The Mongoose Malus and the Argus are two of the most versatile, feature-packed electric bike models on the market. With sleek design elements and superior components, both bikes are built for comfort and convenience on any terrain — from city streets to off-road trails. But which one is better? Is it possible to decide between these two e-bike giants Mongoose Malus vs Argus?

In this post, we will compare each bike’s performance specifications in detail so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy an electric bicycle. We’ll take a deep dive into key elements like material, frame design, weight limit, and more so that you find your perfect match! From pricing points to compatibility options – get ready for a detailed breakdown of Mongoose Malus vs Argus – because only you know what’s best for your journey.

Mongoose Malus vs Argus

Mongoose Malus vs Argus: Ultimate Comparison

The two most popular models of the Mongoose mountain bikes, Malus, and Argus have caused too much chaos and mess in the market of bikes. To cut the slack, we are coming up with a head-to-head comparison of Mongoose Malus vs Argus. In the coming section, our experts have broken down all the comparing features into five major points for better understanding. So, without further ado, let’s dip our toes into the ultimate comparing guide on your browser. 


Material is the utmost important thing that plays a vital role in providing the cycle’s long life and looks. Thus, the material should be of premium quality. So that you can have a better experience while riding. It would be best if you chose a bike that has a steel body material. Hence, in the comparison of Mongoose Malus vs Argus. Mongoose Malus is the clear winner as its body consists of steel. Contrarily, Argus comes with an aluminum frame which is also good but not better than steel framed Malus. 


Another critical thing that will matter a lot in providing efficiency is weight.  The weight of the bike is too essential as it helps to accelerate. A lightweight bike will quickly accelerate without any extra effort from your side. You can accelerate a light bike uphill and downhill with many conveniences. On the other hand, a heavy-weight bike is tough to lug around on rocky terrains. Thus, you must use the lightweight option in the comparison, mongoose Malus. Malus comes with a least 13 Kg of weight, and Argus comes with 17 kg. 

Frame Design

You must have heard that the first impression is the last. Similarly, the bike looks are the first thing that buyers notice. Thus, it should be excellent and eye-catching. However, the design of the Mongoose Malus is quite good. It has a unique design that everyone will notice. Its fat tires are the point of attraction. On the contrary, Mongoose Argus also comes with a fat tire feature but doesn’t look as graceful as Malus. Hence, our team will again suggest you go with Mongoose Malus for a graceful look.


Durability is one of the prime factors that every buyer asks for whenever they purchase anything. Hence, we are coming up with the point of durability. However, a steel frame or a steel body can provide you with a long life of the cycle. Moreover, in comparing the mongoose Malus vs Argus, Malus again performed well. Malus has a steel body that provides a long and durable life. On the other hand, Argus comes with an aluminum body that is sometimes less lightweight but not as durable as steel. Furthermore, a Steel body is more likely to flex with luster. Also, steel can absorb some light bumps more than aluminum. Again, the clear winner is Mongoose Malus. 

durability comparison


The significant difference that you will observe between Mongoose Malus and Mongoose Argus is the number of speeds. The number of speed shifters means more efficiency in riding. If you are traveling in mountainous regions, you will prefer a bike with multiple speeds.  However, this time in the comparison, Mongoose Argus got the point as it has 10-speed shifters, and contrarily, Malus has only 7 number of speeds which is less than Argus. 

One-on-One Review

If you want a clearer insight into each model of the comparison, then the other section is for you. In the coming section, we have discussed each model’s essential features, pros, and cons. We hope you will get a more precise insight into it. 

Mongoose Malus

Mongoose Malus

Brand Mongoose
Bike Type Mountain Bike with fat tires
Wheel Sizes 26 Inches
Frame Material Steel
Speed Splitters 7
Weight Capacity 30 lbs
Suspension Type Rigid


Mongoose Malus is the bike that everyone notices. It is a mountain bike with fat tires. Its fat tires are the point of attraction; also it absorbs all the bumps and strain to provide you with a smooth ride. However, it is quite suitable for heavy riders as it can carry up to 30 lbs. Moreover, its 7 speed shifters allow you to ride on any terrain. You can flex the speed whether you are on rocky terrain or mountainous terrain. Let’s check more of its key features.

  • Suitable for heavy riders: This bike is ideal for large riders. Suppose you are looking for a bike that can give you good speed without maximizing your convenience. However, there are other bikes as well that can accommodate heavyweights, such as Mongoose dolomite
  • Suitable for all weather conditions: The best thing about this bicycle is that you can ride this bicycle on any terrain or weather. For instance, if you are living in a damp area, then its fenders are there to protect you from unnecessary dirt. 
  • Appropriate weight:  A lightweight bicycle is always suitable for any terrain. Hence, this bicycle is an ideal fit for your terrain as well. It is a lightweight bicycle that can accommodate acceleration as per the terrain. 
  • One-rider bike: If you are looking for a bike through which you will be riding the whole town with your friend, then this bike will be the perfect fit for your rides. However, if you are a single rider, this will be the ideal fit. 
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Mongoose Argus

Mongoose Argus

Brand Mongoose
Bike Type Mountain bike
Wheel Sizes 26 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum
Speed Splitters 7
Brake style Disc
Suspension Type Rigid


Mongoose Argus bikes cannot let you compromise the fun because of abnormal weather conditions. This bike features fat tires to provide you with maximum traction. This way, you can perform wheelies on this bike as well. In addition, the 10-speed derailleur and shifters can maximize your fun and adventure. However, its disc brake is vital and will give you instant responses. Let’s find more of its features in the points below.

  • Premium Altus shifters: Its premium brake shifters are robust and responsive. Thus, you can manage your rides with more adventures.  It offers efficient shifting within a wide gearing range for various terrains. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: It has hydraulic disc brakes that will provide you with more precise stoppings and efficient uses. However,  its brakes are less potent than our comparing model. 
  • Suitable for every terrain and weather: With mongoose Argus, you can ride on any terrain or weather. However, it is specially designed for mountainous terrains to help you to ride without getting strained by bumps. Moreover, various bikes available in the market can provide this advantage. For example, mongoose Malus and Mongoose dolomite.  
  • Heavy: This bike is quite heavy, which can create some problems while lugging. Heavy bikes are hard to accelerate sometimes. However, it has an aluminum frame that is relatively less in weight, but its fat tires are heavy, increasing the overall weight. 
  • Aluminum frame: Aluminum frames are less in weight, but at the same time, it is less durable. Contrarily, steel frames are meant to be more durable than aluminum frames, and steel is more flexible to absorb bumps. 


Mongoose bikes are designed to attain fun and entertainment while riding. However, the two same models in the market created too much confusion, but this guide has cut down the slack. Moreover, this guide has provided you with the ultimate comparison between Mongoose Malus Vs Argus. This comparison guide is based on the customer’s reviews and the expert’s suggestions. If you still have any queries, you can contact us anytime. We are always ready to assist you in every way possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What size frame is the mongoose Malus?

Its frame size is 17 inches. However, Mongoose Malus has 26 inches of wheel size and fits a rider with 64 to 74 inches of height. 

Q2. Why is Mongoose Malus better than Mongoose Argus?

Mongoose Malus is better than mongoose Argus in many ways. Such as, Malus is a lighter and more durable material used in manufacturing. In addition, the frame design is also way more attractive than Argus.

Q3. Are fat tires good?

Yes, fat tires are excellent and attractive. Fat tires are generally used in mountainous terrains as it absorbs all the bumps and jerks that may give you strains. All in all, fat tires are good for rocky and hilly terrains.


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