

Haro is an influenced brand that has specialized its bikes into different age groups and people. Instead of focussing only on specific kinds of groups, Haro brings lots of bicycles for everyone around. 

The brand has now specialized in Haro mountain bikes, Haro BMX bikes, and Haro bicycles. You will pick your desired ride from varieties of options. Whether it be a pro or a beginner, these bikes are available for everyone. Every kid, youth, and adult receives the most out of these bikes. 

6. Wide Price Range

The price of the Haro bikes goes from $350 to $4,000. However, if you want an electric bikes then it is available at $6,000. Not only this but you can get a BMX, beach cruiser, mountain, and a hybrid bike in the range of $600-$1000.

With such price ranges and options, you can pick the best that fits your budget. Haro brand is the one-stop solution for everyone who wants a perfect ride at a budget price. Haro is truly the best among others in terms of warranties, price range, and bike varieties. You must pick your favorite one if considering the above factors. 


Well, not all the goods Haro has. The product consists of some bad as well.  Using plastic pedals will not make sense if you are a road racer or mountain biker. These components prove to be weaker while you go for extreme cycling. Therefore, it is advisable to check out the pedal materials before purchasing the mountain bike.

Also, the customization and up-gradation of components will cost huge money. The bike needs usual maintenance that may leave a burden on your pocket. Not only this but high-end bikes cost more than $4,000. That means, more money will be gone on their maintenance. Therefore, focus on all these pros and cons before making a purchase. 

Bikes that Haro Brand

Haro brand is known for its variety of bikes. Such as: 

  • Kids bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Electric Bikes

Overview of Haro Kids Bikes

Kids Bike

Haro offers some of the best kids’ bikes. You can gift it to your kids and youngster. These are available in different categories such as BMX, balance, and MTBx bikes. As you have prior knowledge of BMX and MTBs bikes. So, let’s learn what balance bikes are. 

The balance version of Haro bikes can make your kids ride in the deck, living room, and part. You don’t have to be worried about any other thing as the bike provides the best security to your child. All these balance bikes are available for $100. Also, their components are reasonable and satisfactory. 

You can pick the Prewheels balance bike of Haro, the most appropriate for kids. It comes in too many models. Haro Prewheelz10 is the best among them. The bike offers high-impact Mag wheels, an adjustable handlebar, scuff-resistant tubeless tires, and an oversized seat. All these features ensure the comfort of your kid. If your kid is aged between 1 to 3 years old then this would be a perfect choice. 

Haro Cruiser Bikes Performance

Haro Cruiser Bikes

DCL Sol cruisers is another name of the Haro Cruiser bikes. These models have a laidback geometry that smoothens the upright ride. The big tires feel so soft whenever you take your bike on terrains like beaches, pavements, boardwalks, and paved tracks. The bike has a touch of 80s and 90s for the retro-inspired theme. As the wheels and frames are big so they feel quite heavy.

This is the drawback of these bikes. If we put this thing aside then these are great options for people who don’t want to spend more. Haro prices it at $500 and below. The drivetrain has a simple interface that enables you to maintain your bike. The rider rides in a relaxed position with a pedal-forward design. You can consider this bike because of its dynamic and robust features. 

How do BMX Bikes Perform?

BMX Bike

Haro has come so far with its BMX projects. It is estimated that Haro BMX bikes have majorly influenced the BMX sector. These bikes contain robust forks and compact frames for freestyling rides. You can opt for the race BMX option. This specific model is used by street racers worldwide. 

The adult-friendly frames differentiate this bike from the rest. That means a taller person can easily opt for the Haro BMX if they could not find an appropriate choice on the market. Hero Downtown 26 is the most preferable bike for taller people around that Haro offers. Some of the dynamic features of this bike are a fully sealed headset, hi-ten fork, high-traction Kenda tires, and everything that stands it out. 

Hybrid Bikes of the Brand

Haro mountain bike

Hybrid bikes are yet another comfortable ride of Haro. These bikes are given a modern specification while beating the conventional designs. The model is one of the better options for urban streets. Also, it is feature-rich with things like cushioned saddles, ergonomic grips, lighter frames, and other essentials that guarantee a safe ride. Not only this but they have suspension seat posts. These help in absorbing the heaviest bump. 

These bikes promote a safe ride while ensuring an adjustable stem, high-rise handlebars, slacked head tube, suspension seat post, and a comfy saddle. All of these features are quite impressive for cruising purposes. Experts consider it as one of the best options for street rides. Haro Lxi Flow 3 is one of the most preferable options among others. 

An Overview of Haro Mountain Bikes 

Mountain riding cycle

Now, we come to the Haro mountain bikes. These bikes are competing with the BMX model. You will fall in love with them once take their rides. The bike is a perfect example of durability. It has some efficient components that let you ride over mountains. The smooth climbing will incline you more towards these bikes. Lighter frames promote ride on every terrain.

Also, it helps in encouraging acceleration. You can easily stand on the rough terrain with its resilient structures. Moreover, 4-bar linkage suspension encourages bump absorption. Haro’s Shift R7 29 bike covers all the features and capabilities that a mountain biker admires. You will get the best performance in all varieties of Haro mountain bikes such as electric MTBs, XC, urban, full-suspension, and kids MTBs. No one can beat Haro in terms of the build quality of their mountain bikes. 

A Precise Description of Electric Bikes

Electric Bike

Haro influences most parts of the biking industry. It generates several options for every group type. Among its various options, Haro electric is the most preferred one. These bikes cost high and are available at a price from $4,700 to $6,300. It consists of various powerful features like a dynamic drivetrain and motor. The geometry enables you to take the bike over mountains.

It guarantees smooth climbing with a better grip. Also, they have high-end tires, improved suspension, and strong frames. If you are searching for a Haro electric bike then Shift Plus i/09 is an appropriate option. Yes, the price is high but justifies its dynamic performance. The bike has the most powerful features that boost up your enthusiasm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the price range of haro bikes?

Haro Bikes offer different price ranges for every group and category. The price of an adult bike goes between $350 to $6300. However, the kid’s bikes are available for under $350. 

2. Is china the city where haro bikes are manufactured?

Haro Bikes are built in the United States. So, China is not the city where these bikes are manufactured. 

3. Which brand to choose Trek or Haro for an affordable bike?

Trek and Haro have so much in common in terms of their prices and qualities. However, if you want to buy an affordable bike then pick the suitable option from Haro. This brand provides several options under the budget price range. 

4. How does the Haro mountain bike perform?

Haro Bikes is an expert in mountain bikes. They produce several varieties of this category. You can climb smoothly over mountains. There is also a bump absorber. As compared to other brands, Haro sells its bikes at an affordable price. But, they do not make any compromise in quality. So, it is clear that Haro mountain bikes perform well. 

5. Do haro bikes ensure quality?

Yes, Haro bikes use power-packed components to build their bikes. However, some of them are plastics. But, still, the warranties and repairs make it a perfect product with quality. Haro considers the best quality while manufacturing their bikes. Therefore, you can trust their quality. 


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