Cycling is among the popular hobbies in the world, but not everyone feels it to be so. People with huge frames or those who are overweight (heavy riders) cannot simply hop on any available bike. It’ll not only fail to support them but also perform less safely and efficiently than if they were on a lighter side. This is why we decided to review the best bikes for heavy people.

Here you’ll explore the bikes meant for heavy riders. Before proceeding further, it is necessary to understand that bicycle for heavy people tends to have sturdy wheels and frame and adequate suspension. Now, let’s begin.

Top Bikes for Heavy People – Expert’s Choice

Editor’s Choice

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

  • Hybrid Cruiser
  • Front and Rear – V Brakes
  • Up to 21 Speed
Runner Up

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Bicycle

  • Road Bike
  • Promax alloy dual caliper Brakes
  • 16 Speed
Best Electric Bike

Hicient 26 Inch Mountain E-bike

  • Electric Mountain Bike
  • Front-wheel, Rear Disc Brakes
  • 21 Speed


In-Depth Review of Bikes for Heavy People

Remember that efficient bikes for big and tall guys are expensive, thus you need to make an informed decision before purchasing one and this detailed review of the top 7 bikes for overweight people will help you decide on the best one for you.

1: Sixthreezero EVRYjourneyBikes for heavy people: Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Wheel Size 26 x 1.95 inches
Type                           Hybrid Cruiser
Brake type Front and Rear – V brakes
Suspension Rigid
Frame Material Aluminum
Number of Speed 1, 3, and 21
Fork Steel


The EVRY journey is among the best bicycles for heavy people. The 19-inch aluminum frame has a slightly angled seat tube, which gives it a riding position that is both lower and set further back than is conventional. This, along with the high handlebars and forward pedal positioning, results in a completely different riding experience.

Moreover, your legs will completely stretch, and you will sit erect on the supportive dual-spring saddle. However, heavy riders will find it considerably more comfortable than moving forward on drop bars. This cruiser is all about providing a comfortable riding experience. Its 26″ tires are 1.95″ wide, allowing it to easily shift between smooth and rugged terrain which is why we consider Sixthreezero bikes for fat people an ideal choice.


  • Sized for cyclists who are 5’4′′ to 6’4′′ tall
  • The rear rack makes this a terrific errand bike
  • Comfort is provided by the wide saddle and cushioned bars


  • Some components may need expert installation
  • Tightening the handlebar may be challenging

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2: Schwinn Phocus 1600 Bicycle

bikes for heavy people: Schwinn Phocus 1600 Bicycle

Wheel Size 700c
Type Road bike
Brake type Promax alloy dual pivot
Suspension Rigid
Frame Material Aluminum
Number of Speed  16
Fork Carbon fiber
Derailleur Shimano Claris


When it comes to road bikes for heavy people, Schwinn is a brand that comes up frequently in your mind. That’s because it consistently meets consumers’ demand for high-quality components, durability, a sturdy frame, increased stability, and other features.

Moreover, the Phocus 1600 deserves special note among Schwinn models because of its unique frame design and manufacturing quality. Because of its originality and specialty, the bike frame distinguishes out from its competitors.

Its aluminum step-over frame and overall weight of 31 pounds make it a lightweight alternative. However, you don’t need to be fooled as this bike is a heavyweight mover. This is due to both the bend-resistant metal frame and the spoke wheels.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for the price
  • Offers great performance


  • Inner tubes are thin and prone to blowing out

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3: Hicient 26 Inch Mountain bike

Hicient 26 Inch Mountain bike

Wheel Diameter 26 inches
Type Electric Mountain bike
Charging time 4 to 6 hours
Mileage                      13 to 17 miles
Lithium battery 36V 8AH
Gear shift system 21-speed transmission
Motor 250W hi-speed brushless
Brake system Front-wheel and rear disc


Hicient’s electric bike merges the robust characteristics of an e-bike with the skills of a good mountain bikes. However, when it comes to the e-bike side of things, this bike is well-equipped. The changeable lithium-ion battery has a range of 22-28 kilometers and powers a 250W motor. When you engage the throttle, you can cruise at 20 mph.

