When most people think of mountain biking, they picture cyclists pedaling up steep trails, dodging roots and rocks along the way. However, there is another type of mountain biking that is becoming increasingly popular: bike parks. Mountain bike parks are areas that have been specifically designed for mountain biking. These parks typically feature a variety of trails, ranging from easy to expert, as well as other features such as jump lines, drops, and North Shore-style obstacles.

Some mountain bike parks also offer lift-served riding, which can be a great way to access the trails without having to pedal uphill. Many bike parks also offer lessons for beginners so that anyone can enjoy the thrills of mountain biking. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know before hitting the park for the first time. You will learn different types of MTB parks, features you can find in mountain bike park, and tips for beginners to choose the right MTB part. Let’s find out more. 

Types of Mountain Bike Parks

Types of Mountain Bike Parks

There are several different types of mountain bike parks, each with its own unique challenges and features.

  • Downhill parks are designed for riders who want to test their limits and push themselves to the max. These parks typically have very steep trails with lots of obstacles, such as rocks and roots. Riders need to be very strong and skilled to safely navigate downhill bike parks and their tough trails.
  • Cross-country mountain bike parks are perfect for riders who want to explore beautiful scenery more leisurely. These parks usually have wider, less steep trails that wind through forests or open meadows. Riders can stop to take in the views or have a picnic along the way.
  • Slopestyle MTB parks are ideal for riders who want to try out some extreme tricks and stunts. These parks typically have large jumps and other features that allow riders to perform aerials, large drops, quarter-pipes, and other tricks. Slopestyle riding is very technical and requires a lot of practice to perfect.
  • Enduro mountain bike parks are perfect for riders who want a combination of challenge and scenery. These parks typically have longer trails with some technical sections, such as rocks and roots, and some open areas where riders can let loose and enjoy the ride. Enduro riding is a great way to test your skills while also enjoying the beautiful scenery.

What Features You Can Find in a Good Mountain Bike Park

What Features You Can Find in a Good Mountain Bike Park

So, how do you prepare for a bike park ? Well, here are seven essential features to look for in a mountain bike park: 

  1. Different trails: easy trails for beginners, intermediate trails for those looking to improve their skills, and difficult trails for experienced riders.
  2. Terrains: smooth dirt paths, rocky sections, and potentially even some water crossings.
  3. A range of obstacles: small jumps, drops, and technical features.
  4. A pump track: a circuit of berms and rollers that can be used to practice BMX-style riding. Also, they should offer basic equipment like a dropper seat post to help you adjust the seat without getting off your bike.
  5. A skills area: a safe space to practice maneuvers like bunny hops and wheelies. 
  6. A cafe or snack bar: for refreshments after a ride. 
  7. Toilets and changing facilities: for rider comfort. 
  8. Parking facilities: The park should have ample parking and facilities so that riders can easily get in and out. 

Tips For Beginners For Choosing an MTB Bike Park

Tips For Beginners For Choosing an MTB Bike Park

Here are seven tips for beginners who want to try out a mountain bike park:

  1. Choose the right park: Some are designed for experienced riders, while others are more beginner-friendly. Do some research to find a park that matches your skill level. Also, you invest in a high-quality hitch mount bike rack in case you are going on a long journey to keep your bike safe.
  2. Get familiar with the trail map: Most parks will have a map of the trails available, and it’s worth taking some time to study it before you hit the trail. This will help you get an idea of the park’s layout and identify any potential hazards.
  3. Rent or buy the right gear: If you don’t have your own mountain bike, don’t worry – most parks will have rental bikes available. However, it’s important to ensure you’re using the right gear for the type of riding you’ll be doing. Ask a staff member at the park for advice on what to rent or buy.
  4. Start small: Once you’re at the park, it’s tempting to just go full throttle and try the hardest trails with the full-suspension mountain bikes right away. However, it’s usually best to start slowly and work up to the more difficult trails. Beginners should stick to green and blue trails until they get more comfortable with the terrain.
  5. Be prepared for obstacles: Mountain biking is inherently more challenging than riding on pavement, so expect there to be roots, rocks, and other obstacles in your path. Don’t be discouraged – these obstacles are part of what makes mountain biking so fun!] Make sure your bike is in good condition and that you have all the necessary safety gear. A dropper seat post can be a big help on technical trails to adjust your seat while riding.   
  6. Take breaks: If you feel fatigued, take a break! It’s important to listen to your body and give yourself time to rest when necessary. There’s no shame in taking a breather – even experienced riders need breaks sometimes.
  7. Wear comfortable clothing: Comfortable clothes will not hold you back when pedaling hard. You will also want to wear shoes and the best waterproof socks for good grip and protection from dirt. 
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Some Last Words

No matter what your level of experience or where you decide to ride, mountain bike parks can offer an enjoyable and challenging riding experience. There is something about the feeling of flying down a hill on two wheels that just can’t be beaten. If you’re looking to take your mountain biking experience up a notch, then you should definitely check out some MTB parks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to find MTB bike parks near me? 

To find mountain bike parks near you, start by searching online for “bike parks near me .” This will give you a list of all the bike parks in your area, as well as their contact information and website. Once you have a list of potential places to ride, narrow it down by checking out each park’s website. This will give you an idea of the trails they have to offer and any other amenities like bathrooms or picnic areas. Finally, call or visit each park for information on fees, hours of operation, and rules.

Q2. Where is Bryce mountain bike park?

Bryce Bike Park is located in Northern Virginia and features a variety of trails, ranging from easy to difficult, so there’s something for everyone. The scenery is beautiful, and the trails are well-maintained. 

Q3. What is the most famous mountain bike park?

There are many different mountain bike parks across the country, each with its own unique features and trails. A few of them are:

  1. Whistler, Canada  
  2. Portes du Soleil, France/Switzerland
  3. Åre, Sweden  
  4. Vallnord, Andorra  
  5. Queenstown, New Zealand

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