Pedals are an important part of the bike and it is one of the points where your body touches the bike. You would know that the pedals of the bike are decided on the type of bike you are riding. Finding the right one for yourself can be difficult if you do not know how to find one for yourself and all the options that you have in the market. When it comes to mountain bike pedals, there are two types of pedals that you are going to get in the market. In case you are looking for bike pedals for your mountain bike, here are some of the best mountain bike pedals available in the market. Also, we have mentioned how you can choose between the types of bike pedals. Let’s get started with the guide.

Types of Mountain Bike Pedals

There are two types of bike pedals that you are going to find in the market. One is clipless and the other one is flat pedals. Before we present you with the list of the best mountain bike pedals, it is a must that you know which type you want to choose. Here, in this section of the article, we are going to explain to you what each type of bike pedal is suitable for.

Flat MTB pedals

In case you are a Beginner Level Mountain Bike Rider, this is the one we will suggest you go for the flat MTB pedals. When you want to put the feet comfortably on the bike pedal and want to remove it whenever you want, you must consider buying the flat MTB pedals. Other than this, you will have to consider the material that these bike pedals are made up of. They can be made up of metal or composite material. Also, if you are not ready to buy special mountain biking shoes, you may want to consider buying the flat pedals.

Clipless MTB pedals

If efficiency matters to you more than convenience, then Clipless MTB pedals it is. These bike pedals help you to have better control of the bike when you are riding the bike. It provides you with a better degree of stability and locking when you are riding a bike on rough terrain. Other than this, if you are comfortable with the learning curve, you can go for the clipless mountain bike pedals. For these kinds of pedals, you may have to buy the specialized shoes for yourself but it is worth it if you like to ride or you take it as a profession. So, for more efficiency and high-performance, you may have to choose the clipless mountain bike pedals.

Best Flat & Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals (Reviews)

Now, that you know the different types of bike pedals that you are going to get, here are some of the best mountain bike pedals that you are going to get in the market. Go through the list and choose the best one for you.

1. HT Components PA03A Pedals

HT PA03A pedals

These are the flat mountain bike pedals available at a very reasonable price. They are very lightweight and they are suitable to work in all kinds of weather conditions. These bike pedals weigh around 345g but, they can be a bit larger for most people. They are made up of glass-reinforced nylon that makes them a lightweight. When it comes to the structure, these bike pedals have 10 pins per side out of which 8 are replaceable and the other two are fixed. It will provide you with all the grip and length you want to place your foot comfortably in the bike pedal. Even with the nylon body, the bike pedals are quite durable and you can use them well.

Other than this, these bike pedals offer you cutaways. It makes sure that even if your shoes have mud on them, they will not compromise the traction that you need when you are riding a Mountain Bike. It has a cromoly steel spindle and it makes sure that everything is sealed well. Other than this, the bearings of the bike pedals are made up of stainless steel so that there are fewer chances of rusting. At such an affordable price, these bike pedals are worth the try. You get everything at such a reasonable price.


  • They have a large platform providing you with enough grip
  • Because of the nylon body, they are very lightweight
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The cut-outs will help you to shed out a lot of mud


  • You may feel that the pedals look a bit scruffy
  • They are bigger in size

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2. SHIMANO PD-ME700 Pedals

Shimano Me-700 Pedals

These are the next affordable mountain bike pedals on this list. They are entry-level MTB pedals that you can go for. Despite being an affordable one, the bike pedal has an exceptional performance that is almost similar to the high-end pedals. It is a clipless pedal that you are going to get. It is highly durable and adjustable. It uses a Shimano SPD clipless mechanism. You can easily put the bike pedal and remove it accordingly. Other than this, the bike pedals have a small platform that provides you with a stable orientation of the bike pedal. It adds the extra width to the cable and surrounds the clipless mechanism.

One thing that we didn’t like about this wheel is that they are a bit heavy if you compare it to the others available in the market. Also, the bike pedal has a painted finish that can accumulate a lot of mud on it. With the modest platform, the engagement of the pedal may increase, and also, they are suitable to provide you with more stability. It can work well on all kinds of platforms and bikes. These bike pedals will not disappoint you. On an overall basis, these bike pedals are quite versatile and affordable. For the clipless mountain bike pedals, these pedals are worth a shot if you are trying the clipless pedals for the first time.


  • The price of the pedal is very reasonable
  • They are versatile in nature
  • These bike pedals have easy entry and exit making the clipless bike pedals easy to use
  • It also features adjustable release tension


  • They are heavy as compared to some other pedals available
  • The painted platform is more likely to attract mud

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3. Crankbrothers Eggbeater Clip-In Mountain Bike Pedals

Crank Brothers Eggbeater bike pedals

If you are looking for bike pedals for the cross-country rides and you are looking for the lightest bike pedals, these are the ones that you can go for. The overall weight of these bike pedals is 280 grams which are for sure lightweight. What we most liked about these bike pedals is the design. They have a very unique design that will remind you of an egg beater. This design will help you to resist clogging and the entry is allowed from all the sides of the pedals. With this unique design of the pedals, they are best when it comes to mud shedding. It will not allow the mud to stick to the bike pedal when you are riding on any kind of terrain.

