Have you decided to transform your body for a perfect body shape with the help of an upright bike? It’s an ideal starting point to get on the fitness train. But the next step is where most gym freaks feel lost and need clarification. This point is where you must decide the best fit for an upright bike. 

However, you can end your hunt; there are two eminent models of upright bikes presented by the well-renowned brand Schwinn. Options are Schwinn 130 and schwinn 170. Regardless of what type of gym freak you are, both options will be best suited for you. But in both of these eminent models: Which one should you choose?

Well, we are here to help you in making an informed decision. In the article, we have outlined a comparing guide: Schwinn 130 vs 170.  

Schwinn 130 vs 170

Comparison Based on Affecting Factors (Schwinn 130 vs 170)

While both indoor cycling systems have created a lot of chaos in the market as both share some commonalities and differences as well, which creates another ton of confusion in finding better. To cut the slack, we are coming up with some of the significant factors that will tell you how you can find a better fit for you. However, the following review is based on the expert’s recommendations and customer reviews. So without much ado, let’s look at its key differences. 

Display Screen

The display screen is paramount for any upright bike. Thus, no one should look for compromise in the display screen while buying an upright bike. One must choose a display screen that is quite clear and straightforward with premium quality. 

Schwinn 170 has  DualTrack™ two blue backlit LCD screen systems. Contrarily, Schwinn 130 has a 5.5″ segmented LCD. However, the 170’s display screen is far better than the 130. Why are we saying this?

Because 170 comes with 2 displays which provides you with ease in setting the workout program and everything. In addition, 170 has a backlit screen which allows you to see the screen in a poorly lit room, whereas 130 has no backlit screen. Hence clear winner is again Schwinn 170 upright bike.   

Workout programs

Workout programs are the most important thing a buyer checks while buying an upright cycle. However, Workout programs help you to challenge yourself on a daily basis. A user can change the workout program to make their workout fun and taste the entertainment by chasing challenges.

Moreover, Schwinn 170 offers you 29 workout programs, whereas Schwinn 130 offers you only 13 programs which are quite a few. 170 offers you 1 start program, 1 recovery test, 2 fitness tests, four custom tests, 9 heart rate controllers, and most importantly, it offers 12 profiles which is more than enough.

Many buyers like convenience in setting pre-workouts easily; if you are one of them then you must go with 170 as it offers you more workout programs.   Hence, again the clear winner of Schwinn 130 vs 170 is 170.

Resistance Levels

One of the significant differences you will encounter in-between Schwinn 170 upright bike and Schwinn 130 is the magnetic resistance level. Schwinn 170 offers you 25 magnetic-resistant levels, which is more than enough. This will be the perfect fit if you are a hardcore gym freak. However, if you work out once in a while, Schwinn 130 will be an ideal fit, as it offers you 16 levels which are enough for an entry-level person. 

Moreover, it won’t change the fact that Schwinn 170 upright bike is better than the 130. Hence, the clear winner is Schwinn 170 in this category.

Resistance Levels

Which One of Schwinn 130 vs 170 Is More Comfortable?

Every other thing fails when it comes to comfort. No one could ever compromise with comfort. Thus we added this section to know which upright bike is superior in providing comfort to the person who is working out. So, we have broken down this section into five major categories to understand the rationale of comfort. 

User Profiles

The user profile is another very important category that makes a huge difference between 170 and 130. However, Schwinn 170 provides you with 4 user profiles, whereas Schwinn 130 only provides you with 1 user profile which is quite less. 


Both models have fairly comfortable seats that you indeed find relaxing. But the thing here that we should focus on is adjusting features. In Schwinn 170, you can simply change the seat as per your height and size. But this adjusting feature is not available in Schwinn 130. 


Schwinn 170 comes with an armrest option, whereas Schwinn 130 doesn’t. Thus, Schwinn 170 is more comforting in this category as well. You can rest your arms on the handlebars and work out more comfortably. Contrarily, Schwinn 130 won’t provide you with an armrest feature. Thus, people find it more discomforting.  


Paddling an upright bike with ease leads to a more precise workout. However, Schwinn 170 provides you with a three piece pedal crank, which is way more comforting than one piece crank pedal of Schwinn 130. Thus, Schwinn 170 is the clear winner in clearance. 


Schwinn 170 comes with certain accessories, whereas Schwinn 130 has no accessories. This category is again making a huge difference in 130 and 170. Schwinn 170 comes with a USB, adjustable 3-speed fan. Hence, In this category as well, Schwinn 170 is a clear winner.

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One On One Review (Schwinn 130 vs 170)

If any question is still left in your head, then don’t worry because further sections will resolve it. Our coming section is based on a one-on-one review of both competing bikes. We have discussed their significant features with all their pros and cons.

Schwinn 130

Schwinn 130

Brand Schwinn
Color Negro
Product Weight 58.4 pounds
Material Metal
Resistance Mechanism Fluent
Special Features Distance Traveled Monitor
Included Components Exercise Bike


Schwinn 130 is one of the best upright bikes available at an affordable price. It comes with quite normal features. It includes 13 workout programs along with good carrying weight. If you are a person with a heavy weight, then you can work out on it without any fear of damage. However, schwinn130 also lacks some of the major things, such as only one person can use it.  Its screen won’t work if you have no light in the room. Moreover, for a more detailed review, let’s look at its features, pros, and cons.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Foam comfort seat
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No seat height adjustment
  • More basic display than the previous version

Schwinn 170

Schwinn 170

Brand Schwinn
Color Gris
Product Weight 58.4 pounds
Material Metal
Resistance Mechanism Fluent
Special Features Distance Traveled Monitor
Included Components Exercise Bike


Schwinn 170 is a perfect combo of comfort, innovation, and value. It is the perfect upright bike for your health as it comes with various exceptional features. It is not so much an affordable bike but a well-priced bike when you consider its features.  


  • Good range of accessories
  • Easy connection to myfitnesspal.com
  • Comes completely assembled


  • No design for standing pedals
  • You won’t receive manuals
  • Only for hardcore gym freaks


The most chaos-creating competition of upright bikes, Schwinn  130 vs 170, is resolved. According to our experts, the clear winner of this competition is the Schwinn 170 because of its leveled-up features. However, in the above comparing guide, we have provided you with an ultimate comparison and their key features, pros, and cons. If you still have any queries, then you can contact us anytime. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Schwinn bike is best?

If you are looking for an upright bike that provides you with exceptional benefits, then you must go for the Schwinn 170. This bike has exceptional features such as four user interface, a double advanced display, and 29 workout programs.

Q2. Can you stand on the Schwinn 170?

Yes, you can stand on the Schwinn 170 pedals. This way, you can have an intense workout with Schwinn 170. You can turn up the resistance and pedal without even fearing brakes.

Q3. Does the Schwinn 170 have Bluetooth?

Yes, Schwinn 170 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, even its competitor, the Schwinn 130, also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, through this Bluetooth connectivity, you can track time, distance, calorie goals, etc. 

Q4. How do I easily connect the Schwinn bike to Bluetooth?

Make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth device on your phone, and also, you must have a Zwift app on your phone.  And follow the below-written steps. 

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on your bike console.
  2. Press the power source button on the zwift app on your phone.
  3. Click on the bike’s option and connect to it.

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