Mountain biking is a thrilling sport that takes you off the beaten path and into the great outdoors. But it’s also a dangerous sport and one that requires the right gear to keep you safe. Mountain bike helmets can protect your head from impact in case of a fall, and they can also help to keep you cool on hot days. But there are a few things to look for when choosing the right one. 

First, make sure the helmet is certified by the CPSC or another reputable organization. It should also fit snugly on your head and have an adjustable chin strap. Additionally, look for the mtb helmets with features like an integrated visor or built-in headphones. And finally, don’t forget to choose a helmet that’s comfortable and won’t distract you while you’re riding. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect mountain bike helmet can be daunting. But with a little research, you’ll be able to find the ideal helmet for your unique riding style.

With so many mtb helmets on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. This researched review guide will help you find the best mountain bike helmet for your needs. From personal testing to expert recommendations, we have done it all to make sure you are safe, secure and protected living your way through the trails.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2023

Best Overall

Giro Chronicle MIPS Cycling Helmet

  • Roc Loc 5 Fit System
  • 14 Wind Tunnel Vents
  • Adjustable P.O.V. Plus Visor
Runner Up

Oakley DRT5 Mountain Bike Helmet

  • X-STATIC Brow Pad
  • Rear Mechanical Hooks
  • BOA 360 FS1-1 Fit System
Editor’s Choice

Bell 4Forty MIPS Helmet

  • Fusion In-Molding Shell
  • Goggle Adjustable Visor
  • MIPS Equipped & Float Fit



Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2023 | Review by Experts

Now, here are some of the best mountain bike helmets listed for you by our experts. For each helmet, a detailed description is provided below. Moreover, these mountain bicycle helmets are selected picks from over 100+ personally tested, tried, and reviewed to perfection.   

1. Giro Chronicle MIPS Cycling HelmetGiro chronicle MIPS helmet

Size Small (51-55 cm)
Matte Black/Gloss Black (2020)
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Brand Giro MTB Helmet
Vehicle Service Type Mountain Bike


This is a classic Giro MTB helmet designed to protect your head. In case you are looking for a basic helmet with no fancy things, this is the one that you can go for. The helmet is mid-ranged but it has managed to perform considerably well. We like how this helmet has a versatile fit and is suitable for almost everyone. Talking about the helmet, it has an in-mold construction that helps to fit the helmet and it uses a polycarbonate outer shell. Also, the EPS liner is there to provide the user with maximum protection from all the impacts.

Other than that, the helmet also has a ROC Loc 5 system so that the helmet can fit the rider perfectly. When it comes to certification, the helmet is certified by the US CPSC safety standard and it is suitable for use by anyone who is above 5 years of age. The helmet is made engineered in the Giro’s lab only and is tested properly before it is released on the market.

We like how this best MTB helmet has a visor that you can adjust according to your need. Also, with the help of that adjustable visor, you can wear the goggles when you are riding the bike. Also, the wind ventilation system of the bike is great and it can help you to keep yourself cool when you are riding the bike. You can also call it one of the best bike helmets for men.

There are certain things that we felt were not that good about the helmet-like sometimes the inner core of the helmet can develop cracks if you wear it daily. Also, you may not get a lot of features in this helmet that you may get in some other helmets in the same range. But all the features that this helmet has been well executed and worth the price that you will pay.


  • Very comfortable and has a Secure Fit 
  • The helmet is Versatile and can Fit Anybody


  • No Advanced Features 
  • Provides Average Ventilation

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2. Oakley DRT5 Mountain Bike Helmet

Oakley DRT5 mountain bike helmet

Size Large
Color Blackout
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Brand Oakley
Inner Material
Expanded Polystyrene


The brand is known to provide great performance to the user with all the products that they manufacture. It is mostly known to develop mountain glasses for users and they are quite famous for the same. This mountain bike helmet offers you some great features that you may not find in all the mtb helmets. Features like a rubber sweat guard or the clip to hold the glasses. Other than this, we love how the helmet looks. It has a very trendy style that will surely make you stand out from people.