Other than this, there are chances that you may find it difficult to get used to the design of the bike but for some people, it may help them to get rid of the knee strain. Also, they are one of the smallest bike pedals available on this list. We will not recommend you to use these bike pedals if you are a beginner or you aren’t used to using the clipless bike pedals. Because they do not have a platform, they might not seem a lot comfortable and stable for you.


  • They are very lightweight weighing approx 280 grams
  • We like the design of this bike pedal. The design s very unique
  • Because of the design, the mud-shedding capability of the bike pedal is extremely high


  • They have a very small platform or virtually no platform
  • You may find it a bit difficult to get used to the bike pedals

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4. OneUp Components Aluminum Pedal

OneUp components Aluminium bike pedal

Well, the next one on this list is a flat mountain bike pedal. We will consider it as one of the best overall flat bike pedals that you are going to get. Do not go with the name of the pedal, it may not be that fascinating but the bike pedal has performed well in all the tests. This bike pedal is a lightweight pedal made up of alloy and you will get 10 pins in the bike pedal. The pins are well-placed providing you with a large surface to keep the foot. These bike pedals provide you with a commendable grip on both the climbs and descent helping you to have a comfortable ride. Other than this, these bike pedals have a thin profile and it will help you to avoid the pedal stroke.

Moreover, these bike pedals are suitable for all kinds of terrain. Though they are a great performer, there are still certain things that we felt could have been better. With a tight grip of the bike, some riders may feel that it is a lot to handle and they are not able to move their foot a lot. Other than this, for some people, the look of these pedals may be a turn-off and feel bulky. On an overall basis, these are the best mountain bike pedals at a moderate price.


  • They have a large platform so that you can easily use it on all kinds of terrain
  • It has a versatile nature
  • With the excellent grip, your foot does not move on descent or the mountain terrain
  • They have a very thin profile


  • You may not get much foot mobility with these bike pedals
  • People may find it too grippy

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5. HT Components T1 Clipless Pedal

HT components T1

This is one of high-quality, lightweight, and low-profile mountain bike pedals. This bike pedal is designed in a way to provide you with maximum durability and rigidity for rough terrain and also, it is lightweight enough that you can use it for the XC bike. Other than this, these pedals have a wide platform and the clipless mechanism makes it best for the quick and predictable release. Also, these bike pedals have a very efficient system for mud clearing. It will help you to maintain traction even if you have mud on your shoes. The HT bike pedals have enough surface that you can have a reliable connection with the pedal.

Also, you can adjust the release tension and also, you can adjust the fore mounted grub either up or down. Moreover, you will also get two sets of cleats: X1 for 4 degrees and x1F for 8 degrees. You can use it according to your preference. You are going to get the pedals in different fourteen colors. These bike pedals are made up of CNC machined aluminum and the spindle is also made up of Chromoly. We will recommend you to use these bike pedals for the enduro or mountain bikes.


  • These are some of the lightweight bike pedals
  • The mud shed system of the bike is commendable
  • You can adjust the pedal according to your preferences
  • Having a large platform helps to build a better connection


  • Some users have felt that the float is a bit gritty

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6. RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

Race Face Chester mountain bike pedals

The next on the list is one of the reasonably priced flat pedals. These bike pedals have managed to perform well in a lot of tests and have impressed a lot of users. These bike pedals have a composite body and they have eight pins that are well-spaced providing you a reliable platform to keep the foot. Other than this, they are one of the lightweight pedals with a mid-sized platform that can fit a large foot also. Because of the composite body material, these bike pedals are quite durable and they feel a bit rugged so that you can use them on all kinds of terrain. One thing that we didn’t like was that these pedals may not have a tenacious grip. But, you can adjust the bike pedal according to the size of your feet.

Also, these bike pedals are known for controlled mobility and they will not spin easily when you are using them. That provides better security to the feet. You can also get the pins replaced easily and it is easy to get the pedals serviced. We like how you get everything at a very reasonable price. We felt that these pedals have fewer pins and some of the riders may want more pins especially when you are riding the bike in wet conditions.