Moreover, it features a useful LED display that enables you to watch your battery consumption so you are never caught off guard without power. Furthermore, it has three modes of operation, such as all-electric, pedal-assist, and standard riding. With the smooth controls, you may change your degree of exertion on the go.


  • Excellent acceleration
  • Robust and lightweight
  • High-quality aluminum alloy frame 


  • The top speed is only 18 mph
  • A single charge only gets you 10 miles

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4: Schwinn Miko & HuronSchwinn Miko & Huron

Wheel Size 26 inches                   
Type Hybrid bike
Brake type Linear pull
Frame Size 17 inches
Frame Material Steel
Brake style Coaster brake
Rims Aluminum alloy


Cruiser bikes are ideal for leisure riding. This is mostly due to their high level of comfort and upright pedaling stance. However, the Schwinn Mikko & Huron Beach Cruiser Bike leads the pack among the overweight. Moreover,  the bicycles for fat people have a 1-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed gearing choice to accommodate various terrains.

Furthermore, it has a well-cushioned dual-spring seat for a pleasant ride and a traditional handlebar for effortless steering. In addition, it has a 17-inch bend-resistant steel frame and 26-inch spoke wheels to accommodate tall riders up to 6’2″ tall.


  • Available in a variety of speeds
  • A strong strengthened steel frame
  • The seat is fully cushioned and soft


  • Off-road biking is not recommended

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5: Mongoose Dolomite Mountain bike

bikes for heavy people: Mongoose Dolomite Mountain

Wheel Size                    26 inches
Type Fat Mountain Bike
Brake type Dual mechanic disc brakes
Suspension Dual
Frame Material Steel                                           
Number of Speed 7


When you pull this bike out of the box, you will notice is the massive 26″ diameter, 4″ wide tires. However, the Dolomite is a lot of fun to ride. Those cushy tires take the sting out of tough terrain, softening the impact of the typical jarring off-road experience.

Moreover, the 4-inch wide knobby broad tires will provide you with a good grip on virtually any terrain and, the Shimano derailleur and twist shifter should make it simple to tackle inclines and swap gears while riding.


  • Improves performance
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Provides a comfortable and safe ride


  • This bike is hefty due to its steel frame composition

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6: Ancheer Electric Bike

Ancheer Electric Bike

Wheel Size 27.5 inches
Type Mountain bike
Maximum speed 15 mph
Range 15miles
Lithium battery 36V
Charging time 4 to 6 hours
Motor                         250W hi-speed brushless
Brake system              Front-wheel and rear disc
Front Fork High strength Carbon steel


It’s difficult to cycle uphill when you’re overweight, that is why an e-bike is always a good choice. While there are numerous electric bikes for heavy people available in the market, not all of them can hold 300 pounds. That is the maximum capacity that the Ancheer Electric Bike can hold.

Moreover, this heavy-duty bike has a powerful 350W high-speed motor that provides enough power to ride it across difficult terrain. With a peak speed of 20mph, this e-bike is ideal for commuting.


  • It has simple safety measures
  • It may be used as a motorbike or a standard bike


  • It is not quick as other e-bikes

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7: Raleigh Bikes Redux Heavy Riders

Raleigh Bikes Redux Heavy Riders

Tires                           27.5 x 47mm
Type Street, Urban bike
Brake type Tektro mechanical disc
Drivetrain Shimano 1×8
Material Aluminum frame and fork
Gearing Chainring 40t
Tire clearance 50mm


The Redux, usually a road bike with mountain bike abilities, rounds off this list. It has the lowest weight tolerance at 245 lbs, but it’s still plenty for the majority of heavy riders. Also, this is a nice-looking bike. Its aluminum frame is constructed with precision formed tubing and finished in a sophisticated matte black finish. Moreover, it’s also light, weighing only 27 pounds.

In addition, riding this bike is the most fun on smooth roads, while the 27.55 x 47c tires are capable of handling gravel. Also, it is advised not to attempt or tackle any severe off-road terrain with this bike, and ride with caution in wet circumstances as the tread on the tires is quite smooth. This isn’t a race bike with only 8 gears. However, for a heavy rider, it is an excellent commuter.


