Who wouldn’t like adventures in life? Why do we like to drive cars or ride motorbikes faster and faster? It’s all because of the adrenaline that urges us to craze adventures and we like it more than anything else. Well, driving cars or riding motorbikes is, of course, embarrassing for others and even dangerous for you as well as others but riding your bike on a pump track is not only the attainment of your adventurous fantasies socially but also makes the onlookers happy with your stunts.

Pump track bike riding is not just a matter of fun. It has many benefits as well like it improves health, saves the environment, raises your sporting spirit, and so on.  Because of all these reasons, it is crucial to understand what it is and its positive impact on your life. And especially for bike riders, it is necessary to know what is a Pump Track. Because, if you are looking to learn Pump Track BMX, the upcoming discussion will disclose everything for you. Hence, this article will talk about pump track bike riding and all the related concepts and fundamentals.

Start Pump-Track Riding

How to Start Pump-Track Riding: The Basic and Fundamentals

Starting with its meaning, a pump track is a circulation of successive rollers –a kind of looped anticline and syncline structure – at regular intervals designed on banked tracks or berms. In simple terms, it is something like a cycling path that goes up and down in regular circular motion but on a small raised track. These circular rollers and berms are used for biking or riding without any effort or pedaling once you have gripped a motion onto the berms or bike track.

It is said that some people were so fond of it, they ended up creating their own backyard pump track behind their house.

There are various types of pump track rides, for example, Pump Track BMX and pump track mountain bike which is the most common nowadays because the former is more sporting in nature the latter being a part of long county or mountain rides.

As for its history of origin, it all started with the skateparks on skate parks used for skateboarding. This gained much recognition in the 1990s and later. While it’s not free from injury during its practice, alternative sporting activity was sought out which resulted in the evolution of Pump Track bike as well as BMX bikes.

A Ride on Pump Track: Riding Without Pedal

If you are going to ride your bike pump track for the first time, you would surely be looking for ways to learn it.

Pump Track Without Pedals

As we now know, there are circular and successive rollers on a berm or simply a looped track. When you start to ride on the berm, the first thing you would do is to reach the anticline of the first roller loop. In order to reach the anticline, you put your energy and ride your bike by pedaling and increasing your speed. Now, once you reach the anticline, you will go down to the syncline without any pedaling.

Once you cross one or two loops or rollers on the berm, you start pulling and pushing the bike. Use your arms and legs while riding the consecutive rollers over the berm. Start this process more strongly, your speed will increase and you start riding faster. Try to keep the rhythm with your ride, putting your concentration on the berms wherever it leads you or without losing the bike track. And there you go.

As you keep practicing, you will learn to even jump over the rollers holding the handle while going down from the anticline position.

Major Types of Pump Track Bike and Ride

There are various types of pump track bikes and rides. You can even customize the styles of riding according to your stamina and level of difficulty depending on your own body’s adaptability.

Major Types of Pump Track Bike and Ride

1. Biking on The Mountain Track: An Adventurous Trail of Cyclists

Those who are fond of riding bikes, mostly don’t like to miss out on riding in the mountains. Some of them have even gone further and created this style and track of bike riding – mountain bike pump track. What happens in this is that the bikers ride on trails. It is one of the most exciting sporting activities. It gives fun and enthusiasm to be a part of the biker trail.

People riding on mountain tracks usually prefer bikes which are typically mountain bike protective gear that helps to better swivel on the mountain tracks.

Apart from the above technical specialty, some mountain bikes have even got a dropper post embedded in the tube of the handle to adjust or slide the handle of your cycle automatically or remotely while riding on the mountain.

2. Ride on A Dirt Pump Track: A Fun with gone by Childish Years

This would be everybody’s favorite style, riding on a dirt pump track. It makes you fall and rise, which gives you more fun and adventures. This style originated from the children’s bike competition. Nowadays, grown-ups are taking part in such bike riding competitions on the dirt pump tracks. This dirt pump track requires full suspension bikes which give proper control on the slippery track.

3. Riding on Pump Track BMX: Racing Sport

As the name suggests, it goes without saying that BMX bikes are specifically designed for cycle sports. People who are enthusiasts in cycle sports, prefer mostly BMX bikes i.e. bicycle motocross or bike motocross. Initially, the style, the tracks, and berms were part of the cyclists as part of their recreational activity by performing their cycling activity with a standard cycle. But, over the years it specialized in competition and racing, hence BMX evolved.

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Apart from the recreation, fun, and a feel of adventure, bike riding on the pump track has got other advantages. It gives proper shape to your body. If you want a shredded body, you have it provided you ride a pump track whether on mountain, dirt, or backyard trump track. Because it brings you total exercise. Your spine is strengthened yet flexible. The coordination of other parts of your body properly remains in sync. This is essential not just only having strong muscles wishing for proper shape.

You are an expert in any of these bike rides, you are open to taking part in the Olympics.


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