There are various kinds and brands of best mountain bikes under $700 available in the market and choosing the best one between them can be very confusing.

It would be very sad if you invest in a mountain bike which is not comfortable and does not meet your criteria.

TABLE: List Of 6 Best Mountain Bikes


Diamondback Overdrive 29 1

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Schwinn Bonafide

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Head Rise XT

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Raleigh Tokul 2

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Schwinn Protocol 1.0

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Ancheer 26 inch Wheel Electric Mountain Bike

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 700 Dollars

Well, do not worry there is a list of the 6 best mountain bikes under $700 below which are the best in this range.

1. Diamondback Overdrive 29 1-Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive 29 1 mountain bike


Diamondback Overdrive 29 1 is very lightweight and the frame is made of hand-built aluminum. Diamondback has successfully made this mountain bike with very much sturdiness and a premium finish that can help you to tackle the toughest terrain with total confidence.

Whether it is rock hard mountains or smooth asphalt, this mountain bike can speed you up in both terrains.


  • Frame: 29” 6061-T6 Aluminium, Forged Dropouts, Replaceable Hanger
  • Handle Bar: DB Lazer Series 720mm Wide, 15mm Rise, 31.8mm Bar
  • Rims: MD 19, 32 holes with 22.4 ID; Doublewall
  • Brakes: 180mm Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc | 160mm Rear Rotors
  • Shifter: Shimano EF-500 EZ-Fire, 3×8 speed shifter
  • Suspension: Front coil-sprung fork suspension.


  • Very good entry-level mountain bike
  • Very much comfortable
  • Durable body, Ideal for mountain bikes.


  • There is no sign of kickstand
  • There is no fender.

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Review and Rating:

This mountain bike is the best in this price range for its comfortability and it also runs smoothly in hard rock surfaces. The gears are very swift to change and the handgrips and pedals are much comfortable compared to other same ranged mountain bikes.

The customers of Amazon has rated this mountain bike 3.8 out of 5

2. Schwinn Bonafide -Men’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike

Schwinn is very famous in the United States of America and this model of Schwinn is one of the best. This mountain bike has mechanical disc brakes in both of the wheels and the frame is made with aluminum which makes it lightweight and secure.

The frame is ergonomically made which helps the rider to ride the bike with comfort. A 24-speed gear shifter allows shifting the gears in a smooth manner and the fat tires help this mountain bike to speed up in mountain terrain.


  • Frame: 17-inch aluminum frame
  • Handle Bar: Schwinn Mountain Handlebar
  • Rims: Alloy rims
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Shifter: 24-speed Shimano EZ fire trigger
  • Suspension: Front fork suspensions


  • Wheels and brakes deliver smoothness and security
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable body frame and low maintenance


  • The stock saddle is much uncomfortable and challenging for long runs
  • This bike is heavier than other mountain bikes

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Review and Rating:

The expectations are always high with Schwinn as this company has helped the mountain bike riders with many comfortable mountain bikes.

The Bonafide model of Schwinn has met all the minimum criteria of a mountain bike and one of the best in this range. The mechanical brakes work very well and the suspension makes the bike ride easy and comfortable.

The Amazon customers have rated this mountain bike 3.9 out of 5 stars

3. Head Rise XT Mountain Bike

Head Rise XT best mountain bike


Head Rise XT is designed aerodynamically and it is very lightweight. The frame is made from aluminum and it has SR Suntour XCT-DS aluminum suspension fork, 27-speed Shimano SL- 310 Shifters, Shimano RD- 310 Altus Rear Derailleur, Shimano Cassette and Front Derailleur and KMC Z72.

Chain all along makes this mountain bike super-smooth and comfortable in mountain terrains also. Zoom DB-280 front disc and Promax Aluminium rear V- Brake allows the riders to ride the mountain bike with security. Choose This One If you want One of the Best Mountain Bikes Under $700 Budget.


  • Frame: 17.5-inch Aluminium frame
  • Handle Bar: Standard Mountain Bike Handlebar
  • Rims: 29- inch alloy rims
  • Brakes: Zoom DB- 280 Front Disc Brake | Promax Aluminium Rear V- Brake
  • Shifter: 27- speed shifter
  • Suspension: Front fork suspension


  • 27- speed shifters add smoothness
  • Brakes are very secure
  • Very nice cornering


  • No kickstand available
  • A bit tinier than other mountain bikes

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Review and Rating:

Head Rise XT is one of the most secure and durable mountain bikes within this range. The body is very much durable and the features make this mountain bike very comfortable for mountain runs.