  • Effortless riding
  • Suitable for different riders
  • Offers excellent grip and traction


  • The seats are not comfortable
  • Brakes are not at their best

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How to Select the Best Bikes for Heavy Riders? (Buyer’s Guide)

After going through the best 8 bikes for heavy people, you might be wondering, how to select the best bikes for Heavy Riders, then the latter part of this article will clear all your confusion. The below-outlined characteristics will assist you in making an informed decision.

1: Strong Wheels

You cannot purchase a bike with a 16 or 18 spoke wheel as they are designed for lightweight men. As an overweight cyclist or for heavy people, you should go for a rear wheel with at least 24 spokes.

Moreover, the spoke number is less important for the front wheel of large and tall bikes, but it is important for the rear one. You need to keep in mind that the greater the number of spokes, the greater the strength of the wheel.

2: Accurate Wheel Size

If you are looking for heavy duty bikes, ensure that you should choose a wheel size that provides you both stability and riding comfort. Also, you must select a wheel size of 26, 27.5, or 29er. 26-inch wheels are common on modern bikes for big men, and because they are slightly smaller, they are known to minimize the total weight of the bicycle. Furthermore, their tiny size allows you to pedal at a considerably faster pace.

Secondly, 27.5-inch wheels, are slightly slower due to their larger size. Though their benefit is that their larger size provides you with better control and riding stability. If we talk about the wheel size of 29er or (29-inch wheels), bikes with these wheel sizes are larger than the above two. Thus, they are best suited for uneven and difficult terrains, particularly off-road.

3: Efficacious Brakes and Gearing system

Since your safety is crucial, the bike should have robust and reliable brakes. However, you can choose between mechanical disc and hydraulic brakes. Moreover, the former is easier to use and less expensive than the two.

Also, take gearing into account while deciding the bikes for heavy people. Generally, the more gears a bike has, the faster it promises and the more expensive it is going to be. However, if you want to ride over flat terrain, it is advised to use fewer gears and save money.

4: Solid Frame and High Weight Capacity

When you’re heavy, you can’t afford to ignore your frame’s strength. So you will require a bike that can handle your massive weight, which means opting for a solid frame.

Titanium and even carbon fiber must be rejected since they are not as robust as steel or aluminum. When choosing bikes for heavy people, make sure that the frames should be constructed out of steel or aluminum.

5: Excellent Handlebar Shape

Remember that the maneuverability (control) of the bike is determined by the handlebar. As a result, you need to think about its shape with great care. Flat handlebars distribute pressure evenly throughout the hands, which alleviates the hand strain. On the other hand, drop bars place you in an aerodynamic posture to withstand wind resistance.

6: Correct Suspension

Most bikes for heavy people include hardtail suspension or rear fork suspension for more adventurous riding. The sole disadvantage of hardtail suspension is that you must do all of the work while controlling the bike.

Thus, it is advised to consider full-suspension or dual suspension bikes if you want a more leisurely experience tackling steeps, descending slopes, or handling turns.

After reviewing the bikes described above, you should be able to make an educated decision about purchasing them. Before purchasing your favorite bikes, make sure to read the buyer’s guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there a weight limit for mountain bikes?

Most mountain bikes can support weights of up to 300 pounds. However, there are few mountain bikes for cyclists which can weigh between 400 and 500 pounds. Thus, keep in mind that there are several additional aspects to consider when selecting a bike for a plus-sized individual.

Q2. What is the maximum weight limit for a 26-inch bike?

A 20-inch bike can support a maximum weight of 150 pounds. So, the maximum capacity for a 24 inch or 26-inch bicycle is 250 pounds.

Q3. Are fat tire bikes better?

Yes, fat tire bikes are better as on the most difficult terrain, fat tire bikes give greater grip and traction. By providing more contact surfaces, fat tires are intended to reduce the cumulative pressure of the bike and rider. That’s the reason, even when the ground is covered with snow, large or fat tires produce a positive impact.


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