BMX Mongoose bikes are some of the best BMX bikes you can buy in 2023. They are well-made, strong, and durable. BMX Mongoose bikes are also lightweight and have many features that make them ideal for BMX riding. They have a variety of frame sizes and wheel sizes to choose from. You can get BMX Mongoose bikes with different gearing options single-speed, multi-speed, and even freewheel gearing. BMX Mongoose bikes are also available with different brake types. You can get BMX Mongoose bikes with coaster brakes, linear-pull brakes, or even disc brakes. 

In this expert review, we will take a look at the best BMX Mongoose bikes for 2023. We will compare the different features and benefits of each bike to help you choose the right one for you. So, whether you are a beginner BMX rider or an experienced pro, there is sure to be a BMX Mongoose bike that is perfect for you.

Our Top Picks for BMX Mongoose Bike

Overall Best

Mongoose Legion Freestyle

  • Aluminum U-Brake
  • Hi-Ten Steel Frame
  • 25T Alloy Chainring
Durable Build

Mongoose BMX Legion L100

  • 4130 Chromoly Frame
  • 20″ Wheel Size
  • Double Wall 36H Rims
Kid’s Favourite

Mongoose Switch BMX Bike

  • ‎27.01 Pounds Weight
  • 18″ Wheel Size
  • High Quality Steel Material

5 Best BMX Mongoose Bike: 2023 Reviewed

The below-listed mongoose BMX bikes are among the best. Furthermore, they’re tested on all terrains to provide you with a genuine review. Take a look and get your powerful mongoose bike today.

1: Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Bike Type BMX Bike
Age Range Description Little Kid
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 16 Inches
Specific Uses for Product Trail
Suspension Type Rigid
Special Feature Freestyle, Lightweight, Aluminum Frame, BMX
Included Components Legion L16, Bicycle
Number of Speeds 1
Size 16-Inch Wheels


The most striking feature of what is most noticeable about the Legion Freestyle BMX bike is the Hi-Ten steel frame. The robust frame has a low-stance geometry which gives you an easy ride. It offers sturdy aluminum mag wheels that appeal to the bicycle. Its alloy brake and U-brakes on the rear give you the most powerful stopping power. It was created specifically for racing professionals. You can bring it along to your races and trust that your bike will aid you in winning the race. It’s incredibly fast and is an ideal choice for racers.

For less than $200, this bike is an affordable purchase. It is engineered to deliver the best performance at contests. The one drawback to the bike is the assembly. Although the bike can be assembled quickly in-home, it still can be a challenge for most riders. In the end, the bike is ideal for all conditions and can handle the most difficult terrain with ease.


  • Affordable
  • Adaptive brakes
  • Available in multicolor


  • Assembling is difficult
  • Instructions are less detailed

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 2: Mongoose BMX Legion L100

Legion L100

Bike Type BMX Bike
Age Range Description Adult
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 20 inches
Specific Uses of the Product Trail
Suspension Type Stiff
Special Features Freestyle, Aluminum Frame, BMX
Included Components Mongoose Legion L100 Freestyle BMX Bike
Number of Speeds One
Size One size


It is available in two appealing colors. Legion L100 has a 4130 Chromoly frame, which is extremely strong and long-lasting. The size of the frame is best suitable for riders of 5’8″ or larger. For greater stopping performance, the bike offers an aluminum U-brake and brake levers which makes it a runner-up among the best BMX mongoose bike. It’s a great option for experienced cyclists and provides the best performance in difficult terrains. Its cost isn’t high, and the design is gorgeous and stylish. This series of Legion models are ideal for areas where more jumping is needed. 

For instance, the Legion L100 is also great for racing and will aid you in reaching the finish line more quickly. The bike is a bit more costly than the other items we reviewed. However, looking at the features will show you that the cost is reasonable. It is a bike with a beautiful design and top features. It’s also ideal for those who enjoy races. It can assist you to succeed in various races. If you’re in the market for a Mongoose bikes, it is a good alternative.


  • Aluminum structure
  • Strong and durable
  • Suitable for any terrain


  • No fenders
  • Lacks Bike stand

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3: Mongoose Switch BMX Bike

Mongoose Switch BMX Bike

Bike Type                                                 BMX Bike
Age Range (Description) 5 – 8 years
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 18 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail
Suspension Type Rigid
Special Feature Training Wheel, Freestyle, BMX
Included Components Bike
Number of Speeds 1
Size Kids


If you’re a fan of bicycling and wish your child to model their behavior after their parent, the Switch model of mongoose BMX bike is the perfect present for your child’s birthday or other events. It’s great for new readers who just began riding bikes. It also has training wheels that allow your child to learn to ride with greater confidence. The durable chain guard shields you from scrapes and cuts. It is built with a sturdy and sturdy frame, which will ensure that your child is secure. In terms of its appearance, the bike appears to be older. The best part about this bike is it isn’t adorned with children’s designs.

After you take off the wheels for training, it isn’t easy to tell if the bike is intended for children. If you’re putting your child in the seat, you’re concerned about their safety. With this bike, you’ll be able to breathe breaths of relief. It comes with a foot brake, wheel guard, and cushioned grips that ensure your child’s security. Moreover, it also features a sturdy frame that can withstand the rigors of rigorous practice and even accidental crashes.


