About oBike

What is oBike?

1. oBike, is a bicycle sharing services platform, allowing everyone to take short trips within the city.

2. oBike helps to reduce the traffic congestion, help to reduce environmental pollution, and make the city better place to live in. It serves as a Green solution for your short-distance trip. You can hire or return a bike quickly on the App.

How does oBike work?

1. It is most convenient to use oBike for short trips, especially a one way trip. Reserve a bike and unlock it using the oBike App. At the end of the ride, just park the bike in a legal designated area and lock it using the app.

Log in & Sign up

Can't receive the SMS Code

1. There are various reasons that you may not receive your sms code.

a) Poor Network Coverage

b) Server Timeout

In the above cases, you should move to a slightly different location and try to request for a new SMS Code.

What's an invitation code

1. Each user has an unique invitation code, which is used to invite others.

2. When an invitation code keyed in when a new user login, both users may enjoy benefits provided by oBike

3. If you like oBike, Invite your friends to join us.

I have changed to a new mobile number

1. You will not be able to change your mobile number now. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You can request for a refund of your deposit and register as a new user using your new mobile number. This issue will be solved in the next version.

Unlock & Lock

How long is the reservation?

1. Upon reserving your bike by clicking "reserve", the bike will be reserved for 10 minutes for you.

2. You can proceed to the bike you have reserved and unlock it. Alternatively, you can unlock another one.

3. Your reservation will expire after 10 minutes.

How do I find the bike I reserved.

1. If you reserve a bike successfully, it will be the only one shown on the map, along with the directions to find it.

2. When you get close to it, you can ring it to find the bike easily.

3. The bike's actual location might vary from the APP, so please look around to find it.

4. You can also unlock another bike while looking for the reserved bike. If your unlock of another bike is a success, your current bike reservation will be cancelled.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

1. A deposit is required to use oBike. It ensures your responsibility while using a bike. This deposit is refundable.

Pay deposit and refund deposit

1. To pay deposit, please enter "User center", "My wallet" then click "Pay deposit".

2. To get a refund for your deposit, which usually take 1~14 working days. Please go to "My wallet",and click the link of "refund deposit".

3. If you did not get your deposit back after 14 working days. Please report to us, and we will check and solve it as soon as possible.

4. You can refund deposit only once for free. If you refund deposit more than one times, an extra transaction fee will be deducted from deposit.

The balance in my wallet

1. The balance in my wallet is used to pay your ride cost.

2. The balance has no expiration date. It is strictly non-transferable.


1. Making a reservation is free and your bike will be reserved for 10mins. The pricing of your ride may vary according to your credit points.

2. Having higher credit points score will allow you to enjoy discounted rates on your rides.

If the balance is less than 0

1. And you wish to start a new trip, or get back your deposit, You should top-up your wallet first.

2. If you are already riding, it will not prevent you from finishing your trip.

3. To top-up your wallet, Please enter "User center","My wallet".

Return bike

Where to park a bike?

1. The bike should be returned in the designated public bike parking area or bike parking coil. If there is no public parking area or bike parking coil, please park the bike does not obstaruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

2. Please don't park it in a private place, where others can't find it. It would be good if you can return the bike to an area where other bikes are parked altogether.

Operating area

1. Singapore: The service area is the whole municipality of Singapore.

Credit points

About Credit

1. oBike was created with the mission to provide a convenient, environmental friendly transportation way to travel.

2. oBike credit system is used to encourage positive riding and responsible behaviour, and strongly reprimand the wrong ones.

3. Some of the acts below may warrant police reports being made if the bikes are found tempered with/ stolen or damaged.

Below are the credit rules.

Bad behavior points
1.Wrong parking(such as private area) -20
2.Forget to lock but a bike is not lost -20
3.Violation of traffic rules Reduce to 0
4.Add private lock Reduce to 0
5.Losing a bike Reduce to 0
6.Moving bike illegally Reduce to 0
Good behavior points
1.A normal ride +1
2.Report a broken bike +2
3.Report a wrong parking bike +1
4.Invite friends to sign up +2
5.Enter a friend code +2
6.Share ride to Facebook for the first time +2
The influences of credit

1. Each user will get 100 oBike credit after registration.

2. Good behaviour will be rewards with credits. The higher the credits, the more benefits you will get to enjoy with us.

Dispute about the records of your Credit

1. You can see the detail record of your credit. Please enter "User Center", "My Credit", "Record".

2. If you find any issues with your credit record, Please inform us by clicking “Report". We will solve it as soon as possible.


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