Amazon customers have rated this mountain bike 4.1 out of 5 stars

4. Raleigh Tokul 2 -Hardtail Mountain Bike

Raleigh Tokul 2 mountain bike

Raleigh Tokul 2 is made especially for riding on rocky surfaces. The frame of this mountain bike is made from aluminum which makes this bike very durable and lightweight.

The best part of this mountain bike is the traction and cornering can be controlled with taller side knobs and center knobs.

There is an SR Sun tour XCM HLO suspension and Shimano Altus shifters that make the Raleigh Tokul 2 very comfortable and smooth while riding on a mountain. There are two disc brakes available in this mountain bike that makes the ride safe and secure.


  • Frame: Aluminium.
  • Handle Bar: Standard Mountain Bike Handlebar.
  • Rims: Alloy
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Shimano MT200 disc brake
  • Shifter: Shimano Altus 9-speed gear shifter
  • Suspension: SR Suntour XCM HLO 120mm fork suspension


  • Very much comfortable for the suspensions
  • Kenda Honey Badger tires allow the rider to achieve a huge cornering
  • Very sturdy frame recommended for mountain bikes.


  • The pedals are not comfortable and have a flat surface.

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Review and Rating:

Raleigh Tokul 2 has a very powerful and lightweight aluminium frame which is recommended for a mountain bike.

The Hardtail helps to go up the mountain and the tires, suspension and 9 – speed gear shifter make this mountain bike very smooth while speeding up on the rocky surfaces and it makes this bike one of the Best Mountain Bikes Under $700. 

The customers of have rated Raleigh Tokul 2 4.1 out of 5 stars

5. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 -Men’s and Women’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 has an aluminum dual-suspension frame that makes this mountain bike very much durable, lightweight and pleasant for both mountain and asphalt riding.

The front fork suspensions absorb all the bumps which help the shoulders and hand muscles stay comfortable and the rear coil suspension helps the spine to be relaxed.

24- speed Shimano EZ- Fire shifters make the rides very smooth and help to climb the steep hills and mountains. The front disc brake and the rear pull brakes deliver the confidence of topping the bike on any surfaces.


  • Frame: Schwinn Aluminium full suspension frame
  • Handle Bar: Schwinn aluminium handlebar
  • Rims: Alloy Rims
  • Brakes: Front disc brake and rear alloy V-brakes.
  • Shifter: 24- speed Shimano EZ- Fire Trigger shifter
  • Suspension: Front fork and rear coil suspensions


  • Durable Handlebars
  • Made for any terrain
  • The grips and cornering is fantastic
  • Wide range of gear shifting helps to climb up the steep slopes.


  • There is no sign of water bottle mount.
  • The rear brake is not good compared to others.

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Review and Rating:

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is made for riding in any terrain and the dual suspension makes this mountain bike most comfortable in this list. The tires are durable and provide good grips and cornering and the gear shifter delivers the rider to climb up the slopes easily.

The customers of have rated this mountain bike 3.7 out of 5.0 stars

6. Ancheer 26 inch Wheel Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer 26 inch Wheel Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Power Plus 26 inch electric bike is made from 100% aluminum alloy that makes it very much lightweight and durable. The dual disc brakes deliver the ultimate secure ride experience.

The suspension is made with high strength carbon steel with premium comfort shock absorption which makes the rides very comfortable in both the rock and asphalt terrain.

This mountain bike comes with a removable battery which can speed up the bike to 25 Km/h and it also has e-bike and assisted bi-cycle modes that can be changed to enjoy the electric bike and to exercise.

This mountain bike is also IPX4 water-resistant which can easily resist the water splashes during a ride.


  • Frame: 100% aluminium alloy frame
  • Handle Bar: Aluminium alloy handlebar
  • Rims: Aluminium alloy rims
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
  • Shifter: 21- speed gear shifter
  • Battery: 36V 8AH lithium Ion removable battery
  • Suspension: Front high strength carbon steel fork suspension


  • Can be used as an electric bike and a regular bike
  • By combining the modes a long-distance run can be achieved.
  • Headlight and a loud horn is preinstalled to ride in the night time


  • The battery takes a lot of time to get charged
  • The assembling instructions are hard to understand

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Review and Rating:

Ancheer power plus is the most comfortable mountain bike for the electric feature. The modes can be changed as per requirement like when you want comfort you can choose the e-bike mode and for exercising purposes you can choose the assisted bike mode.

It surely takes a lot of time to get fully charged but in this price range, this is the best electric mountain bike.

Customers of has rated this product 3.9 out of 5 stars


Now you can easily choose the mountain bike according to your requirements and preference. All of the above Best mountain bikes cost under $700 and are the best in this range.

So, pick your favorite one and start riding the tall mountains but be sure to take all the securities before riding.


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