  • Training wheels
  • An elegant look
  • Reliable safety features


  • Complicated assembling
  • Compromised build quality

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4: Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Legion Freestyle

Bike Type                                                                              BMX Bike
Age Range Description Youth
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 20 inches
Specific Uses of the Product Path
Suspension Type Stiff
Special Features Aluminum frame, Freestyle, BMX
Included Components Bicycle
Size 20-Inch Wheels
Colour Black/Multicolor


Are you just beginning to explore this world of off-road cycling? If so, you’ll find that the Mongoose Legion Freestyle L40 BMX bike will be the ideal companion for you. It is constructed of high-quality components which provide efficient riding. Moreover, its frame is suitable for riders between four feet “up to five feet” tall, and it is constructed from a robust frame that can withstand any terrain. The frame’s durability also allows you to make use of it during your initial learning stage. The frame’s strength lets it endure a variety of crashes and grueling classes.

Another excellent feature is an incredibly responsive brake system. If you’re out on the open road, You’ll require a powerful brake. Its brakes provide you with enough time to stop your path. The bike’s steer is connected to the wheelset and brakes, which allows you better control over the bike when riding on uneven terrain. Its sturdy frame lets you go on challenging courses with complete confidence. Additionally, it comes with an effective brake system that will allow you to avoid injury if you fall.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Affordably priced
  • Reliable braking system


  • Not suitable for experts
  • Lacks aluminum framework

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5: Mongoose BMX Title Elite 24

Title Elite 24

Bike Type BMX Bike, Freeride Bike
Age Range (Description) Kids
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 24 Inches
Specific Uses For Product Trail
Suspension Type Rigid
Special Feature Aluminum Frame, BMX
Included Components Title Elite 24 Race Bike
Size 24-Inch Wheels
Color Black


The Title Elite 24 has the 6061 Tectonic biaxial hydroformed aluminum frame with internal cable routing that keeps it secure from the external elements. It’s best for those who are 5’7″ or more. With a weight of 3.3lbs, the frame is light, which lets you carry it comfortably. It has some impressive parts like the Arisun XLR8 24′” x 1.95”/1.75”race tires, as well as Radius alloy brake and V-brake levers.

The bike features a stylish frame that is sure to catch the eye of all who are out. It is for professional and experienced cyclists who know everything they need to know about off-road adventure and riding. From its design and capabilities, Title Elite 24 is the definition of elegance with class and tops the list of best Mongoose BMX bikes. It provides the best technology for braking and steering, which gives you the most stunning riding and the top-quality components make your ride more comfortable.


  • An adaptive braking system
  • Exceptional aluminum framework
  • A must-have for experienced riders


  • Seat angle not adjustable
  • A little challenging for individuals under 5’7

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Mongoose BMX Bikes


Freestyle BMX bikes are also used by teenagers, kids and adults. Hence, even though the wheel size remains constant, the frame size will change in subtle ways to accommodate the style of riding and the person’s size. The majority of freestyle BMX bikes on the shop on the floor come with a 21-inch top tube to ensure users have sufficient space to hang the bike over their feet when doing airborne tricks, as well with a shorter seat stay that is more comfortable to whirl around.

Flatland frames are the only exception because they are lighter and feature shorter tubing throughout for greater stability and control. Additionally, they have a higher head angle and 3/8″ dropouts to accommodate smaller rear axles. A slack head angle and a larger wheelbase put the rider further back from the bicycle, giving the rider greater stability and control at high speed. Frame sizes for race racing are available in a wider range to meet the rider’s age range that BMX racing has.


Freestyle and beginner-level racing BMX bikes are of a steel-based composition known as Chromoly 4130 (chromo for short). CroMo is an alloyed, welded steel with superior strength compared to less expensive steels, called ‘Hi-tensile,’ and is commonly used on lower-end and department store-brand bikes. It is possible to ‘butt by butting,’ which means it could be thinner, in its middle, and then reinforced at the ends and joined to provide durability.

Steel is the preferred material for these bikes since it is very robust to wear and tear (important given the number of collisions these bikes endure!). It is also easily repaired and gives some extra elasticity to the ride that adds some relaxation and lessens the tension to the back of the cyclist.

For BMX racing, choosing more rigid, lighter frames is ideal. This means that aluminum is the best material that is preferred. Suppose you’re determined to race and would like to have the additional edge. In that case, carbon fiber frames are becoming more popular with the best BMX racers because it helps reduce weight and provide vibration-reducing properties that are not present in aluminum.


The standard size for the typical BMX wheel is 20 inches smaller than the mountain bike or road bike. Smaller 16in and 18in wheels are available on bikes for kids, and larger wheel, which is 22 inches or 24 inches, is available on some “trail” BMX bikes, which are designed to do dirt jumping. It’s reasonable to assume that the term “BMX” usually refers to a bike with 20 wheels.

Racing BMX bikes are classified into two classes based on the size of the wheels. The first one is 20in, the most commonly used, and the other is 24in, or “cruiser.” These bikes have a lot of appeal with older or taller riders, and they also provide more stability. Since racing BMX requires lightning-quick acceleration right out of the gates, the wheels weight less than in freestyle BMX.