The helmet is designed to provide maximum protection to the rider. It has a polycarbonate shell and the EPS foam liner is a bit thicker than you will get in the other helmets. Also, the coverage of the helmet is pretty good and it fits well with a lot of people. You may feel that the helmet is a bit high on the temple but it provides you with enough occipital lobe protection so that your head can be secured properly. When it was tested, it was confirmed that the helmet will perform exceptionally well in protecting the head of the rider.

Also, the helmet is quite comfortable for riders. It has a general shape helmet and it is suitable for people of all head sizes. You need your helmet to be well-ventilated. In this helmet, you are going to get 13 vents, and also, the internal airflow channels make sure that you have a ventilated system. It helps to keep your head cool. We will suggest you use the helmet in the cooler but when it is hot weather, you may have to try using some other model of the helmet.

The helmet provides you with a lot of features some of which are quite great. It has a 6-position visor that you can adjust according to you and there is a Boa brand dial so that you can adjust the fit retention system. The helmet can be a bit costly but it is worth the quality and features it provides.


  • Has Eyewear Integration for Convenience  
  • Made up of the Durable and Solid Materials


  • A Bit Heavy
  • Price is High

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3. Bell 4Forty MIPS Helmet

Bell 4Forty MIPS helmet

Small (52-56 cm)
Matte/Gloss Black 
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Brand BELL
Vehicle Service Type Mountain Bike


Now, this is the next affordable helmet on this list and it has managed to perform well than many other helmets at the same or more prices. This one of the best MTB helmets is well-structured providing you with enough coverage and protection. This helmet has a half shell and it still manages to provide enough coverage for the occipital lobes it has a deep fit that will wrap around your head in a better way. The helmet is made up of sturdy material which is for sure true. It has a fusion in-mold construction and it has an outer polycarbonate shell that is used with the EPS foam liner.

Well, we like how this helmet provides maximum comfort to the rider. It has a very general shape that can fit almost all head shapes. It is compatible with a wide range of riders. The helmet has thin padding that well-placed present across the bow and the temples and also, on the top. You can adjust the strap easily when you are riding the bike according to your comfort.

When it comes to the ventilation of the bike, it has great ventilation. It comes with 15 vents and internal air channels so that the air can easily pass through the helmet. It will keep your head cool when you need it. All the vents in the helmet are placed strategically and also, they are medium in size. Moreover, it is one of the best bike helmets for men.

The helmet is designed well ventilated by keeping the hot climate in mind. It also features a sweat guide system that is unique. It is small padding that is attached to the brow and it can extend towards the center of the helmet. The helmet is not a heavy one in the market but is not lightweight either. According to its price, the weight is acceptable and is almost equal to the weight of many other helmets available.


  • Uses MIPS for Impact Protection
  • Impressive Sweat Management System   


  • Ventilation Needs Improvement  
  • Many Customers have Reported Buckle Failure

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4. POC Tectal Race Spin Helmet

POC Tectal Race Spin: Mountain Bike Helmets

Basalt Blue/Hydrogen White Matte
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Brand POC MTB Helmet
Inner Material
Expanded Polystyrene


This is the POC MTB Helmet top model for the half-shell mountain bike helmet that provides you with maximum coverage and full comfort. This bike helmet is one of the most expensive ones that you will come across. We like how the helmet is designed to provide maximum protection to the rider. It provides you with the best coverage and also, and the shell of the helmet is designed in a way that it covers the temples and head of the rider. The helmet has a sturdy polycarbonate shell to keep the helmet durable.

It is important to have a comfortable helmet on mountains and this helmet provides you with maximum comfort. You get the helmet in three sizes and you can choose the one according to your head. Also, the strap, size, adjustment, and ventilation of the helmet make it quite comfortable. There is also a fit adjustment system that has a large dial on the back of the helmet and you can tighten or loosen the helmet accordingly. The helmet also has a SPIN system that is present in the padding.

It gives a unique feel to the rider as the padding in the helmet is quite thin. This helmet has 16 vents and also, and it provides one of the best ventilation systems. It has nine vents on the front of the helmet and also, three vents on the top of the helmet. The other 5 vents are present on the back of the helmet. It keeps the air moving from the forehead of the rider.