  • It has a great grip and you can adjust it according to yourself
  • Also, the bike is made up of composite material so they are durable
  • The price of the wheel is very reasonable
  • These pedals have a mid-size range


  • Some people may feel that 8 pins are less when it comes to traction
  • There are no pins available along the axle

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7. Ritchey MTB Comp V5 Pedal

Ritchey Comp XC MTB pedals

Now, if you are looking for the XC pedals, this is the one that we will suggest you use. These are some of the lightweight pedals available for racing and they have a very minimalistic design. Other than this, you still have enough side support in case you are wearing stiff shoes. You would see that you get the tension in the pedal set to the minimum and if you are a beginner, this is the best thing for you. It also has ball-bearing both inwards and outwards to provide the required stability to the bike. You can also easily oil them when you need to service the pedals.

They are lightweight mountain bike pedals and also, these bike pedals have a stylish and expensive look at a very reasonable price. These bike pedals are great when it comes to releasing and it is also compatible with the SPD coves. The platform that you will get in the bike is a bit broader providing you with enough space to keep the foot.


  • These MTB pedals have a minimalistic design
  • The bike pedals are also compatible with the SOD cleat
  • Also, they have an accurate and quick release


  • They may seem a bit expensive to a lot of people
  • You get limited support with these bike pedals

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8. Time ATAC XC 6 Mountain Bike Pedals

Time Atac XC pedals

These mountain bike pedals are one of the popular ones that you will come across. Time Altac Xc pedals are very easy to handle and you can easily engage and disengage them depending upon the choice of the user. Other than this, if you are someone who does not like a fixed foot, you will love these bike pedals. These are lightweight MTB pedals and they have a very fascinating mud-shedding design so that you can shed the mud easily out of the pedal. It is made up of composite material that makes it a durable pedal to use. You will also get an adjustable spring tension in the pedal for the comfort and security of the people.

These bike pedals have hollow Chromoly steel axles makes them a competitive pedal in terms of weight. It has an unslotted design so that there is no sideways adjustment for the shoe and also, provides your foot enough mobility. They also have brass cleats that will come in two versions. In case you think that the SPD-style pedals are quite restrictive for you, these bike pedals are a good option for you.


  • These bike pedals have an efficient mud clearing system
  • They are very lightweight
  • The cost that you will have to pay is very reasonable
  • It has a soft engagement and also, it has a knee-friendly float


  • You get limited support in the bike pedal
  • Some people are not comfortable with the soft engagement

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How to Choose Bike Pedals?

When you are going to choose a bike pedal for you, you will have to think about the type of ride that you are going on or the type of pedal that you want to use. Other than this, you may have to decide the pedal based on the shoes that you are going to wear. Have a look at all the things that you need to consider while buying a bike pedal.

Select the Type of Pedal

First, you will have to choose whether you want to buy the clipless pedals or you want to buy flat pedals. In case of efficiency, you may have to go for the clipless pedal and comfort; you will have to look for the flat pedals.

Decide the Type of Ride

Now, the next thing that you will have to decide the type of ride you are going on. For the road ride, you will have to go for the pedal that can provide you with a more efficient one or if you are going to ride on a smooth surface, you may prefer the comfortable one.

Select the Type of Shoes

When you are going to buy mountain bike pedals for yourself, you will have to consider the type of shoes that you are going to wear while riding. In case you are using the shoes with no recessed cleats, you may want to go for the clipless pedals and if you are going with the ones that have recessed cleats, you will have to go for the flat ones.


1. Is it better to use pedals with clips for mountain biking?

To get more efficiency, you may want to use the clipless mountain bike pedals. They will help you to ride over the tough terrain more easily. With the clipless bike pedals, you will not have to drop the heels to maintain the traction.

2. Is it worth using plastic pedals

We will suggest you use plastic pedals because they are lightweight and you will not have anything to maintain. Other than this, you may not be able to use them when you have wet shoes but they are cheaper in cost.

3. Why do people prefer flat pedals?

When it comes to comfort, many people love to use flat pedals. You can have different advantages when you are riding the bike descending. You can have an easy feet removal from the flat bike pedals and also, the range of motion is much more in the flat bike pedals

4. Can I use the clipless pedal with normal shoes?

Fortunately, you can use the clipless pedal with normal shoes but we feel that it won’t be very comfortable for you. It can be uncomfortable if the sole of your shoes is thin or flexible. Also, the chances of slipping can increase.


So, these were all the best MTB pedals shortlisted for you. We have tried all these mountain bike pedals and then shortlisted them for you so that you can get the best quality. Also, we have listed all the pros and cons of each bike pedal so that you can narrow down your choices based on that.

In our opinion, if you are looking for the flat bike pedal, we will suggest you go for the OneUp components aluminum bike pedal and if you want to go for the clipless MTB pedals, you can go for the Crank Brothers Eggbeater bike pedals. So, it is up to you which one you are going to choose. Also, try to wear Waterproof Socks while riding a Mountain Bike. Hopefully, this article helped.


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