Spoke count is another factor to think about when selecting the best BMX or purchasing new wheels. Spokes are “laced” between the hub and the wheel’s rim. They rely on tension to be steady and sturdy.

Each spoke adds to the durability ( and its weight) of the entire wheel. The 36-spoke wheel should suffice for most riders on the freestyle BMX bike. Advanced riders or heavier riders could choose a larger 48-spoke wheel. 

The majority of spokes involves steel wire and have the same thickness throughout; however, if you notice an item that mentions ‘butted’ spokes, such as frames with butted, which means spokes are smaller in the middle, and more substantial at the ends for more strength and less weight.


If you are a rider who believes they’ll put several more hard hits onto the wheels, they can go for a rim that is wider than 36mm. Rims are made from aluminum and are available triple or double-walled. More metal layers will provide more structural strength but with the cost of more weight.

The best option for most cyclists is a double wall because it provides a great balance between durability and mass. Advanced riders who place more demands on their equipment may prefer to build their wheels for the aftermarket to meet their needs precisely. They will also be more selective about the number of spokes and rims.


Since it is the first contact with the road surface, the tire selection will impact how fast (rolling resistance) and grip the motorcycle. Larger tires are best for riding on parks and streets smooth and smooth-rolling. Premium BMX tires can take pressures of up to 110psi, which roll more quickly than a tire with lower inflation and protect the rim when under stress after landing hard.

Dirt jumpers prefer one with more tread to grip dirt and use their tires with lower pressure to ensure greater grip. A race tire is wider than the average and 20in wide; you can choose 20 inches x 2.1 for greater stability and more surface. The great thing is that tires can be swapped easily and changed, and you can swap them whenever you’re in the mood. Race-specific tires are generally thinner to match the slimmer rim profile. They also lessen weight and roll faster on race tracks.


The handlebars for Freestyle rise higher over race BMX bars to be easier to maneuver. They typically comprise of Chromoly or aluminum, with the former being thinner but more susceptible to wear and tear. At the same time, steel will be heavier but can absorb the vibrations and last longer. Furthermore, the bars found on 24 inch BMX bikes might not come with the crossbar or have a lower rise to compensate for the larger stack due to the frame’s size and the larger wheels.

Flatland handlebars generally feature a small sweep, meaning that they feel identical when pointing either way or in the opposite direction. They also have an extremely low crossbar so that the riders can swing their legs over to perform tricks.


The bikes of BMX will usually have brakes that are rim-mounted, meaning the pads are connected to the rim to reduce acceleration. Freestyle bikes have a U-brake, which is located within the rear triangle and is out of the driver’s way. Many freestyle bikes include a detangler or ‘Gyro’ braking mechanism for the rear brake.

It is distinguished by the splitting of two cables in an apparatus that is located at the headtube. This detangler permits the bars to spin 360 degrees with no brake cable becoming caught in the.

Moreover, this is extremely beneficial for advanced tricks like tailwhips and barspins. If such techniques aren’t in your repertoire, then a simple brake should suffice. While a front brake is permitted in races but it’s not essential, with most racers choosing an efficient, linear-pull rear brake, commonly referred to as V-brake.

The Bottomline

Mongoose BMX bikes are the best in 2023. They have been making great bikes for a long time and show no signs of stopping. If you are looking for a great bike to ride, Mongoose is the brand for you. With top-of-the-line features and models available, there’s sure to be a Mongoose bike that’s perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out our latest selected picks and grab yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why are BMX Mongoose bikes the best?

BMX Mongoose bikes are the best because they are designed specifically for BMX racing. They are lightweight and durable, with features that help riders perform better in BMX races. BMX Mongoose bikes have been used by some of the best BMX racers in the world, and they have a proven track record of success.

Q2. Who uses BMX Mongoose bikes?

BMX Mongoose bikes are used by BMX racers of all ages and abilities. Some of the world’s best BMX racers have used BMX Mongoose bikes to win races, including Olympic gold medalist Connor Fields. BMX Mongoose bikes are also popular with amateur BMX racers and weekend warriors who enjoy riding on dirt tracks.

Q3. What are some common problems with BMX Mongoose bikes?

Some common problems with BMX Mongoose bikes include:

  • Bent frames: BMX Mongoose bikes can suffer from bent frames if they are involved in a crash.
  • Broken parts: BMX Mongoose bikes can break parts if they are used excessively or ridden on rough terrain.
  • Flat tires: BMX Mongoose bikes can get flat tires if the tires are not inflated properly.

Q4. How can I prevent problems with my BMX Mongoose bike?

You can prevent problems with your BMX Mongoose bike by:

  • Riding safely: BMX Mongoose bikes are designed for racing, so it is important to ride safely and avoid crashing.
  • Maintaining your BMX Mongoose bike: You should clean your BMX Mongoose bike after every ride and perform a basic tune-up at least once a year.
  • Inspecting your BMX Mongoose bike: You should inspect your BMX Mongoose bike before each ride to make sure that everything is in working order.

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