You are going to get different unique features in the helmet like the POC SPIN technology and also, an aramid bridge so that it can increase the protection of the helmet. Moreover, the bike helmet has Visor that you can adjust according to you and it is compatible with the goggles.  All in all, you will love the feel of this helmet and how comfortable it makes you throughout your journey. 


  • Great Coverage and Protection
  • Impressive Spin System makes Helmet Feel Unique


  • Visor Screw is Small 
  • Expensive for a Lot of People

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5. Fox Racing Speed Frame Pro Helmet

Fox racing speed frame pro helmet: Mountain Bike Helmets

Package Weight ‎0.84 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎12 x 6.8 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight ‎1.1 Pounds
Brand Name ‎Fox Racing
Warranty Description ‎1 year limited
Model Name


Now, this is a mid-range mountain bike helmet that you can get for yourself. This is one of the most highly regarded helmets in the market. The helmet is newly released and has performed a lot better than all other helmets. It provides you with all the features that you need from your mountain bike helmet. When it comes to the build of the helmet, it has a durable build, and also, it has all MIPS for impact security.

Also, the helmet has dual-density foam that can be used to provide the maximum absorption needed by the rider. The helmet also features a thin plastic shell to sit inside the EPS form and it rotates accordingly to minimize the impact. Other than this, it has good coverage and it can provide you with a comfortable harness that is also secure. It fits low on the head and it also provides occipital protection when you are riding the bike. 

This is a comfortable helmet and also, and the interior contour of the EPS shell prevents the helmet from creating any pressure points when you are using a helmet. The strap of the helmet is also easily manageable and can fit a wide range of users. This helmet has nineteen vents that are placed very strategically in the helmet. Three of the vents are present on the brow and also, and there is an interior channel that you can use for better front-to-back airflow.

Other than this, you will notice that when you are riding the bike at a slow speed, the vents work perfectly and you can feel the same. It has all the features that you expect from the top-shelf helmet like the MIPS rotation, 360-fit harness, flow channels, and sweat-wicking padding. You can easily remove the padded liner and wash it when you want. They are constructed with an anti-microbial material to eliminate the odor.


  • You can Adjust the Harness of the Bike Easily
  • Dual-density EPS to provide the Required Airflow 


  • A Little Heavy
  • Has Fixed Strap Splitters  

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6. Giro Tyrant Spherical Bike Helmet

Giro Tyrant MIPS: Mountain Bike Helmets

Size Large (59-63 cm)
Color Matte Black Hypnotic 
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Brand Giro
Vehicle Service Type Dirt Bike


If you are looking for an MTB helmet for maximum coverage, this is the one that you should go for. This helmet provides more coverage than most of the other helmets available on the market. We like how the helmet is designed and is made versatile so that it can be used by a lot of people. This may be a bit heavy helmet but it has outperformed in the protection and construction points. This helmet has a dual shell construction to provide the rider with more protection and comfort at the same time.

Also, it features dubbed MIPS spherical that also has two foams that can rotate against each other to reduce the impact. Moreover, the helmet also features EPP foam that is used to reduce minor impacts and the outer shell can be used to tackle heavy impacts. There is no chin bar in the helmet but the helmet still sticks to the face and does not fall off that easily.

We will not say that this helmet is a replacement for the mountain bike helmet’s full face but it is still protective. When it comes to comfort, the helmet is too comfortable like all the other Giro helmets. This helmet can be a fit for a lot of people and also, it has padded liners to provide the required comfort.

This model of the helmet has 14 vents and they are attached to the internal channels so that air can easily flow through the helmet. It helps to keep the head cool when you are riding the bike. Other than this, the helmet also features padding around the ears so that the air can easily vent out of the lower shell of the helmet. The helmet also has all the features that you need from the top-shelf helmet designed in a way to provide the rider with maximum protection and ventilation. All in all, your investment in this item can never go wrong.


  • Provides Full-cut Coverage
  • Classic and Retro Design


  • It is a bit Heavy  
  • Not Much Ventilated as Expected

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7. Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet

Base Camp Adult bike helmet

Color Black
Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
Vehicle Service Type Bike
Inner Material Expanded Polystyrene


Well, when you are looking at this helmet, do not judge it based on the name. This helmet is not at all basic. This helmet has a stylish appearance that is not very common for all bike helmets. It has all the protective features that you want in your mountain bike helmet. It has a solid exterior to keep the head safe in case of an accident. You also get the visor shield in the helmet so that you can protect your eyes from the sun.

Also, it features a rear dial adjustment that you can use to make the helmet fit to you and adjust the helmet according to the shape of your head. You can also use the cradle easily and fit it according to the head and it will ensure the safety of the rider. What we like about this helmet is that it comes with a detachable rear light that can help you to ride the bike even in the dark.

Moreover, if you are planning to go on a trip in the dark, this helmet can be of great help. It is added to increase the protection and visibility of the rider. Other than this, the helmet is very lightweight and comfortable. It is designed in a way to provide maximum comfort to the rider.

It is available in different sizes and you will have to choose the size according to the circumference of your head. You can measure it above your eyebrow. The vents are connected to the internal cable so that the air can easily pass through the helmet. Also, the cost that you will have to pay for this helmet is very reasonable according to all the features that you will get in the helmet. Also, you can look out for other brands like Smith helmets MTB, Bontrager Solstice MTB MIPS helmet, etc.


  •  Dual-density EPS  
  • Made up of Durable Material 


  • Not that much Ventilated as Expected
  • Does not have a Versatile Fit like other Helmets

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Types of Mountain Bike Helmets

As there are different mountain bikes available in the market and you will have to choose the helmet according to the riding that you have to do. Have a look at the list of all kinds of the best MTB helmets that you will find in the market.


When you are riding cross-country, you will have to remain in the saddle for a long time and you have to face all the bumps and thumps in the road. You need a comfortable and ventilated helmet for such rides. XC helmets are that kind of helmet. They are open-faced making sure that there is enough ventilation and also, it covers half lid or ¾ lid. You will see that these helmets are super lightweight but are still strong. This is because they are designed in that way only.

Full face

Now, the next types of best mountain bike helmets you are going to get in the market are mountain bike helmets full face. These helmets are suitable when you are going on a long route or a downhill route. They are designed in a way to provide you full protection. They cover your head and the face so whenever there is any heavy impact, you are safe. Also, these helmets have two pad sizes so that they can fit you properly and support the rider. These helmets also have chin straps to provide extra security to the rider. Also, you can adjust the visor to stash the goggles when you are not using them.


The last one is the Enduro MTB helmet. These helmets are suitable for all kinds of rides and they are the most common ones that you are going to find in the market. These helmets provide coverage of ¾ and they have a long visor that you can adjust according to yourself. They are versatile in nature and are designed in a way that they can provide you with maximum security. Other than this, we recommend using this helmet in endure rides and you can also fit the goggles around the helmet. You can keep them under the visor when you are not using them.

It is a must that you have a mountain bike helmet that is fit for you and provides you with maximum safety. You can get the helmets in different sizes and shapes so you may have to look for the size guides before buying them.

The Bottom Line

So, that was all you need to know about the best mountain bikes helmet. We have mentioned the helmets of all ranges and also explained each of them in detail. Since every helmet listed here is tested on different levels, you get only the best. Finally, we hope that this article helped you. Have a safe ride!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I need to use a Special Helmet for Mountain Biking?

First of all, you may have to buy a special mountain biking helmet because when you ride on mountain terrain, you will come across a lot more obstacles than you will come across on a plain road. So, it is important that you keep your head safe. Also, for riding downhill, you may have to go for the full-face helmet to protect the chin.

Q2. Is it worth it to Buy an MTB MIPS Helmet?

We like how the MTB MIPS helmets are designed. They have a low friction layer that will allow your head to move even when you are wearing the helmet. Furthermore, it helps to reduce rotational motion. So, we will recommend you to buy the MIPS helmet.

Q3. What is the difference between the Road Bike Helmet and the Mountain Bike Helmet?

There are very basic differences between the road bike helmet and the mountain bike helmet which are usually related to the design. When it comes to road bike helmets, they do not have a visor and they are compact. They also have more vents and larger vents. In a mountain bike helmet, you get smaller vents and they are heavy.

Q4. Is it worth it to Buy a Cheap Helmet?

Talking about the build, the cheaper helmets are made up of cheaper materials. However, if you get great protection in the cheap helmet also, you may want to go for it.


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